Taylor Hicks Sings For American Idol

First, our congradulations goes to those who made it to American Idol top 4 list this evening. Few very interesting things happened during the American Idol April 29, 2009. American Idol season 5 winner Taylor Hicks returned to the idol stage to sing his latest single �Seven Mile Breakdown.�

Adam is in the bottom 3 of Idol This Week on April 29. This was the evening when American Idol when from top 5 to top 4.

The biggest shock of the night as American Idol dwindled its numbers to four was not who got sent home, but who was in the Bottom 3. At this point, at least one person had to grace the stools for the first time, but this week we got two newbies.
In the end though, it was Matt who was sent home, as expected. It was only two weeks ago, Matt was in this same spot and was spared by the judge�s save. I don�t think anyone expected him to win after that, but at least we got to hear him perform a couple more times.
Meanwhile,'American Idol' Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks has gone country! Well, at least a little bit. The Alabama native, known for his blues and soul music, is reportedly shipping his new single, 'Seven Mile Breakdown,' to country radio stations next month. Listen to the song after the jump, then tell us whether you think it sounds country.

Hicks' 2006 self-titled debut album sold more than a million copies. His sophomore album, 'The Distance,' was released last month on his own label, Modern Whomp Records, after the 32-year old musician parted ways with Arista Records. 'What's Right Is Right,' the first single from his new album, made it to No. 22 on the Hot AC charts. 'Seven Mile Breakdown' is the CD's second single. Hicks will sing it live Wednesday night, as he makes a guest appearance on 'American Idol.'

And finally, guest mentor Jamie Fox performed �Blame It.� This song was so far away from this week�s theme that I am again wondering why Jamie was a mentor for Rat Pack week. I was really in the mood for more big band tunes and instead I got a plug for Jamie�s album and his movie.

Rihanna photo could get Chris Brown off the hook

Chris Brown's attorney Mark Geragos is looking to get the alleged beating case dismissed based on the leaked photo of a severely battered Rihanna. E! News reports:
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg today set a preliminary hearing for May 28 on Brown's double felony case--the result of Geragos pushing for as late a court date as possible to allow him adequate time to respond to the still-pending investigation into just how Rihanna's police photo was released.
Should the gruesome photos' appearance prove to be the result of a police transgression, Geragos told E! News that he will move to have Brown's entire case dismissed.
"The leaks can form the basis for a motion to dismiss the case in regards to outrageous governmental misconduct," Geragos said.

"Your honor, clearly my client beat the living shit out of his girlfriend, but since the police leaked photograph evidence of said beating to the media, we're asking you to let him back on the streets with no punishment whatsoever. Then we're going to sue the cops so he can buy a Lamborghini made entirely out of Toaster Strudels and Faberge eggs." Only in America. Hurray!
Source: thesuperficial.com

Sean Penn wants divorce - and the kids

If you�re a fan of  Sean Penn you may be in luck � he�s about to be single. Again. Sean has filed papers to dissolve his uneasy marriage to Robin Wright-Penn. The glamorous couple got hitched in 1996 and their marriage already hit shallows in 2007, but that divorce was dismissed at the couple�s request. Three days later, Robin did the same thing. But this time it looks like it�s real.
Previously married to Madonna, Sean, 48, has now asked the court to end the thirteen-year marriage with Robin, 43, by means of �legal separation with minor children.� The couple have two, Dylan, 18, and Hopper, 15, and last time they did this they asked for joint custody, which is likely to happen this time as well - if this divorce sticks.

Doesn�t sound like that went down too well, huh?
Last month, rumors were flying about a lustful liaison with Natalie Portman, but sources close to Ms. Portman have dismissed them as �baseless.� As a sad codicil, Monday was the couple�s 13th anniversary.

Paris Hilton in 'The Unfortunate Angle'

Maybe I was up too late writing captions, but did it take anyone else a minute to realize that's Paris' purse strap and not a gigantic penis? I don't know what that says about me as a person, but consider this a revelatory look at my immediate perception of Paris Hilton. In the meantime, I'm going to get some coffee before I mistake Lindsay Lohan for a walking clitoris.

