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What's Happening...

There are many happenings crossing my desk (and that's good news!) so I thought I'd give you a synopsis of what's been going on with celebrity-do-gooders and where you can find more information:

Jennifer Hudson Announces Foundation

Out of tragedy, comes hope and goodness. People magazine announced that Jennifer Hudson has formed The Hudson-King Foundation for Families of Slain Victims -- named in honor of the singer-actress's slain mother Darnell Hudson Donerson, brother Jason Hudson and nephew Julian King. For more information, including the address of where you can send donations, read here.

Celebrity Astronauts
They have soared into outer space, performed daring space walks, took giant leaps on the moon and now want to spend time with you! More than 50 celebrity astronauts, including John Glenn, Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin, are offering once-in-a-lifetime one-on-one experiences, cool space artifacts and autographed items in the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's (ASF) 6th Annual Online Auction of Astronaut Experiences and Memorabilia which opens today, October 31, 2008. Source: MarketWatch

Debra Messing designs jewelry for Youth Aids

I am a huge Debra Messing fan, so I'll always write about her. Click here for more information!

Celebrity Athletes helping Single Moms

I'm a single mom and I know what it's like to struggle. It's nice to see celeb athletes stepping up and recognizing that some single mothers need assistance. As a dedication to my own mom, who was a single mother since I was 7, and is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan, I'm posting about Roy Williams who is hosting Bowling with the 'Boys for his Safety Net Foundation that helps low-income, single-parent mothers next Thursday at 300 Dallas in Addison, Texas. According to his website, "Inspired by his sister Alecia, a single mother doing her best to raise her young son, Dallas Cowboys All-Pro Safety Roy Williams launched the Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation in July 2004 to help ensure low-income single mothers in the Dallas area receive support, guidance, and assistance to enhance their quality of life."

Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs Supports Awareness of Sickle Cell Disease

This past weekend, Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs, celebrated his birthday by hosting the 1st Annual Team Sizzle Worldwide Celebrity Weekend in Baltimore, MD. Proceeds raised went to The William E. Proudford Sickle Cell Fund, which partners with major institutions to provide ongoing financial support for sickle cell awareness, education and research at Mid-Atlantic area children's hospitals. A caring community servant, Terrell was inspired to direct his energy and resources toward care for sickle cell patients after meeting a teenager who loves football but whose condition has prevented him from playing and therefore expresses his frustration through paintings. "After meeting him, I really felt the need to help him and others in his condition," said Suggs. "I'm incredibly blessed and the children I've met remind me how many people are unable to do some of the things many of us take for granted. I am honored to assist the William E Proudford Sickle Cell fund in their quest to ‘imagine a world without sickle cell' and hope that my community and other attendees will continue the effort."

Alonzo Mourning is Bowling! (Hey, it's one of my favorite things to do!)

The Annual Zo's “King Pin” Classic is back, bringing Tracy and Alonzo Mourning and VIP guests, to bowl alongside them, at Lucky Strike Lanes on South Beach in early 2009! The event will help to raise funds for the Honey Shine Mentoring Program, a program of Alonzo Mourning Charities. The event will offer rounds at the billiards tables, relaxation at massage stations, and virtual bowling on Nintendo Wii, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres for all. In addition, bowlers will receive a bowling shirt, commemorative team gift, and photo with the Mournings. Auctions and raffle prizes accompanied by great music from Miami’s own DJ Irie and crashing pins will keep guests on their toes throughout the night!

When: Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 from 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm at Lucky Strike Lanes, 1691 Michigan Ave., South Beach, Florida.

South Florida media and the public are invited to attend (I would if I could!) Teams of 10 may enter for $5,000, individual slots are available for $500, and general
admission is $125. For more information, contact Alisha Sanford at asanford@amcharities.org.

Alonzo Mourning Charities (AM Charities) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public fundraising foundation. Its mission is to encourage the educational development of youth by creating programs and youth enrichment centers that promote positive change in low socioeconomic communities. Since 1997, AM Charities has raised more than $6.5 million for various programs that aid in the development of children and their families. In addition to supporting numerous educational initiatives, Mourning focuses his attention to stimulating the development of youth enrichment centers. With the help of donors, Mourning opened the first center in 2003 in the historic area of Overtown, in South Florida, known as the Overtown Youth Center. For more information, visit www.AMCharities.org.


