hack0si's Tattoo

An anonymous tip has led me to hack0si's tattoo in www.rankmytattoos.com.

Photo has been removed on behalf of owner's request, original is located here:

Under tattoo design details, it says:
100% freehand work done by Adam Lunt of Eugene Oregon. About 3 hours, one smoke break, and a few days of the lovely stinging sensation that reminds me my newest piece of art is healing. I would like the Kanji rated, and how the color contrasts the black, since my skin is pale and a perfect palette. PEACE
However, one commenter named "Bob" has summed up the whole thing in the following:
Well... This is supposed to read , "zen'aku," or "good and evil." There are mistakes in the way both of them are written, but the big problem with this tattoo is that the first character is upside-down. Sorry. And there's really no way to fix that. And the sadder thing is, you probably can't even sue. A skilled artist might be able to do a cover up....

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode VI)

Episode VI - May 27, 2007The sixth episode of Celebrity Fit Club began where the fifth episode had ended. Right after his blow-up with Harvey that occurred at the end of the fifth episode, Diamond was shown packing up his clothes in a bedroom while Ross the Intern tried to talk to him. Diamond vented his anger and said the following to Ross:“Maybe I’ll just stick around and piss people off. If

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy, born November 29, 1962, is an actor best known for his role in mid-1980s teen flicks such as Class, St. Elmo's Fire, and Pretty in Pink. McCarthy was a member of the "Brat Pack," a group of young and immature but successful actors who starred primarily in movies directed at teenagers during the 1980s.McCarthy played a "cool," popular kid in his movies, but I never bought it. He

Bong Hits 4 Jesus Exposed

Hot off the presses, Judge Roberts and his minions have ruled. The Supreme Court of these United States finally issued its opinion on matters concerning the free speech rights of students. The results aren't pretty...or are they?

I'll admit, the issues were somewhat complicated. But the one that sparked everyone's interest --"Do students have the right to peacefully advocate drug activity at school sponsored events?"-- was the one passionately debated by college students across the country.

Adding an extra twist to the controversy, the student in question, Joseph Frederick, unfurled his Bong Hits 4 Jesus banner off school property on his own time. I think we can all agree this case never would have seen the light of day if Frederick had exercised his free speech rights during a homecoming rally. The principal, Deborah Morse, confiscated Frederick's banner, and slapped him with what turned out to be a 10-day suspension. Frederick sued Morse and the School Board for violating his constitutionally protected right to say what he pleased. The 9th Circuit sided with Frederick, and the School Board appealed.

Alas, once again, students have drawn the short stick. Student status automatically limits one's right to free expression. Add that to the ever-expanding list of prohibitions chipping away at First Amendment protections, and you have the justification for this questionable result.

Likely, Frederick's proximity to a school sanctioned gathering influenced the Court's decision. The school had dismissed students that day to observe the Winter Olympics Torch Relay. Writing for the majority, Judge Roberts upheld the position of Principal Morse, essentially stating that a principal may restrict student speech at a school event when it is reasonably viewed as promoting illegal drug use.

I haven't had a chance to review Judge Robert's opinion, but my guess is his decision rests on something more tangible and fundamental.

Free speech rights took a one-two punch because no reasonable person could have misinterpreted the intended message of Frederick's banner. If, as Frederick contended, the banner advocated something nonsensical, then student free speech rights might have remained status quo for another twenty years. Consider the following slogans:

"Jesus Loves A Good Party."

"Honk for Hookah."


Without raising the specter of illegal activity, these innocuous expressions could have conveyed a seemingly similar message to "Bong Hits 4 Jesus." The in-crowd would have figured out what Frederick was trying to say and the clueless would have kept their eyes on the torch.

I don't know whether to applaud or denounce the actions of our highest court. On the one hand, I don't want my own children to advocate or engage in illegal drug activity. Children are too easily swayed by peer pressure. Our schools must do everything in their power to instill good moral values and basic common sense in the hearts and minds of our children. Doing drugs is not only unhealthy and a gateway to moral decay, but also can result in stiff jail time.

