Choosing New Tattoo Designs

Choosing New Tattoo DesignsThe tattoo design has been created as Obviously tattoos can be extended but this often impairs the visual integrity of the design. This is why it's so important to get it right first time. There are literally millions of different designs you can choose from and each one will convey a different message.

Do you want to shout out to the world or do you want to keep your statements to yourself? Think carefully So you need to think carefully about what you want to say with your tattoo. But you might want to reserve it for special people only. Naturally, if you're going to the trouble of choosing a design and then going to the expense of having your new tattoo done, you won't want to keep it hidden away.

Choosing New Tattoo DesignsOthers will opt for something a little more subtle, perhaps with some muted colors that are more decorative than overtly obvious and might be intended for personal pleasure rather than public viewing. They almost shout out 'This is me, and this is what I stand for!! Some will go for the stark black and white, comparatively simple designs because they make a bold, almost confrontational statement about who they are. Personality So, when you're selecting your new tattoo design for the first time you want to ensure that it sits well with your personality and is something that you'll be proud to have on your skin for the rest of your life.

Usually, of course, if a tattoo is a singleton (that is, not surrounded by a collection of pre-existing tattoos) it will be much more obvious, and the message that it gives out will be that much stronger. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo, whether for the first time or whether for the hundredth you'll be very conscious of the message that you intend it to convey.

Tattooing at The Last Laugh


Estevan Oriol's L.A Woman Book is now available at The Last Laugh.

The Last Laugh
129 E 6th Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90014
(213)488 0313

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs
The exciting knots greatly attract men and women and they end up choosing from the wide array It goes without saying that these designs are full of mysticism and power. Others even believe that one has to go into a deep meditation and prayer in order to understand the true meaning of these patterns. The locks and patterns are interpreted in a deeper level and not so many people are able to do this without much historical background. These knot works symbolize permanence and a never-ending cycle of life.

The Celtic designs are usually characterized by the artistic knot works, interlacing patterns, and spirals. Aside from the historical attributes of Celtic tribal tattoos, there are so many interesting facts about these type of designs. With the intricate designs of Celtic and the artistic influence of tribal, it is of little wonder why there are a number of men and women who develop fondness with the Celtic tribal tattoo design. One of the most popular designs you are likely to see nowadays are Celtic combined with tribal designs.

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs Here's what you need to know. Thinking of having a Celtic tribal tattoo design? Once you decided to have a certain design etched in your body, the design would speak much about your preference, about your personality, and about who you are as a person. Getting a tattoo isn't something you would do just for the sake of having it. Before giving your body a taste of art, you might want to know everything about what you intend to embellish in your skin.

Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

Celtic Butterfly Tattoos
One good thing about the People can never guess exactly what it means to the person wearing it. These symbolisms only add up to the beauty and mystery of the butterfly design. In the world of tattoo art, Celtic butterfly tattoos symbolize the positive aspects of life such as grace and peace contrary to other people's beliefs which associate butterfly with death and rebirth.

However, in Ireland, butterflies also symbolize dead souls waiting to enter the purgatory. For some, they symbolize metamorphosis and beautiful transformation or change. Celtic butterflies also symbolize resurrection or life after death. The Celtic butterfly tattoo can be done by forming the knots to form the image of a butterfly.

This is because knots are symbolisms of the continuity of the life cycle. In fact, Celts are popular for a lot of knot work designs. There are many ways in which the Celtic butterfly tattoo can be enhanced and styled. It looks good whether it is worn alone or used as an add-on.