Julia Roberts is capable of profanity

- Julia Roberts swears! And even more shockingly, is alive. Holy shit! [PopSugar]
- Fergie's shoe line includes heels named after The Jonas Brothers? So are you not allowed to wear them until you're married? I don't get it. [MTV Buzzworthy]
- Courtney Love is opening up a lingerie store. Want to make your husband impotent? Your prayers have been answered. [ICYDK]
- Hugh Jackman isn't fucking with swine flu and has canceled the Mexican leg of his Wolverine promotional tour. Fortunately, he waited for Heidi and Spencer to get down there before saying "Ha, you're joking right? Pull the plug." [Videogum]

- Gisele Bundchen takes her baby out to play. Even though it came of Bridget Moynahan's vagina. Mere technicality. [Jezebel] - Keria Knightley insists she eats. In fact, she loves food so much she'll marry it right here then have food children. -- I've gone too far, haven't I? [Best Week Ever]
- Suri Cruise bolts from Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes, you should take notes. [Allie is Wired]
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Matthew Broderick!

Big news for Mr. Broderick and wife Sarah Jessica Parker recently - a surrogate is pregnant with their twins. This exposure in the news brought his hair line to my attention. Ferris Bueller sure has grown up...

Hulk Hogan!

Another obvious one - always wearing do-rags and bandannas to hide the baldness.

Picture source: http://bauergriffinonline.com

Mel Gibson and Girlfriend Step Out on Red Carpet

As Mel Gibson brought �the other woman� Oksana Grigorieva to the debut of the latest X-Men movie Tuesday night,  it also makes clear that his divorce is something that�s been probably a given for a long time. The Russian composer Oksana is seperated but not yet divorced from James Bond actor Timothy Dalton ex., so both her and Gibson had good reason to keep their relationship quiet for as long as possible. The two are speculated to  have originally met through business, as Grigorieva is signed to Gibson�s Icon Records. It seems though the blurry but highly publicized photos of the two together,in Costa Rica may have ended the secret and pushed Gibson�s wife Robyn to seek divorce.

Court papers indicate Gibson separated from his wife more than two and a half years ago, just weeks after the star�s anti-semitic tirade against Los Angeles sheriff�s deputies. The incident apparently was the last straw to his marriage but it was kept under wraps, likely because it might have dealt his image a damaging double blow at a time when he needed everything possible spinning positive.  is herself said separated from Dalton.

Now that Gibson�s wife has forced the matter into the public eye, Mel seems to have used this red carpet non interview situation to bring everything out in the open.  His divorce from Robyn is said to be amicable (right now) and Gibson and his new love seem ready to move on with their lives.
Source: hotmommagossip.com

Pamela Anderson is a hypocrite

Here's PETA advocate Pamela Anderson, who not too long ago protested outside a KFC, opening up the Sapphire Steakhouse and Gentleman's Club in New York City last night. But, hey, we're in a recession and principles don't pay for hepatitis meds. That said, what was the thought process in inviting Pamela Anderson? Besides finding someone who looks like she peeled herself off the floor just in time for her diner shift. Or did I pretty much nail it right there?

Britney gets restraining order for Lutfi and Lawyer

Britney has been the center of a tense power-struggle recently, but now the poor girl can get peace � Late yesterday, LA Superior Court Judge, Aviva Bobb, slapped Sam Lutfi with a withering restraining order that�s good for three years.
Sam and fellow Britney associate, Jon Eardley, a Lawyer who has almost made a career out of testing Daddy Spears� custodial claims, must now stay at least 100-yards away from the star and her children at all times, and make no attempt to contact her by mail, email or phone.
Brit�s dad, Jamie Spears, applied for the order on January 30th, alleging both men had �harassed� his daughter in various ways, including smuggling a cellphone to her at a hotel so she could make contact with Lutfi behind Daddy�s back.
Mr. Lutfi has already sworn to fight back; Bryan Freedman, his attorney, told reporters; �We will absolutely appeal this ruling. Never before has a restraining order been issued against someone who answered another�s cries for help.�
Sam has a right to appeal, but it could be an uphill task � The order was only issued after numerous hearings in which a positive swarm of Brit�s closest people testified the young starlet was frightened of Lutfi and needed protection. Sam�s chief supporter, his sister Christina, told the court it was Brit who conceived the plan with the cellphone, as she wanted Sam�s help to break out of her father�s relentless control.

Mr. Lutfi, 35, currently has a lawsuit pending against the Spears family for defamation and battery, which may not help his case. And last week, a lawyer appointed by the Court to act on poor Brit�s behalf told the Judge that his client was doing better without Sam around,�The orders against Lutfi are in my client�s best interest. She has suffered emotional distress.� he explained.
This story is not over yet by a mile! The appeal will be filed later this week, so keep checking in and you won�t miss a thing.