Honey Shine Mentoring Program, a program of Alonzo Mourning Charities, works to empower young girls to shine as women. The bi-weekly workshops and summer camp that make up the program help develop and nurture the mind, body, and soul, of young women by providing experiences that enlighten and create balance in their lives. For more information, visit www.HoneyShine.org.

More on Monday...


Sam and Lindsay Take The Subway

Spotted: Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan at an NYC Spring Street subway station. Who knew they rode public transportation?! That's actually pretty cool : )

Beck's Awesome New Video For Gamma Ray!

Hi Everyone!

Beck just released a new video for his song Gamma Ray! This is a new version. As far as I can tell Beck doesn't even appear in this new version at all. It's really rad though. I like this new one more.

Check it out!:

Beck's latest video for Gamma Ray

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Live Blogging Election 2008 Direct from NPR Studios

Live blog of election 2008 will happen on The Spewker direct from NPR studios in Washington, D.C. on election night


Woo-hoo! It's official. The Spewker will be live blogging the presidential election direct from NPR World Headquarters in Washington, D.C. on election night. And I couldn't be any more excited!!

Okay. That's not exactly true. I could be more excited. For instance, I could start jumping on the couch and screaming at the top of my lungs about how much I love a country that lets an obscure unheralded blogger like me play political pundit on the most important night of the year. But then, what's the point? Pulling a Tom Cruise is already so done and tired it's cliche. Besides, it's no fun to go completely bonkers without a live audience to appreciate the level to which I could completely lose it.

I don't think my little family qualifies as an audience. Not yet, anyway.

So, join me here in this very spot on election night. Bookmark it if you have to. This article will be regularly updated beginning at approximately 8:00 p.m. on November 4th and continuing until they've called a winner. I'll have all the election news that's fit to print and maybe some that isn't. You might laugh. You might cry. You might even see a wee bit of video.

Because live blogging is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

Nov 4th 12:23 a.m. - Drat. I may not be able to sleep tonight. My inbox is brimming with press information, NPR World Headquarters PR, NPR correspondent bios, guest blogger guidelines, specs on next day coverage, and quite frankly, my head is spinning.

Going over everything now to avoid having a cow on my way to Union Station. Or maybe I'll drive in and take my chances with parking. Can't be any worse than the 4th of July.

For anyone tuning in early, you won't believe all the social media these NPR people have cobbled together. An election blog, a streaming Twitter report, an unverified voter reporting map, a voting problems aggregator, and an extremely impressive press room wiki -- I'm still navigating all the links.

Wow! CurrentTV is also covering the election using VoteReport. Their program starts at 9 a.m. That's less than nine hours away! Advocacy groups, news reporters, and anyone with a gripe about the election can tune in early and monitor these reports, hopefully do something to fix any broken situation rather than just sit there and grumble.

I can see it now. By the time I reach NPR Headquarters, I'll be running on pure adrenaline. One hundred twenty people doing live coverage with live mikes broadcasting our every word, sniffle, and sound bite. OMG!

I can't wait.

2:35 a.m. - I just found the coolest vote tracking map ever. It's interactive. Can't wait to see how it tracks the returns. Just one caveat: It's from FoxNews. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

2:58 a.m. - Dixville Notch, NH is the first jurisdiction to register a win for Obama-Biden. With 100% turnout, no less. Hoo-ah! FoxNews map hasn't changed one iota.

Come on, peeples. Get out there and vote!!

2:00 p.m. - Still haven't left Baltimore. My scheduled dentist appointment took longer than I thought. Such a pity too. These lovely ladies were standing outside of a local elementary school willing to give rides to the polls.

Sadly, I didn't get their video up in time. The free rides ended at 1:00 p.m. But these women are such a dedicated bunch, I decided to give them the extra recognition they deserve.

Doing my part, however ineptly.

Earlier today I happened upon my friend and relative Greg G. Greg is shaking up the election with his own exit poll at Pikesville Senior High (video to post a little later). Follow Greg's unique election coverage with video, live updates, and news at Baltimore Jewish.com.

4:30 p.m. - Leaving for D.C (finally)! Just might miss traffic if I hurry up. Darn computer. Needs disk space, no time to compress. YouTube video of Sandy Rosenberg hot off the presses (finally). Oh no. Must be a conspiracy. Even YouTube is against me. The video didn't load. At least that's what my YouTube account is showing.

