Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode II)

Episode II - April 29, 2007The second episode began with the men's team competing against the women's team in a hiking/obstacle course challenge. Diamond was very impressed with himself because he knew how to use a compass, even though nobody else was impressed. The teams were each given written instructions regarding the path/direction of travel they were to take. Diamond started out talking

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons is a fitness expert who promotes weight-loss programs. He has starred in a well-known line of fitness videos and has appeared on many television programs. His fitness videos include the Sweatin' to the Oldies series. He is also known for the infomercials for his videos, and for his weight-loss food plans, such as The Deal-A-Meal program and FoodMover. Simmons is very recognizable

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode I)

Episode I - April 22, 2007The episode started with all eight contestants on the show breaking up into teams (four guys versus four girls) and doing several track and field events and an obstacle course and running up steps at a track stadium. Diamond was shown doing the long jump and he looked really funny running. Diamond has an enormous gut and it affects his balance when he runs. His legs are

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance)

As you have probably already heard, Dustin Diamond is appearing on the fifth season of Celebrity Fit Club. There have already been several reports published about how the enitre cast hated Diamond and how Diamond was a real jerk and obnoxious to other people on the show. I was initially going to edit the previous Dustin Diamond entry (i.e., Dustin Diamond (2000-present)), but I decided that

David Faustino

David Faustino is a former child actor best known for his role as "Bud Bundy" on the successful FOX sitcom Married With Children from 1987-1997. Fans of Married With Children saw Faustino grow from a youth into a young adult. Here are pictures of a young Faustino from his early years on the show:One of the major themes with the character Bud, was Bud's completely inept skills with the ladies.
Celebs offer glimpse into their eco-friendly lifestyles on TV special

Owen Wilson joins motorcycle mogul Jesse James and singer Alanis Morrisette to offer a glimpse of their eco-friendly lifestyles, along with other fascinating people who are living green, in the one-hour special "It's Easy Being Green" to premiere Saturday, April 21 at 10p ET/PT on the FINE LIVING TV NETWORK.

In this TV special Wilson reveals, "I don't have to pay parking meters and I'm able to go [solo] in the car pool lane...Because I have this sticker, the [parking police] guy wasn't able to give me a ticket."

The car's sticker "Access OK: California Clean Air Vehicle" lands him extra driving privileges. In Santa Monica, CA, hybrid vehicles can park at meters for free.

"I didn't have much of a sensitivity to this stuff [environmental issues]. There is the obvious thing, how the car helps the environment, but really I just liked the cars...," admits Wilson to Green Guru Renée Loux, who hosts the FINE LIVING TV NETWORK's "It's Easy Being Green.

"By knowing Harrelson," the actor claims he soon learned these cars were more than just "good cars to drive" and more of an easy way for him to help make a difference.
"There are little things you can do, or I've learned that I can do, to make a difference with global warming and all of the problems facing the environmental," says Wilson. "And it's nice that you can do something to help."

Loux's interview with Wilson airs nationwide as part of the Earth Day special "It's Easy Being Green" on the FINE LIVING TV NETWORK, the first and only TV network dedicated to helping people do more with their time and money.

Premiering Saturday, April 21 at 10p ET/PT, FINE LIVING TV NETWORK's "It's Easy Being Green" is hosted by Green Guru and celebrity nutritionist Renée Loux, also author of "The Balanced Palate." The special provides viewers with a wealth of ideas about how to live a fuller life while also contributing to the well-being of the planet, and even shows ways to save some 'green' - as in money - in the process.

Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison is a young actor who was a rising star in Hollywood until very recently when he made the ill-fated decision to drive while heavily intoxicated.Garrison was born in Dallas, Texas on May 23, 1980 and raised in Richardson, Texas. He was a troubled youth and admits to having been a thief. He stole items such as cars and stereos. He had a troubled relationship with his mother and moved
After a rough month or so with the winter illnesses, I'm trying to get up to speed on this blog and life in general. I hope you are all feeling well and looking forward to spring. Today, I enjoyed the nice weather in New York and went out for lunch. I took a book with me, Passionaries: Turning Compassion Into Action,' by Barbara R. Metzler and read several of the chapters in the book and I highly recommend this book.