Celtic Butterfly Tattoos In fact, it is a relatively common concept in tattoo art. It is for this reason that the Celtic butterfly tattoo is usually incorporated in a lot of tattoo themes and designs among both men and women. Although these tattoo designs are generally more favored by women, there are some men who also get fascinated by the versatility of this design. Celtic butterfly tattoos are attractive, colorful and very distinctive. This legend is a story that symbolizes love, treachery and transformation. The legend of Etain was the inspiration for numerous Celtic butterfly tattoos.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid is an actress best known for her role in American Pie and her wild partying and plastic surgery nightmare. Reid was born on November 8, 1975 in Wyckoff, New Jersey and began her acting career at a young age. Reid’s first broke into the entertainment business in 1982 when she became a regular on a children's game show called "Child's Play". Reid subsequently appeared in over 100

The 39 Steps to Broadway

This isn't a celebrity-do-gooder piece (it will be later!) but I wanted to talk about this Broadway show!

On Saturday, my daughter and I saw The 39 Steps on Broadway. I didn't know what to expect. I prefer musicals and this was not a musical, but I heard it was funny and I always like funny. So we ventured in the pouring rain for a 3pm show.

The website describes the show as 'mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have THE 39 STEPS, a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre!'

"In THE 39 STEPS, a man with a boring life meets a woman with a thick accent who says she's a spy. When he takes her home, she is murdered. Soon, a mysterious organization called "The 39 Steps" is hot on the man's trail in a nationwide manhunt that climaxes in a death-defying finale"

The cast of four -- played by Arnie Burton, Jeffrey Kuhn, Sean Mahon, and Jill Paice -- is absolutely hilarious. I had a soft spot in my heart for Jeffrey Kuhn who probably went to the "Tim Conway School of awesome facial expressions and voices." It's a laugh riot as the actors transpose themselves into multiple characters right in front of you, while not missing a beat. The slapstick, the facial expressions, the hilarious choreography as sets are moved around and become part of the jokes make this show a don't miss.

According to Playbill magazine, "here's how the producers characterize the madness: "The 39 Steps features a cast of four actors who, against all odds, breathlessly and hilariously attempt to reenact all of the characters, locations and famous scenes in Hitchcock's 1935 film thriller with just a few props and a lot of theatrical ingenuity and split second quick changes."

Sadly, this show is ending its run on Broadway in January and I wish it wasn't. If you're looking for something to see, this is it. The house should be full and the word of how funny this show is should be spreading like wildfire.

My cheeks literally hurt after the performance and my daughter and I talked about our favorite moments all the way home.



A different kind of hootin'

Here's what Allan did today.
He also made lots of lattes, ate cake, and listened to WotW, but that we don't have pictures of.
Some parts are fresh, some are healed, but i think the pictures turned out pretty good.

Ain't that the truth, owl buddy!

Thanks for the cake Richard!

Halloween Costumes: Get Inspiration From Celebrities

Don't know what to be this Halloween? Get some inspiration from these sassy stars dressed to the nines on previous Halloweens ...


See the full slideshow on

SugarHill Gang helps to fight cancer

Yes THAT SugarHill Gang! Are you singing their Rapper's Delight song in your head already? LOL. Well they are helping out a friend of mine, author Jen Singer, at her Kiss Cancer Goodbye party! Check it out!

Jen is amazing and a true inspiration. Buy her books, support her causes.


Remember this post?
Back in May we were supposed to redecorate the shop, but that obviously didn't happen, in part due to the fact that we wanted something bigger.
But now, with all these new rooms, wallpaper is so back on!
At least in the front room.

How about some sweet "I Love Lamp" wallpaper?

Oh yeah, it is on!

Breaking news!!

Attention dear blog readers and clients, you heard it here first:
Conspiracy Inc. is moving!

That's right, we've been discretely looking around for a bigger space for a few years, but never really found anything until now.
And we weren't even looking that hard, but that's the way it always happens, right?

Now don't panic, we're staying in Copenhagen and the new location is a mere 10 minute walk from our current position.
I'm not gonna reveal the exact location just yet, cause we're not moving right away, but i'll say it's in a nice, quiet area that we think you're gonna love just as much as we already do.
The shop is gonna need a little work before we can move in, it's kind of a fixer upper, and we also have a Japan trip coming up.
But we're hoping we'll be able to open sometime in the beginning of next year.
Ok, enough talk, here's a sneak peak!