Taking an additional laptop to NPR just in case my world weary steed won't free up ram. Crossing all body parts. Wishing for the best.

Approx. 6:30 p.m. - Dateline: NPR studios. I've arrived. Only took about two hours down the parkway in intermittent rain. And the most confusing split in Massachusetts Avenue right where the NPR building stands. Let's just say, I'm lucky to have set up and to have made it here on time.

Still getting to know my table, a small set up in the corner of the room. Mostly comprised of NPR employees. In the middle sit the majority of tonight's bloggers, a fine mix of tech, politics, and social media. But since I'm trying to work off two computers at the same time, I thought it best not to take up too much extra space.

On the way over the radio talking heads debated The Fairness Doctrine, early voting in Maryland, exit poll returns, etc. Polls are closing in some key states. According to the TV news Obama seems to be leading in Kentucky, "very very early in the game." But don't let that discourage all you McCain supporters. According to Fox News, democracy requires that everybody vote. Hurry up! In some parts of the country you still have time.

Most of the TV and radio pundits are saying the election turning point was the September meltdown of Wall Street. But I disagree. I say it was McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as running mate. Good for Conservatives, bad for Independents and disaffected Democrats. At one point in this election I could have gone either way, but with the selection of Palin, well, that was the final straw.

Appx. 7:00 p.m. - They're starting to call Kentucky for McCain. But still too early, although about 8,000 votes are in. Vermont called (again early) for Obama. If so, McCain now leads in the electoral college.

Mark Warner projected winner in Virginia for U.S. Senate.

Appx. 7:45 p.m. - Just came back from the studio tour given by Amy Schriefer of All Songs Considered. Three people at a time, I wanted to be one of the first volunteers. Hopefully, if I ever get today's Sandy Rosenberg video to load, I'll have whatever video I was able to get of the studio posted.

Ah, finally (fer real this time). Ladies and gentlemen, Delegate Sandy Rosenberg:

Appx 8:00 p.m. - Yes we can!! NPR just called a slew of states for Obama. Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and D.C. They are saying that Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida are must wins for McCain. But now McCain is the projected loser in Pennsylvania, although called the winner in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennesee.

And now they're projecting Elizabeth Dole as a loser in her election race. Can you believe that? No more Liddy Dole! The horror.

Some grumbles in the blogger room about NPR projecting Pennsylvania way too early for Obama. No other news organization is making that call ... except ... Al Jezeera (credit to someone at the big blogger table -- didn't see who). Very funny.

Can hear cheers in the background of the current NPR broadcaster. Seems like a lot of people are psyched about those early calls for Obama. About 170 electoral college votes. Obama is almost half way there.

Colorado polls are still open apparently. NPR is broadcasting from a McCain support center. The lady says they are still calling people to get out the vote. So if you're a voter in Colorado and you still haven't voted....what in the world are you waiting for?

Appx 8:30 p.m. - Whew! NPR is no longer out on limb projecting PA for Obama. MSNBC and CBS News are now on board. If these folks are correct, it's a very big loss for John McCain.

Appx 8:50 p.m. - Obama-Biden headquarters are starting to heat up with excited supporters. John Dickerson reports from Chicago that there are six spotlights pointed to the sky, "presumably preparing for Obama's ascent to heaven." Can't tell if he's a supporter or detractor. Actually, I think I recall his earlier broadcast of a vote for Obama, but don't hold me to that.

Projected 80% turnout for voting. Hmph! I thought it would be way higher.

Now projecting Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, Minnesota and Wisconsin for Obama, North Dakota and Wyoming for McCain.

Appx 9:10 p.m. - Washington Post has a nice stream. They're refusing to call PA for Obama, probably out of an abundance of caution. Their team of pundits are now saying that the only way for McCain to hold on is to win all the red states for Bush in the last election plus a swing state. That's a lot to live up to, even for McCain. I don't think he can pull it off. It's 9:10 p.m. and I'm calling this election for Obama.

You heard it here first.

Georgia called for McCain. Big swath of red in the south. And now there's some red states showing on top of the map as well. Wyoming and North Dakota for McCain. There must be some kind of correlation between the people living in those big country states and the south. Far be it from me to suggest the commonalities. I'll leave that to you to figure out.