This book is the collection of inspiring stories behind 35 world-impacing nonprofits, including USA Harvest, Make-A-Wish, Ronald McDonald, and Habitat for Humanity. The stories are truly inspirational and I plan on reading one per day to my three children. I want them to realize that no matter how much money you have, how old you are, how much money you don't have, you can do SOMETHING to help this world.

You can check out the website at http://www.passionaries.org/.

Barbara says she's going to write another book and I can't wait.

Want to combine your passion for music with your passion for helping others? Check out Rock the Earth at http://www.rocktheearth.org/.

Founded in 2002 by environmental attorney Marc Ross, Rock the Earth’s members include environmental attorneys, technical consultants, public relations, marketing and media relations experts, as well as a fundraising team. Many of the members have more than ten years experience in their various areas of expertise.

"Rock the Earth's Volunteer Staff includes environmental professionals with a broad base of knowledge and expertise in environmental science and law. Of the Volunteer Staff, two are environmental attorneys. In addition, Rock the Earth has three other environmental attorneys consulting on a variety of issues, from time to time. Our legal expertise includes, but is not limited to: water quality, surface and underground mining, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, remediation, air quality, endangered species, remediation and environmental impacts due to land development and urban sprawl."

I had a long conversation with its founder, Marc Ross, today and they are working hard on several projects (some you may not have even heard of because the issue is not receiving national press or it's not in your hometown). They have worked with the likes of Dave Matthews, Barenaked Ladies, the Allman Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Franti, Gov't Mule and more, bringing information on tours with these artists to help raise money and awareness. Definitely an organization to take a closer look at if you're interested in helping out.

To a healthier spring,


Todd Bridges

Todd Bridges is a former child star who played the part of "Willis Jackson" on the hit TV sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, which ran from 1978-1986. Willis was the older brother of Arnold Jackson (played by fellow washed-up celebrity Gary Coleman). The Jacksons were the black children from a poor Harlem background whose deceased mother previously worked for a rich white widower Phillip Drummond (played

Beware of Bulls Eye Tattoos

My good friend Alan writes:

Hi Tian,

I thought we had pretty much covered all of the really silly tattoos out there so far, but evidently not. We have seen a lot of them already on their unknowing victims, but I just happened upon some of the tattoo “flash” with bogus Hanzi actually being sold on the Internet.

Here is one site:


The scary thing is that they are advertising that they have “thousands of professional tattoo designs.” I guess the hapless tattoo consumer is supposed to “download full size tattoos with the line art stencil a tattooist will need to transfer & ink the perfect tattoo.”

The tattoos in the “Kanji” section are hardly perfect.

Not only are there many kanji with poor brushwork, lots of them have completely wrong English translations like:

“Wild” – really means “color”

“spirit” – really means “child” but with an extra unnecessary stroke at the top

“child” – really means “evening”

“To Die Young” – really means “sky, heaven”

“Passion” – really means “rough, violent, coarse”

But the one that really cracked me up was this one:

生現 “Live For Today”

As is, this gibberish means nothing in Japanese or at least nothing like “live for today” and I don’t think it means anything in Chinese either. The only meaning I can guess is that if it were written 生きて現れる, this would mean “to show up alive” or “turn up alive” as if someone thought dead had appeared alive. Anyway, it sounds pretty spooky, like seeing a zombie!

I think the person who made this up just looked in a dictionary for the word for “to live” and a word that means something like “now” and thought you could stick them together to make “live for today.”

It doesn’t work like that.

The worst thing is that this tattoo appears on their “best sellers” page.

Expect to see these tattoos on gullible people near you soon!

I can’t believe they are actually charging money for this stuff.

Thanks for everything as usual.



Dodgy tattoo supply dealers are everywhere, buyers please be aware of that. After all, it is your skin these designs would end up on, these dealers could care less if you have made fools of yourselves.