Justin Bieber's Ferrari hitted into Honda in parking garage

On Tuesday, Singer Justin Bieber caused a beat with the paparazzi when he was in a minor traffic accident in the San Fernando Valley. 

Justin Bieber
But the accident was not very terrific that they would not seem necessary to take a police report- said by Authorities.

LAPD officials saidt that, the crash occurred in the 10900 block of Bluffside Drive in Studio City at an underground parking lot around noon. It happened when Justin Bieber was pulling his black Ferrari out of a parking space and hitted a Honda Civic.

Justin Biebe'rs Flat Black Ferrari
The department said in a press release -"No one was injured and there was no damage to either vehicle,"

It is also mentioned that, When police arrived, they found paparazzi at the scene.

Fall Into Beauty!

Professional makeup artists are always on the edge of their seats this time of year! The fall season begins right after New York Fashion Week ends and the beauty manufacturers are bringing out this seasons “must have” products!

The Pros here at IMPO love this time of year and can’t wait to get our hands on all the gorgeous colors the fall season brings. This is the perfect time of year to update our kits and personally rock the latest in lipstick, eye shadow, blush and eyeliner!

Just like a new coat of paint brings an instant lift to the walls of your home, a new season’s makeup collection can renew your spirits and revitalize your confidence. Here is what we love…

Jewel tones are all the rage this fall and holiday season. Think hues of purple, teal, and deep red, not only for your wardrobe, but incorporated into your makeup bag. Achieve that luxurious satin finish using a combination of matte and shimmer eye shadows; best seen in a smoldering smoky eye. Deep chocolates, pewter and soft grays compliment skin tones and are versatile year round.

Bobbi Brown’s Nude Eye Shadow Palette is perfection when it comes to the ideal warm neutral shades. The palette is divided into three matte shades and three corresponding shimmer shades with a satin finish. The darkest matte shade can also double as a liner. Chino is a neutral matte that can be used as contour color for cheeks and forehead.

Combine this palette with Nars lipstick in Fast Ride to complete the sultry "fall" look. The deep mulberry shade is a semi-sheer wash so the color is buildable. Layer it with one of Smashbox’s Nude Lip Pencils (medium or dark) for a darker, more matte lip.

Make sure you snag up that Bobbi Brown Nude Palette and in October, grab Bobbi’s Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette as well from her Holiday 2009 Collection. Meshing both palettes together by combining the matte shades, shimmer colors and metallic’s will give you hundreds of eye-popping options along with gorgeous creamy lip colors that can be layered and blended together to create a custom look!

Smashbox has unveiled the Reign Collection, featuring two truly decadent eye shadow palettes with three shades, each in a matte and shimmer. These shadows can also be worn wet for a more intense application.

The Majesty Palette from the Reign Collection has a warm vanilla, deep burgundy, and a black shadow. For dual use, apply the burgundy shadow to the high points of cheekbones using a fan brush for a gorgeous blush color. Avoid burgundy eye shadows with too many red or orange undertones, as it will bring out the redness in your eyes. Steer more towards the berry shades.

Pump it up a notch by dabbing gold eye shadow on the center of the eyelid to make the look even more regal. Our favs: Goldmine and Amber Lights by MAC, Ambient by Smashbox, and the Cheyenne Duo eye shadow by Nars, which combines gold and plum in one compact. Add a touch of Lancôme Virtuose Black Carat Gold Mascara, it is a rich inky pigment that coats and curls lashes to spectacular lengths and the formulation contains tiny gold particles!

If you love wearing a dark lip color, try OCC Lip Tar in Plum or Vintage. The stain will stay on all day and you can apply a clear lip gloss for added shine and va-va-voom!

Pair the dark lip with another hot, seasonal trend: gray eye shadow. Mix a matte slate gray like Illamasqua’s Feline with a satin charcoal color like Drama or Incubus, from the same line. Complete the soft look with the new Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara from Yves Saint Laurent, which is gray mascara.

Insider Secret: If suffering from puffy eyes, apply eye shadow in a darker shade under your bottom lashes. Because dark colors recede, it will give the illusion of a well-slept, bright-eyed beauty!