Appx 9:25 - The camera guys are here. Popping pictures all over the place. Maybe I'll download some and post here.

In the meantime, even The Washington Post has called PA for Obama. And NPR is calling Ohio for Obama. Richard Cohen from The Washington Post says this election is a vindication for Lyndon Johnson. Who would have ever thought the civil rights movement would forever go down in history as his baby.... Surely not Martin Luther King.

Appx 9:40 p.m. We're having an amazing round table discussion about the election and what a historic Obama-Biden victory will mean. Phrases like "fruition of a dream cut short in the late 1960s," "Americans voting for President based on the country they want to live in," "wanting a President who's smarter than me," and "Conservative voters hijacking the Republican party" are piquing my interest in another video. Still waiting for the NPR Studios composite to load. But if my computer speeds up, I may be able to post a video capturing the spirit of an impending Obama victory.

10:55 p.m. - Washington Post put Louisiana in McCain's column. Big duh.

10:10 p.m. - New Mexico called for Obama. After almost an hour of downloading 22 minutes of the NPR studio tour, the program malfunctioned. Can you believe that? No? Neither can I.

Eh, not much going on here really. A few bloggers have left, a sizeable amount are on break. Pundits reduced to how John McCain will save face and maintain his reputation.

More on the "I can't believe that just happened" front - while I was out at the buffet, I heard an NPR program where they were discussing our round table "fruition of a dream" discussion. Coincidence? I think not.

10:45 p.m. - Just wrapped my video with Terrance Heath - an in depth discussion about race and religion and recreation of our round table discussion. Good stuff!

Virginia just called for Obama. Hoo-ah!

10:55 p.m. - Colorado called for Obama by The Washington Post, but NPR is still staying neutral. Big shocker of the night - Virginia called for Obama and North Carolina still too close to call. And talk about Florida... 83% precincts reporting with 49% for McCain and 51% for Obama. Looks like tonight's story will be Virginia and Ohio. And "as Ohio goes, so goes the nation..."

11:00 p.m. CNN calls the election for Obama! California tipped the election. You're witnessing history!

11:45 p.m. Computer froze. But I'm back. Have some great photos of the blogger room. Here's the scene during McCain's concession speech.

11:50 p.m. Barack Obama is expected to speak at the top of the hour. Just checked my email. A bunch of links from the other NPR live bloggers. Check out their articles:

Matador Pulse

Okay - Obama has taken the stage in Chicago. I need to hear this.

Nov. 5th 12:15 a.m. Obama just wrapped his speech. Hurrying to upload on YouTube. NPR wants to pack up and go home.

12:35 a.m. - Last video of the night. Yes we can! Thanks, NPR.

Over and out.

Tom Cruise in NEW All-Star Voting PSA!

Tom Cruise stars in an all new voting PSA. This one is like a "part 2" to the one that Ethan Suplee and Giovanni Ribisi recently starred in.
It also stars heavy hitters Steven Spielberg, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Ben Stiller, Will Smith, and several others in this second of a series of public service announcements. Produced by DiCaprio’s Appian Way, they were created to engage and inspire young people to vote and participate in the upcoming election.

Check it out!

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Introducing Zuma

Gwen Stefani took new baby Zuma out for his first public appearance! Spotted in Beverly Hills, the two were going to the library. How cute is he?!

Quote of the Day

"He's a bit of whore this year" - Chase Crawford on his Gossip Girl character Nate Archibald.

MK & A Launch Influence

Today fashionista style icons, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched their coffee table book Influence. They celebrated by holding a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Union Square, NYC. The book features their own interviews with respected artists and designers who have influenced them throughout the past 10 years including Christian Louboutin, Karl Lagerfeld and Lauren Hutton. There are great photos, personal touches and if you love fashion and MK & A, you'll more than appreciate this work of art!

Socialism for the Upper Class

The reality of McCain trickle down economics.

Funny Pictures



Facebook (remember the days when it was exclusive to students only?), aka. cum bucket of the internet, has so much to offer.

You can get reconnect with "friends" that you never had interest in real life, lose your privacy, get bombarded by clever data-mining advertisers, and blah blah blah...

It comes with no surprise there is a group called "CooLeSt TaTToo On FaceBook...." with this posted in it by Wayne Fright (go ahead and friendquest him):


Yep, it is an upside-down "Wendy".