On the other hand, there is something very sad and chilling about the way our nation has continuously eroded the right to free expression. It's as if no matter where a student goes or what a student does, that student must be constantly on guard against Big Brother, or in this case, the school board and its administration. I don't know about you, but that creepy feeling of the KGB lurking in the shadows comes to mind, or in this day and age, the CIA and the FBI.

"Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing...Long time ago..."
Pete Seeger and Joe Hickerson, 1956

"Beware of the Bull Rat"

Two of BMEzine's May 21st entries were from "Lil Miss Strange" with the caption of

"First Tattoo I Did On Someone Wo Is Neither Me Or Family And Doesnt Do It As A Joke
Good I Was Scared But The Guy Is Happy With It!
(Turnhout, Belgium)"


By a strange coincidence, the tattooed phrase means "beware of the bull rat".

We should all thank this young man for doing a public service announcement with his flesh.

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode V)

Episode V - May 20, 2007The fifth episode of Celebrity Fit Club began with a dance marathon at a dance studio. Each team was broken up into two pairs of dancers, and the last pair dancing at the end of the competition was to win, and a contribution was to be made to a charity designated by the winning team.Diamond was paired with Tiffany. About 90 minutes into the competition, Diamond stopped

Emily Schulman

Emily Schulman , born August 17, 1977, is a former child star best known for her role as Harriet Brindle on the mid-late 1980s syndicated sitcom, Small Wonder. Harriet was the annoying neighbor of Jamie Lawson (played by fellow washed-up celebrity Jerry Supiran).Harriet was one of the most annoying characters in television history. She was the "Screech" of Small Wonder, never saying anything

Dice-K Dictionary

My friend Mark of pinyin.info sent me an article titled "Dice-K Dictionary" in recent issue of The Phoenix, an alternative newspaper in Boston area.

The article pointed out due to the popularity of Japanese baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka (松坂 大輔) joining Boston Red Sox, many signs with Japanese have been spawning up around Boston area.

The article's author, Mike Miliard, contacted Momo Shinzawa, a fine-art photographer from Tokyo to help translate some of these signs.

In one of their examples,

http://thephoenix.com/article_ektid40133.aspx (114KB pdf)

Shinzawa said:
“Oh, this is really good one! The first three letters says ‘Red Sox’ (literately means ‘Red color sox’) which is kind of okay, but everybody knows Red Sox as Red Sox. You know what I mean? We pronounce and used the name of the team just like Bostonian, so this is kind of funny. On top of it, I think they try to say “Red Sox Fans” but, the last two letters literately means ‘an army corps,’ not ‘fan.’ I can see this sign was made by someone who speak Chinese, maybe? Who can not write [Japanese characters] Hiragana and katakana. When we use foreign words, we use Katakana. So the word ‘Red Sox’ or ‘fan’ should be all Katakana, not in Chinese letters. So this is my suspicious. Yeah, it is kind of No, No to call Japanese ‘An Army corps of red color sox?!’ Since [the Japanese were] Americans enemies long time ago!? I found this sign kind of funny! If Japanese see it, they can understand what they are trying to say. It is almost there, but not right Japanese.”

Actually if the characters shown above are be read as Chinese, it would translate as "Army group under red/bare boots". could be translated as either "red" or "bare" depending on the context.

The correct Chinese translation for Boston Red Sox is 波士頓紅襪(隊).

BBC's Tabloid Journalism

I must admit, I always thought of BBC as a bastion of culture, rationality, responsible news reporting. So I was shocked when I learned about John Sweeney and his outrageous bad manners and bias.

I found it particularly disturbing to see this clip on YouTube of him heckling John Travolta at the premiere of Wild Hogs in London. Is this what the BBC has descended to or is Sweeney just a blot on their reputation?