Paris Hilton to receive legitimate award

Based on the success of her perfume lines, Paris Hilton has been announced as the Celebrity of the Year Award by The Fragrance Foundation. She'll be officially recognized at the 2009 FiFi Awards in May, according to Parlux Fragrances who will extend her contract another five years.

So help me out here, a committee of rational adults sat together in a room and decided Paris Hilton was worthy of international prestige and recognition? -- Have these people actually met her? I mean, they know she's not a cartoon character, right? Sure, the wonk-eye isn't doing any favors, but that's a human being up there. At least in the biological sense.Source: thesuperficial.com

Hugh Hefner Wants Holly Madison Back

Hugh Hefner wasn�t willing to do what it took to keep her, but he now wishes his former flame Holly Madison would come back to live with him. After seven years of dating, Holly decided to find greener pastures and younger boyfriends after Hef ignored her hints about marriage. it seems though the 83-year-old playboy still has strong feelings for the 29-year-old Madson as he told Niche Magazine�s Los Angeles Confidential, that he�d welcome Madison back with open arms because she is still the �love of his life.� I guess the three new girls that have taken the place of Holly, Kendra, and Bridget are not making Hef forget about his �Girls Next Door�.
Holly coming back to Hef though seems unlikely even though she recently broke-up with Criss Angel and is said to be single, she has other things cooking.  Fresh from her Dancing With The Stars gig, she will be soon starting work on a new reality show.


In April 22nd's episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, they have an obviously edit an image of Karl Rove's body with tattoos. Approximately 7' 30" into the show, Jon points out one tattoo, "the Chinese symbol for tenacity", but it is in fact the traditional character for love - .

This is not the first time TDS made fun of members of the GOP. Previous butt of their joke was Condi Rice.

PS. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is a parody show made by Comedy Central. I don't want to have more humorless dimwits like this one and this one email in to tell me Karl Rove or Condi Rice does not have any tattoos.

Michael Jackson!

We know most things on Michael's body are fake, so it is no surprise that he is a chronic wig wearer...

Lindsay Lohan in a bikini

Here are shots of Lindsay Lohan in Maui yesterday. I know it's hard to tell it's her because she's turned sideways and therefore invisible, but trust me, there isn't random, detached side-boob floating around Hawaii. I've done studies/ran around Honolulu with a fishing net.

Source: thesuperficial.com

Meat Loaf!

He has tried everything to hide his diminishing hair line:

Hats -

Combing his hair forward:

Even a very obvious wig:

But we know the truth. And it's ok Meat Loaf - be an out and proud baldie. It's not a bad thing.

Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend in car accident

Casey Aldridge, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter Maddie, flipped his truck early this morning in Louisiana. He's currently at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and in stable condition, according to TMZ:
We've learned Casey Aldridge was charged with careless operation of a motor vehicle (a misdemeanor) after last night's crash -- and no other car was involved.
Cops tell TMZ Casey was driving on the LA 606, which is in the Tensas Parish in Louisiana, when he lost control of his F-150 at around 1:30 AM. Law enforcement sources say Casey was initially taken to the Riverland Medical Facility in Ferriday, LA -- which is right across the border from Mississippi.

People is reporting there were "several passengers inside when it went off the shoulder of the road and flipped over." Without all the facts in, I don't want to assume alcohol was the cause of the accident because that would rule out fellatio from a blood relative. But, look, accurate conjecture aside, the important thing is Casey isn't driving a baby around. .... Oh, right.Source: thesuperficial.com

Kim Kardashian Lightens Up Her Locks

Looking every bit the definition of elegant, Kim Kardashian was spotted making her way around New York City on Sunday afternoon (April 26).
Sporting lighter locks and a cute blue dress, the E! reality starlet joined pal BJ Coleman as the twosome enjoyed the warm weather in the Big Apple.
Always one to keep an active calendar, Miss Kardashian kicked off her weekend by attending ESPN Magazine�s 6th Annual Pre-Draft Party.

Held at Espace in NYC, Miss Kardashian joined gal pal Adrienne Bailon at the football fete which drew out a gust list including Deion Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Fabolous, Fat Joe and Michael Strahan, among others.Source: celebrity-gossip.net

Rihanna wants her jewelry back

Rihanna wants police to return the $1.4 million in jewelry she wore the night Chris Brown allegedly beat her. Us Weekly reports:
According to a motion filed Tuesday by her attorney Donald Etra, police seized a pair of earrings and three rings as evidence after the Feb. 8 attack in Los Angeles, the Associated Press reports. Her attorney said the bling was on loan - and the four companies want the items back.
I don't know anything about policing, but why would the cops take all her jewelry? Were her earrings really evidence? Why didn't they just rummage through her purse? "Hey, sorry, we're gonna have to take this $300 in cash. As evidence. This is very important stuff."