The red lip never goes out of season, but this fall the colors have more of a red/blue undertone. Don’t know where to purchase the best red colors? Try Lipstick Queen! Feeling innocent? A sheer wash across your lips makes for a pretty pout, in colors Rouge, Wine or Red from the Saints lipstick collection.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Pick a matte finish lipstick from the Sinner collection in Rouge and Red and really step out in style by layering the Hard Core gloss to your pucker. It has an intense pigment and huge shine payoff. Red Sinner and Wine Sinner are our picks.

Lipstick Queen’s creator, Poppy King, says you don’t need much else when wearing a red lip. Opt for a sheer wash of foundation to conceal skin issues, powder to a matte finish, a little pink flush on the cheeks, tight-line the upper lash line only, add mascara and that is it!

The Pros love the look of a "teal" eye and can't wait to get our hands on the shades that Amanda Seyfriend is wearing in the September issue of InStyle Magazine. She has a classic smoky eye, but with a fresh mermaid twist; green! Create the look by using Cle de Peau Beaute Satin eye color in Emerald No. 109, which is a deep pine color that would be amazing layered over a teal Bobbi Brown eye shadow like Bash Metallic. Makeup Pro, Mariel Barrera says, "the key to this look is to blend to death! That way the two colors will melt together!"

The latest edition of Allure Magazine says "cobalt" eyeliner is hot for the fall season and the Pros love this look combined with dark brown eye shadows and a nude pink lip. This eye look is sultry and sexy, which means a filled-in, sculpted brow would be essential. Try Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in #3-Blue. It is a silky formula that allows for precise and easy application. Use to fully line both the upper and lower lash line!

Bump up that gorgeous blue eyeliner or a classic black liner by layering Givenchy’s Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner in Elegant Pearl. It is a soft metallic color that will make your eyes bewitching! This is an eye opening liquid with major pigment and it contains a sprinkling of mother-of-pearl particles! Long-lasting intensity that will not run or flake!

Peach cheeks are a must and will work with any of the above mentioned eye looks. This season a bold eye or lip is all the rage, which means a toned-down warm cheek color is necessary to avoid looking overly made up!

We love Julie Hewett’s Cheekie + Shimmy Duo in Peachie/Goldie! This product is so versatile and can be used to highlight your face, eyes, lips and body. Gives a sheer hint of color that will warm your cheeks and freshen up your face. You can apply with your finger; sponge or the Pros recommend using Julie Hewett’s Chubby Cheekie Brush for perfect blending ability!

Don’t forget those nails! The IMPO Pros fell in love with OPI’s deep purple Black Cherry Chutney and shimmery pewter, My Private Jet. Go bold and wear navy blue, purple, gray and even taupe polish.

Whatever products you choose to add to your current collection don't forget that jewel tones add sparkle to any look. They are deep pigments of color not neon or bright! Purchase the right colors and your look will be up-to-date well into the upcoming Holiday Season!


Our "tip" for this post is to make certain that our readers see The September Issue! A film by R.J. Cutler featuring Anna Wintour and the making of Vogue! "Fashion is a religion, this is the bible!" "Juicy...A great on to watch," Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times, "Immensely enjoyable," Krista Smith, Vanity Fair. Don't miss it!


Up next on IMPO: It's "back to school" time so listen up!!! You are purchasing new clothes and school supplies, but how about new cosmetics and skincare? It is time to clean out and throw out those nasty products that are "so last year!" Get your teen in tip top beauty shape and help boost her confidence at the same time!

Emma's Monarchs, and a Spalsh of Verlaine

At the end of July, a young woman named Emma missed her train in Penn Station and had some time to kill. Her wait was shortened when I chanced upon her and asked about this lovely tattoo she had going on her left arm:

She explained the origins of this wonderful body art:
"I knew that I wanted a monarch. And I knew that I wanted it on my arm. And I knew that I wanted it coming out of a chrysalis ... I did a lot of research online and ... didn’t know who I wanted to get it done by and was just in San Diego for the day with my cousin. Pacific Beach, actually, and was ... shopping in Pacific Beach and walked into a tattoo parlor, just like 'Oh, let’s go look at tattoo parlors!' and was flipping through all the catalogs and it was like dragon, dragon, dragon. Samurai guy, samurai guy, samurai guy. And then opened one and it was just all these amazing beautiful naturescapes and just amazing detail and I immediately, right there was like, 'whoever this is, I want this person to do my tattoo'. And they were like, 'Hold on. She’s in the back' … her name is Rebecca Min and I basically came to her with the idea and was like, 'You’re the artist, so I want it hanging from a dead branch. I want the branch to be black and gray and I love monarchs.'