The future workroom
Asking our new landlord a bunch of dumb practical questions...

Everyone who has been crossing their fingers for us can uncross them, i know they must hurt by now.
And everyone who lives nearby and can work a paintbrush, expect a call in December!


from: Haribo S.

date: Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 7:50 AM
subject: Submission

Hi there.

One of my friends posted this on Facebook and claims it says "william beloved son", is this accurate?
Thanks :) love the blog


This is another case of Chinese-Japanese mismatch.

威廉 is Chinese phonetic transliteration of "William", however 愛息 is translated as "love [to] rest" when read as Chinese.

While Japanese for "William" is ウィリアム and 愛息 (あいそく) is interpreted as "beloved son/cute boy".



Chick Corea at the Scientology Charity Concert in East Grinstead

I can only dream what this concert was like. It was part of the annual benefit concert following (a day or so after) the Anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists. Can you imagine? Chick is a musical giant and that's Mark Isham on the horn--another real great. I saw both of them, jamming together in Hollywood a few months ago at the Celebrity Center Gala. Wish I could have been in England too. Not something you want to miss!

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Friday news broadcast

It took me a while to track this down, but here's some tootin', or hootin' as it's apparently called, for your viewing pleasure.
The hoot is quite powerful, so use it with great care!

Now, to the news.
As you may already know if you're a Plog follower, Nick is leaving us for a while.
This makes us very sad, of course, but he will come back, so it's not a huge deal.
At least that's what we keep telling ourselves.
I try to focus on the good stuff, such as the souvenirs he'll bring back for me from Hong Kong.
If you have a piece in progress by him, and you'd like to get it finished before he leaves, just send him an email ( and he'll hook you up with a date.

In other Conspiracy news, Eckel has a blog now!
Told you the hoot was powerful.
Go follow him, he has some good stuff up already.

Glee Stars on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly

Check out the new cover of Entertainment Weekly featuring the stars of the hit Fox musical-comedy Glee!


Goodbye Earl

Thursdays for the past few years have been my favorite night for television. I always turn to NBC for the comedy line up. 30 Rock gets better each season. The Office cracks me up. And my favorite show in the line-up, My Name is Earl. A show with a balding protagonist (played by Jason Lee) and his side-kick, his more balding brother, Randy (played by Ethan Suplee). A show that left us with a big cliffhanger at the end of last season, and then was subsequently canceled. So here's to you Earl - small hairline, but big mustache and even bigger heart!

A rose

I think it's about time i start posting some tattoos photos on this here blog, right?
I'm very sorry it's been so long, but Allan posts his finished pieces on his own blog, and he won't let me post that many in-progress photos.
He's very selfish you know.
And Nick is the same.
Selfish, both of them.
So it's a good thing we have Eckel then, he hasn't even started blogging yet!
Here's a crappy iphone pic of the tattoo he did on Morten today:

Maybe, hopefully, we'll have some more tattoo pictures next week.
Maybe even taken with an actual camera.
I know, i spoil you.

Scientology in UK: Anne Archer Hosts Sussex Charity Concert

EAST GRINSTEAD, Sunday, October 18th: Academy Award nominated actress Anne Archer, presented cheques amounting to £50,000 to several different local charities on behalf of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation and the Church of Scientology at the annual Gala Charity Concert at Saint Hill, East Grinstead.

Ms. Archer was the Master of Ceremonies, introducing each performer and also presenting the cheques on stage to the representatives of each charity, namely: the Sussex Air Ambulance; the Bluebell Steam Railway; East Grinstead charities the Town Museum, Furnihelp, and the East Grinstead Access Group for the elderly and disabled; Impact; and Crowborough charities the Town Mayor’s Charity Fund and the Community Hospital.

Bob Mainstone, representing the East Grinstead charities, said, “This donation will make a big difference to these charities in accomplishing their respective aims and is warmly appreciated.”