J-Lo is a Wig Wearer

Jennifer Lopez has perfect hair because she wears a wig?

Ever since Star wrote about Jennifer Lopez having an entire room devoted to her wig collection (just like Cher,) people have been looking more closely at her photos to figure out which hairstyles are wigs. The long wavy hair with bangs.

- From http://janetcharltonshollywood.com

Bea Arthur has passed away at age 86

Golden Girls, Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Bea Arthur, i.e. Blanche, Rose and Dorothy, reunited at the TV Land Awards in Los Angeles in June 2008.
Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur has passed away at the age of 86.
The tall and husky voiced, actress was said to have died peacefully at her Brentwood, California, home on Saturday morning of cancer.
Bea was an Emmy and Tony Award winner best-known roles in popular sitcoms that didn�t shy away from the serious issues of the day.

She was at the forefront of women�s issues of the day, with her television roles in NBC�s �The Golden Girls� (1985-1992) and CBS� �Maude� (1972-1978). she won the Tony award for best featured actress in a musical for �Mame,� in which she co-starred with Angela Lansbury. Thank you, Bea, for making us laugh and �being a friend� all these years. Rest in peace!
Source: hotmommagossip.com


Alan and I are confused by this tattoo. We are not sure if it is correct or not, simply because we have never seen this idiom.

From the last three characters, we can sort of guessing this person wanted "death before dishonor". However, Chinese idiom for it would be:


凌辱 is used in both Chinese & Japanese to mean an insult, indignity, disgrace or violation, even to assault a woman. So we can sort of see how might imply "dishonor" and 不屈 does mean "fortitude" or "indomitable".

But we simply do not understand the grammar or syntax of 凌死不屈, since could also mean "pure; virtuous; insult; maltreat, encroach; soar; thick ice".

It simply sounds like the words "dishonor" "death" and "indomitable" run together.

Shea Curry -- Safe Passage Home

When an actor or actress works on a movie, there’s a lot of down time. They are often waiting for lights to be set, scenes to be made and directors to get their shots right. What do they do when there’s nothing to do but wait?

Well, if you’re Shea Curry, you take advantage of the time you have by doing something creative and start another business. Then, you take the time to give a portion of those profits to charity. Shea Curry is a busy actress – she’s been in the Will Smith movie “Hancock,” appeared in “Georgia Rule,” and “Princess Diaries 2.” She has had credits in television including “CSI: Miami,” “Las Vegas” and “Malcolm in the Middle” to name a few and has been featured in soap operas “Guiding Light” and “Days of Our Lives.”

So Shea knows what it’s like to wait in her dressing room. While there, she decided to start a jewelry design business and the cast and crew were interested in buying the jewelry, including the legendary Julie Andrews. She even outfitted her bridal party with jewelry that she custom designed.

The jewelry, now called “Aspire by Shea Curry,” is gorgeous – it’s jewelry collection features moissanite jewels set in precious metals, and 10 percent of all proceeds are donated to Safe Passage Home, a charitable cause that is committed to restoring abused women and their children to a new and better life. Their mission is to provide them with extreme life make over within a three-month period by offering restorative services including safe shelter, counseling, corrective dental and plastic surgery to restore physical damage and neglect, job placement, housing and follow-up support.

Shea and I talked about her jewelry business and Safe Passage Home.

Why did you pick Safe Passage Home?

I did a lot of charity research and sometimes when you put the energy out things come to you. A friend of mine then asked me if I wanted to go to a charity event and it was an event for Safe Passage. I knew it was exactly the kind of charity I was looking to work with. I wanted to do something that empowered women. It pulled at my heartstrings.

Do you know women who have been in abusive relationships?

Yes, this was personal for me. I do have friends that have been in relationships that have not been good. I know how difficult it is to be abused and then want to get out of the relationship and the commitment to do it. To do it, you need so much support.

Have you met women from the Home?

Yes, this past summer I attended the summer annual charity event and met several of the women who have gone through Safe Passage. They like their privacy, but they are still afraid that their abusers might find them – they are terrified. Some have children, a lot of times it’s not the women but the children too. If you are a child, you’re watching your dad beat your mom and the patterns continue. I did get to meet some of them and hear some of their horror stories. Some are missing front teeth, others have miscarried. Horrible stories.