I have always loved monarchs for my whole life from when I was three. That’s one of my earliest memories, I found a monarch caterpillar with my great aunt and took it home from Wisconsin to, at the time, Chicago, in a jar with some milkweed and watched it spin a chrysalis and then hatch out of the chrysalis and then let it go and ever since then I’ve just loved monarchs …they’ve reminded me of the older women in my family, my grandmother, my great aunt.

It’s still a work in progress and she combined all these pictures, she put them together and I knew that I wanted the chrysalis to be empty, like it had just come out of the chrysalis, like a rebirth sort of thing and we both had the idea to make it translucent so that you could see the branch through the chrysalis...

We’ve been working on it for over a year and a half now, just bits and pieces , my longest session was three and a half hours and I had the idea to do a whole swarm from different perspectives and once we have all of those one, she’s going to pick a light source from one direction and do shadows….and she’s  gonna do moss on the branches, a white lichen."

The shop where Emma began to work with Rebecca Min was Chronic Tattoo. Emma says Rebecca has moved on to Eden Tattoo, although she is still listed as an artist on the Chronic website.

Emma also has these tattoos on her wrists:

The left wrist reads, "Les roses étaient toutes rouges et les lierres étaient tout noirs" which translates to "The roses were all red and ivy were all black."

The right wrist reads, "Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches" which translates to "Here are fruits, flowers, leaves and branches."
Emma elaborates:
They are the first two lines of the last two songs in a set called "Aria T'oublie" by Claude Debussy. The poetry is by Paul Verlaine. I was a classical voice major in college and I wanted to do the set for my senior recital and I am obviously not your normal opera singer and my voice teacher said, 'Okay, that’s fine you can do the set, except for the last two songs. They’re too hard for you.' And I said, 'Fuck you.' And I took a year off and did nothing but practice and did lessons and studied and performed the set and was, too my knowledge, the first undergraduate ever to perform the set in its entirety. And so this was my badge of honor. Now seven year later, eight years later and until I’m in my eighties, I can look down and read these first two lines and remember every single word in French to both of these songs.
I was in West Hollywood, I was 23 and had 50 bucks and was like 'who can do this for really cheap?' and I don’t remember what his name was but I do know that at the time he had a sprained wrist and he was like 'I’ll do it. I’ll do it cheap. But I can’t believe you’re making me tattoo in a foreign language, upside down, with a sprained wrist.'
A hearty thanks to Emma for sharing these cool tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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Cute Short Hair Styles

Cute Short hairstyles look fabulous with any style.There are so many things you can do with a short hairstyles, from curling to crimp, to putting it up in a fabulous and elegant up do.There are some popular looks with short hair that never seem to fail,because short hair can basically go with any face type.cute short hairstyles must have lots of natural shine,flirtatious flips and long loose layers whether your hairstyle is cute short hairstyles.

Justin Bieber Petting Snake Johnson

There are many celebrities in the world but they are all not same. For this reason, hobby of celebrity are different to one another.

Justin Bieber's Snake Jhonson
Recently, Justin Biebbr has started to pet a snake named Jhonson which he brought at 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. By petting Snake, Justin Bieber is touching every one heart. Because it is different and rare work which done by Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber's Snake Jhonson
Already, Justin Bieber has astonished all the celebrities by bringing his Jhonson at 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

Justin Bieber's Snake Jhonson

What is your opinion about the Justin Bieber’s snake Jhonson?
Is it a strategy of increasing his fan?

Hairstyles for Short Hair


Short Hair styles for short hair Women,Beautiful Hairstyles,Short Hairstyle & Haircut Picture Gallery for Women. Taking the plunge and going short is a huge step for any woman with long hair.Pictures of short hairstyles for women and the newest looks for short hair.
Well educated Keira remembered that makeover experiments could change her social image in an undesired direction, so she desired to ask someone who knows everything about beauty treatments, hair care products and permanent laser hair removals in NYC. Miss Knightley decided to ask a voodoo master hairdresser who graduated in styling of formal hairstyles for short hair.