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode IV)

Episode IV - May 13, 2007The fourth episode of Celebrity Fit Club took place at a ski lodge in Keystone, Colorado. Ant instructed each member of each of the teams to nominate one person on their respective team to trade to the opposing team. The women’s team nominated Kimberley Locke. The men’s team voted for Diamond to switch to the other team. Everyone on Diamond’s team (other than himself)

Tattoo Removal with Handheld Sander

tattooremovalwithhandheldsander.wmv (2.43 MB)

My friend Gordon just emailed me this video clip of someone getting a tattoo removed.

Instead of using a scalpel or laser gun, the person administering the procedure is actually using a Black&Decker handheld sander. It is unclear if the patient was given any anesthesia prior to the operation, but at least the "doctor" was wearing gloves.

The one minute video is not for the weak-stomached, especially the buzzing sound of sander grinding into human flesh.

Chris Burke

Chris Burke is an actor best known for his role as "Corky" on the moderately successful 1989-1993 family drama Life Goes On. Burke is unique among actors in that he is suffering from Down Syndrome. Despite his handicaps, he has managed to accomplish quite a bit during his life and acting career.Chris Burke should be commended for doing what he's done, overcoming his conspicuous disabilities. He

Jerry Supiran

Jerry Supiran is a former child star best known for his role as Jamie Lawson on the mid-late 1980s syndicated sitcom, Small Wonder. Anyone who was a pre-teen during the mid-late 1980s probably watched Small Wonder from time to time. I personally did not have cable TV until I got to college, so I was at the mercy of whatever reruns or TV shows were available on the broadcast TV channels.Small

"Che ne sarà di noi?"

Today I received an email from Professor Gorni of University of Udine, Italy, about tattoo in the 2004 movie "Che ne sarà di noi?" (in English, "What Will Happen to Us?").


Since I personally have yet seen the film, Prof. Gorni described the scene to me as the following:
The main character gets the tattoo after his high school final exam. His buddies ask him what the chacaters mean. His answers "peace, love, bread" (yes, in this order!). When asked "why bread?", he explains that the tattooist had proposed "peace, love, freedom", but he just didn't like the shape of "freedom", and settled for "bread" instead, because it looked better.

Later in the movie, some girls ask him about the tattoo, and he gives the meaning as "peace, love, angel of death" (yes, in this order; no reference to bread).

Nowhere in the movie there is a clear indication that anybody was aware that anything specific was wrong with the tattoo. They only say, "luckily enough, nobody knows Japanese around here".
The correct translation for is "love and dream" if they are read as one complete phrase.

A Serbian's Chinese Tattoo


Freshly uploaded in BMEzine's gallery, this one did not offer any translation with only caption of " Tattoos by Shone Liman, Serbia."

I am too lazy to get into the details. The only thing I can think of is:

Dear Mr. Serb,

If you admire Chinese culture so much, why not just build a Bruce Lee statue like what Bosnia did, perhaps bigger and made out of precious metal?

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode III)

Episode III - May 6, 2007The third episode of Celebrity Fit Club began with the men's team competing against the women's team in a kayaking competition. During the competition, one member of the women’s team competed against one member of the men’s team. The women were given a slight head start to account for the fact that men naturally have more muscle than women.There were four races (each team

I love it... the fall of Hollywood's pampered

Max Wright

Max Wright is an actor (born August 2, 1943) who has appeared in several sitcoms and movies during his career. Wright has made appearances in TV shows such as WKRP in Cincinnati, was a regular cast member in ALF, Misfits of Science, Buffalo Bill, The Norm Show, and appeared in the first two seasons of the popular sitcom Friends, as Terry, the manager of Central Perk. He has also appeared in

Rot in jail

Now if we could only get Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and all the other spoiled rotten "celebrities" to go away.


"Panda Process"

This photo was posted in BMEzine's tattoo gallery with the title of "Panda Process".


The top "character" does not look like anything I have seen before. The lower character has been blurred and distorted (probably from repeatedly copy one set of template many times) that I am not sure if it is or .