I wanted to meet founder, Trish Steele, because for me it just isn’t about giving proceeds to the charity. I wanted to meet the people involved in it and I did. They were thrilled. They can use all the support financial they can get, as well as the support of wanting to be part of the program.

Why did you make jewelry?

It’s like acting, it fills a creative process. When there was the writer’s strike it allowed me to keep my mental capabilities. Plus, I don’t need to wait for someone to okay a design; it’s mine. It’s therapeutic.

Shea’s jewelry is gorgeous and she says that the women from Safe Passage Home inspire her next designs. Each one is hand made and uniquely different.

Check out her jewelry at www.sheacurry.com.
Part of the jewelry proceeds are donated to Safe Passage Home. Please help support this organization.

Thanks Shea!!!

Joan Collins!

Trying to find her without a wig seemed to be harder than finding pics of her with one!

Jessica Biel learning to strip

Here's Jessica Biel learning how to be a stripper for her upcoming movie Powder Blue. If you're looking at the picture above, there's no doubt you're noticing the same unbelievably obvious thing as me: Why am I not the rope?!

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt: Shacking Up?

They�ve only been dating for a short time, but Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt seem to be very eager to take the next step in their relationship.
And yesterday (April 23) the �Simple Life� cutie and her baseball-playing beau were spotted doing a little house hunting in a swanky Beverly Hills neighborhood.

Paris and Doug looked to be excited about the property they viewed, though Miss Hilton seemed annoyed with the paparazzi presence.  At one point she took a picture of the shutterbugs with her mobile phone. Following their real estate venture, the happy twosome headed over to Hilton�s sister Nicky�s house, emerging an hour later holding hands.
Source: celegrity-gossip.net

The useless Fame whoring DNA known as Lady GAG MY ASS..gaga is looking like an egg yolk!

I swear ..she must have every blind gay designer working round the clock coming up with this shit she wears daily....its pathetic actually..What people will do for Publicity...

Travolta takes off to Tahiti

John Travolta has headed to Tahiti alone as he mourns the death of his son, Jett, earlier this year.
The actor flew from Australia Saturday morning in his private 707 to an upscale hotel, the Intercontinental Tahiti resort. There he stayed in a deluxe room with a lovely view, where he stayed until Sunday evening. He headed to the island four days after what would have been Jett�s 17th birthday after the he and his wife, Kelly Preston, vacationed in Melbourne for three days.

�He told the hotel manager, �I don�t want to see anyone. I only want to rest,�� a source told PEOPLE. He did pose briefly for a photo with three tourist bureau greeters.After the death of his 16-year-old son from a seizure disorder in January, Travolta and Preston have mostly stayed home with their daughter, Ella Bleu.
A source who knows Travolta said, �He is still in mourning about his son. This is not easy and everyone has their own process. He�s always there for his family but he is still healing.�
Source: celebutopia.net

Jessica Simpson: Partying Too Hard

It�s no secret that her career has taken a few hits as of late, and Jessica Simpson has reportedly turned to partying to cope.
However, the �Come on Over� songstress� boyfriend Tony Romo is less than impressed with his gal�s behavior as of late, and he�s calling for it to stop.
An inside source told press, �Tony is fed up.  She�s been pressuring him to marry her and have children, but he�s giving her a firm �no� until she cleans up her act.�

The source continued, �Tony won�t even consider moving forward with Jess until she cuts back on partying.� We�ll see if this ultimatum ends up working.Source: celebrity-gossip.net

Jay Leno hospitalized with illness, cancels taping

Jay Leno was checked into a hospital with an undisclosed illness Thursday and canceled the taping of the �Tonight� show.  All reports are he is doing well and worked throughout the day before checking into the hospital for observation.
�Jay Leno is doing just fine,� read a statement from NBC spokeswoman Tracy St. Pierre. �He was kidding around with the hospital staff and running his monologue jokes by the doctors and the nurses. He�s expected back to work on Monday.�

The network planned to air a rerun, the first time it had to cover for a sick Leno since he took over �Tonight� in 1992, St. Pierre said. Guests scheduled for Thursday included "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" actor Ryan Reynolds, celebrity animal trainer Jules Sylvester and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
Leno, who turns 59 on Tuesday, will leave the �Tonight� show May 29 after 17 years. But he will continue on NBC, with a Monday-through-Friday program at 10 p.m., starting in the fall.

Britney loses hair extension!