More than 1,500 were in attendance to enjoy the concert and give their support, including Mayors, District Council Chairmen, Town Councillors, and community leaders from all over the South of England. Other guests flew in specially from all over Europe and as far away as the United States and Canada.

The event covered a wide spectrum of music including Chick Corea, jazz legend and 15-time Grammy Award Winner; Mark Isham, Grammy, Emmy and Clio Award Winning composer, who has scored over 100 films; Alexander Markov, internationally celebrated virtuoso solo violinist; David Pomeranz, songwriter and recording artist with 18 Gold and 22 Platinum records; Elena Roggero, the “Italian Queen of Jazz”, and the UK’s top swing jive band – the Jive Aces.

Marianne Rowell, Deputy Director of the L. Ron HubbardFoundation, said, “We, as the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation and theChurch of Scientology, were delighted to give our support to these wonderful local charities tonight. This annual event is the highlight of our charity fundraising events and activities. Our warm thanks are due to all those who contributed.”

Over the years the Saint Hill Gala Charity Concert has supported numerous charities, from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and the RSPCA to the National Drug Prevention Alliance and theBluebell Railway Trust. The concert follows the tradition that was started by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1960’s when he resided at Saint Hill Manor and supported many of the local charities.

The Gala Concert concluded a three-day jam-packed weekend of activities at the Church of Scientology with over 7,000 people from around the world, with conferences and seminars for parishioners and community leaders alike, encompassing the Church of Scientology’s social betterment programmes in the areas of human rights, drug education, common sense morals, and the volunteer ministry.

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard



Snoop Dogg - Estevan Oriol + Mister Cartoon Create The Malice N Wonderland Album Cover


(Photo from Cute Overload)

Happy birthday!!

We love you almost as much as we love miniature horses that are also dwarfs (i've been spending way too much time on that site, haven't i?)

See you later!

Bruce 'the Boss' Springsteen

Thanks to Anthony N. for suggesting this post. Anthony writes "Hi, as someone whose hair is slowly beginnign to recede, I greatly enjoy your blog. I enjoy reading about the many celebs who go to such lengths to hide what they simply cannot control.

This video will not let me embed it, so you have to go to youtube to check it out. Click on the link below for a video of Bruce from 1988. You can see his hair is badly receding, the sides of the front hairline almost completely gone, with just a stump in the front:

The Boss became the boss of his hair and began to try and hide the hairline. He wore headbands more often than a grown man should:

He was also lucky - his hair is thick. He was able to grow it long and puff it out or comb it forward to hide the hairline.

The Boss with Sting (look at the hair on Sting!) in 1988.
Credits: Corkery, Richard

However, Bruce isn't just lucky - he is rich. He can afford the best hair care in the world. And he has taken advantage of this wealth. Here he is in 2001, with a very bald scalp:

Then here he is more recently. Notice the growth in the hairline:

Anthony also comments, "As you can see, The Boss was indeed born to run...out of hair." So true, Anthony, so true...

The Box-Office Beat

See what movies made the big bucks this weekend at the box office ...

1 - Where the Wild Things Are: $32.5 M
2 - Law Abiding Citizen: $21.3 M
3 - Paranormal Activity: $20.2 M
4 - Couples Retreat: $17.9 M
5 - The Stepfather: $12.3 M
6 - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: $8.1 M
7 - Zombieland: $7.8 M
8 - Toy Story: $3.0 M
9 - Surrogates: $1.9 M
10 - The Invention of Lying: $1.9 M

Tattoos NYC NOVEMBER 16th - 25th 2009


Mr Cartoon x Todd Jordan x Redman x Casio G-Shock ‘Youth Culture’ Watches

Casio has officially announced the release of its long awaited ‘Youth Culture’ G-Shock pack, featuring watches designed by L.A. based tattoo legend Mr Cartoon, skater and photographer Todd Jordan and rap star Redman. The trio were chosen for the way that their own work mirrors G-Shock’s unconventional style and indestructible toughness. Visit Casio for a full rundown of all the technical specs and details of each of the designer’s take on the project.