Britney Spears should see a doctor

Here's a clip from Britney Spears' Circus concert in Oakland last night. As a dancer descends from the ceiling and uses Herculean strength to pull Britney off a bed, her hair falls out. A large chunk. At first I thought, "The Frappucinos are taking their toll." But then someone explained to me women wear these things called "extensions." Who knew? Anyway, enjoy the choreography which is executed with all the natural grace of a manatee.

Susan Boyle Goes Hollywood With New Makeover

The woman who captivated many of us with her amazing voice and stole the hearts of millions with her innocence on the reality talent show Britain�s Got Talent has transformed herself with a new makeover.
Susan Boyle Goes Hollywood With New Makeover
The 47-year-old Susan Boyle shocked the world with her beautiful rendition of �I Dreamed A Dream�, from the hit musical Les Miserables. While the audience may have snickered at her bizarre appearance when she took the stage, when she opened her mouth to sing everyone in the auditorium was stunned.
According to Reverend Angela Tilby, the �mood altered. Those watching tapped into something we don�t understand.�

Susan, who is also known for her unkempt gray hair and unflattering clothes, emerged from a friend�s home with freshly cut and died locks, well fitting clothing, and her new leather jacket.
Some fear that this transformation could damage her chances at winning the competition, as her appearance was a large part of what made her famous, adding shock value to her beautiful voice. But Britain�s Got Talent insist that she is perfectly free to make her own makeover choices.
Source: hotmommagossip.com

Kim Kardashian on Miss California

Okay, everybody, we can all relax now. Kim Kardashian is finally giving her two cents on the Miss California gay marriage debacle. Phew. For a minute there, I thought a national scandal would go by without the insight of a woman whose ass should be overseas protecting our troops from roadside bombs. Anyway, here's what Kim told People:

"I don't agree with her narrow mindedness and neither do a lot of people," Kardashian, 28, tells PEOPLE of Prejean's much-discussed response to judge Perez Hilton's query of her opinion the civil rights issue. "I'm not so narrow-minded so I definitely think a lot broader. Everyone has the right to be happy and be treated equally and I think not allowing gay marriage just kind of puts us back."
Adds Kardashian, "I believe you're in love with who you're in love with, and you should be able to marry them. No one should tell someone else how to think or how to feel."
Kardashian says she appreciates that Prejean was merely saying what she believed, but that may not have been the most tolerant of opinions. "I obviously have a completely different opinion but I think her answer was true to her," Kardashian says. "That answer represented her and how she felt. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She stood up for what she believes in so she should be happy with that backlash."
Source: thesuperficial.com

Fergie Is So 3008

Wearing her SPF 500 blue blocker eye shields and a pair of vintage Edward Scissorhands slacks, First Lady of the Black Eyed Peas Fergie landed on an L.A. street on Wednesday.
Lady GaGa would be so proud.
Source: tmz.com

Susan Boyle�s mini-makeover

Um, we need to talk about what a makeover consists of. Because Susan Boyle�s really, really, really should have included some hot wax.
But she has made an improvement from the shapeless dress she donned for her TV debut on �Britain�s Got Talent.� Britain�s Daily Mail snagged a shot of the reality TV darling in a flattering print dress with a leather (or possibly faux leather) jacks and matching heels.
Boyle has said she doesn�t plan to do a full makeover, but told the Daily Mirror, �I need to sort out my dress sense.�

One of the show�s judges, Amanda Holden (who was brought to tears by her first performance) agreed. �People want the average woman who shows you dreams are still possible and that hopes will still happen for you,� Holden told PEOPLE. �If we made her with big toothy grin or bouffant-y hair, it would kill who she is standing for. Whether she knows it or not, she is standing for the average person in the street. I am sure she will comb her hair and have a bit of (lipstick) on. But she won�t be going under the knife or anything like that!�
Source: celebutopia.net

Pamela Anderson!

Likely this is temporary, but it's still a bald spot on a celeb and I'm still going to post it. Then again, her hair has been bleached more times than Ashton Kutcher's twitter has been followed...

Hugh Jackman: Our most precious treasure

Hugh Jackman Month continues to plow ahead, this time with a hand and footprint ceremony outside Grauman's Chinese Theater yesterday in Hollywood. Might I suggest an inscription for this momentous occasion?:
"Lest we remember the thespian who played Sideburns McKnifeHands, we will be forever lost as a nation. -- Also, do you think he's gay? - The Superficial Writer, 2009 April.
I miss him already.