Captain Carlitos of Skid Row Tattoo on Vimby

Photos of Carlitos at the Portland Tattoo Expo

If you would like to schedule an appointment with me please contact the store 213.488.0313

Kobe Bryant!

I'm originally from LA so by default I am a Lakers fan, and I do think Kobe has a lot of talent. However, I also think he knows it. And won't let us forget it. Ever. Although after all of his personal drama (cheating, rape charges, etc.) became public he has calmed down a bit. Or maybe it was his balding head that calmed him down.

Here's Kobe in 2002, with a nice full head of hair:

Here he is 2007. You can see the hairline has receded a little bit, but not too noticeable. What is noticeable is that Mr. Bryant used to do more with his hair, and around this time he just kept it shaved.

And here are some pictures from this month. You can see the hairline has definitely receded and he is keeping his hair as short as possible.

FOX in DC loves Tom Cruise

The news team for FOX in Washington, DC think Tom Cruise is the nicest celeb they've ever met.
Unfortunately the video won't embed so here is the link: Dave Ross Hanging out with Tom Cruise

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Reply to Jackie

Jackie from Arizona left a comment on my last post. The comment was about a post she thought I had made regarding the use of the drug Abilify on children.

Jackie, I see that your comment was clearly heart-felt and I empathize with your situation. However, I can't find any post on the four blogs that I contribute to that mentions Abilify. I can only guess that you got to my post from a link on another blog.

I would never criticize desperate parents for the actions they take to handle a situation with their kids. I do criticize doctors and psychiatrists who, without seeking less harmful alternatives, prescribe drugs that are not approved for kids and that have dangerous side effect. (See this data on Abilify.)

Parents trust health care professionals to be advising them correctly and honestly. It is not the parents fault when a health care professional is poorly trained and ignorant of alternatives to dangerous treatments, yet pretends to know what he or she is talking about when prescribing potentially lethal drugs.

The parents place their trust in the doctor and all too often in these days of assembly line medicine, the parents are betrayed when the doctor scribbles a quick prescription for the latest and greatest drug the pharmaceutical rep just told him about.

There are alternative treatments and even if the child needs a calming drug in an emergency there are older and safer alternatives, drugs that are out of patent but that have a 30 or 40 year history of safe use with minimal side-effects. Trouble is, such drugs are out of patent and so are not pushed in the face of doctors by pharmaceutical companies hungry for profits.

So, Jackie, I am sad that you gave your child Abilify, but I understand that you were doing what you thought was best for your son based on what you were told by the doctors.

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Cake, at a whole new level

We love carrot cake, all carrot cake, but as you can see, this one was pretty special.
This didn't just taste amazing, it aimed to please the eyes too.

The carrot king and the two bunnies

Sweet customers, you spoil us!

Canon crisis

Ok, i seriously need to get at least one of my cameras fixed, this is not working for me.
I took these of Sannas back yesterday with my iPhone because my camera (powershot) and my backup camera (G9) broke, and Allan didn't bring his.
These are clearly not very good (and the toycam ones were even worse) but i needed those progress shots.
So there.

I'll get better ones in November when it's time for (da da daaarrhh) colors!

Finished lines and black, at least for a while


Benji Madden Rerun

I already posted on Benji's rapidly balding head:

However, I just found this picture and I had to post it. It is an older picture and you can see where his hair line was receding. I just love this picture, it cracks me up!

Who would ever do that to themselves? And then think it's cool?

from: Anonymous
date: Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 10:02 PM
subject: Another "Asian font" tattoo

Hi there,

Some guy in Facebook is showing off his tattoo.

As an avid reader of your site, I know that this tattoo is his name ‘K-H-A-L-E-D’ in the ridiculous ‘Asian font’.

I thought you might like to see it.