Tragedy Strikes Jennifer Hudson

Friday afternoon, the mother and brother of Oscar-winner/songstress Jennifer Hudson were both fatally shot in Chicago and her 7-year-old nephew Julian went missing. In custody is William Balfour (sister Julia's estranged husband), stepdad to little Julian. No charges have been filed as of yet.

Hudson left a message for her fans on her MySpace page this weekend:

"Thank you all for your prayers and your calls … Please keep praying for our family and that we get Julian King back home safely. If anyone has any information about his whereabouts please contact the authorities immediately. Here is a picture of Julian and what he was last seen wearing. Once again thank you all for being there for us through this tough time."

Update: Sadly, this morning, Julian's body was found in the rear seat of the SUV investigators had been searching for.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer and her family during this most horrific time.

Enola's Tattoo in Waterworld

io9.com recently posted something about futuristic bad-ass tattoos, one that received much attention is on the back of Enola in Waterworld (it was a shitty movie by Kevin Costner, come to think of it, were any of Costner's movies good?).

From Engrish & Hanzi Smatter
I thought Enola was a dwarf when I first saw the movie. Perhaps that was because the camera's angle that made her head huge and shrunk her torso.

The characters on the left of the circular thing is "latitude" and "longitude" on the right. I don't know why the movie people decided to break two characters into three. It is not like they are saving any flesh space.

The characters inside of the circular part is longitude & latitude's actual coordinates.

Latitude = 27° 59' N
Longitude = 86° 56' E

Spoiler alert: it is the location of Mount Everest.

Texas McCain Campaign Worker Tries to Start Riots

McCain campaign worker admits she made up the attack

"B" stands for "bubblehead of the third kind."

Okay, people, the riots are postponed until voting day. It was all an ugly hoax.

Now go back to your Family Guy reruns.

On The Red-Carpet at Gabrielle's Gala

Wednesday night the Empire State Building was lit purple and red and downtown, NYC’s famed Cipriani Wall Street was abuzz for The 2008 Gabrielle’s Gala hosted by songwriter Denise Rich and her daughters in memory of Gabrielle, her daughter who died of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) at the age of 27. Created in 1996 because of Gabrielle’s own wish for a foundation to help spare others the suffering she endured, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research is one of the largest non-governmental sources of grant support to blood cancer researchers at the nation’s leading institutions. With performances by Patti LaBelle (who sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”) and Gladys Knight, along with the help of a live auction, (items included tickets to the 2009 Academy Awards, jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz, a walk on role in ABC’s Desperate Housewives, and a luxury trip to London and Paris) last night’s event raised over $1.6 million! From SATC’s Evan Handler’s own personal battle with the disease and Christina Milian’s cute shout-out to newly married Nick Cannon, to Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin’s upcoming cameo on Gossip Girl, take a look at what the stars on the red-carpet had to say as they came out to support such a good cause.

Denise Rich

Who are you wearing tonight? "Valentino and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry."
Talk about tonight and your friendship with Patti LaBelle? "I’m so excited! And Gladys Knight is performing and also Patti LaBelle. Gladys is a good friend and Patti is a sister. I love them both so much. I feel so honored that they came out for me tonight. It’s really special."

Alan Cumming

What brings you out tonight? "Well, I’m a friend of Denise’s and I want to support her and I love the way this awful thing happened to her and she’s made it into a very positive, helpful thing for the world. She’s a really great lady."
Upcoming projects? "The Tempest with Helen Mirren in Hawaii. I’ve never been to Hawaii. I’ve never been to Helen either" (Laughs).
What celebrity would make a good president? I think Susan Sarandon would be great because she’s very fair and has a great grasp of politics. And she’s sexy. "

Nastia Liukin

We hear that you’re going to be appearing on Gossip Girl? "I shot the scene yesterday so I got to meet Leighton and Ed, nicest people ever, it was so much fun and I got to know them and take a few pictures and the scene is with them. It’s a really short scene, but it was an honor to be asked to do it and I’m really excited to see it."
What about more acting in the future? "Maybe, I would love to do a little bit more, so we’ll see."

Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa

Donald Trump Jr. spoke about the new baby on the way as well as the new season of Celebrity Apprentice.
Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? "We don’t. We’re leaving it a surprise. It drove me crazy the first time. I really wanted a boy, ended up with a girl, and she’s so cool now. If I had all girls it wouldn’t be an issue. Also now I’m just totally indifferent, as long as it’s healthy."
Has your dad ever given you any parenting advice? "I’ll take advice from my father on a lot of things, that’s probably not one of them. He’s great at business! That’s where I keep my relationship. Anything business, I’ll ask him. Relationship, baby stuff, I’ll go to other sources or I’ll figure it out on my own."
How’s Celebrity Apprentice doing? "It’s been great. Really great guys, it’s going to be a lot of fun. You’ll see some interesting antics in the boardroom."

Donnie Klang

How do you feel about Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods being kicked out of Danity Kane? "Well, no matter what’s happening, me and Aubrey are kind of not talking right now, we had a big fight. But at the end of the day, they’re my sisters and I feel horrible that that’s what this has come to and I think Danity Kane still has what it takes to work it out, but it would take a lot of work at this point."
How is your album doing? "It’s slow right now, but it’s picking up, but I’m kind of glad it’s slow because it didn’t let me settle into the music industry, it keeps me working hard, it keeps me still feeling like I’m working towards something. I’m working on album # 2 already. So hopefully I’ll get to write more on this. I might start letting stuff leak to let it go and just, like keep a buzz going for the next album."

Evan Handler

What do you have upcoming? "I’m about to head off to a 25-city tour. I’m hitting 18 cities in 22 days coming up. I’ll be speaking about the issues of the book [It's Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive, dealing with being diagnosed at 24 with the incurable disease] and reading from it and telling naked Sex and the City stories."
Is there going to be a sequel? "I have no idea. That’s all anybody asks me about now and I’m the last to know."
What can we except to see in Californication this season? "Well, four episodes have already aired so far. You’ve already seen Charlie Runkle get into loads of trouble...And the rest of the season features pretty prominently the almost absolute destruction of the Runkle family empire. It’s all downhill for Charlie."
How is David Duchovny? "I haven’t seen or spoken to David since the last day of work (way before everything hit the press). In season 1, I thought it’d be nice if I had a closer, more personal relationship with David and now simply because of all the uproar and all of the questions I get asked, I’m happy that I can say that I have no personal relationship or knowledge of his personal life. We have a great working relationship and I love the guy, but I haven’t got a tidbit to give anybody. I hear he’s doing great."

The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson

A little tidbit about the Duchess – Her favorite assets are her legs, red hair, blue eyes and her good heart.

Christina Milian

As the red-carpet came to a close, Christina Milian ran into Cipriani due to the bitter wind, but when asked about ex Nick Cannon’s recent nuptials, the cutie songstress yelled out with a smile, “Congratulations to him!”

- Erin Dustin

Rams Head Against Brick Hanson Concert Wall

Hanson concert at Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD

A week ago Wednesday night was uncharacteristically warm here in Charm City. The Power Plant hopped with outdoor activity as the pulse of the underground beat palpably live. Rams Head Live, to be precise.

Not getting cute, simply setting the mood.

Only a first floor performance according to one red-shirted security guard who preferred to remain anonymous 'cause he's liking his job. In other words, the expected crowd wouldn't need second or third floor accommodations. Still, a sizable cabal of loyalist groupies, hard core locals, and some curious sprinkled in for good measure mingled on the floor in anticipation.

Just out of reach backstage chilled the brothers Hanson.

Oh yeah, I tried using verbal press cred to work my way past the guard (a new job with better street cred remains on my horizon), but the folks down at Rams Head stood their ground. Beware the lone blogger sniffing for celebrity fodder. Mike their blond-haired customer service rep was so incredibly nice, accommodating, and surprisingly professional, it was impossible to hate. No matter how hard I tried to wheedle face time with Hanson ... with their manager ... even Rams Head's media liaison, their man Mike would not budge, yet always with a smile.

Neither would Mark the media manager, nor anyone from Hanson's entourage.

And so, I did what any self-respecting "came downtown in the middle of the week to be treated like crappola" blogger would do in the face of unyielding opposition.

I spun a story from whole cloth.

That's right. This article isn't an earth rattling interview about Hanson's charity work in Africa. It's not an expose about the group taking matters into their own hands -- kicking record producing honchos to the curb -- to make music on their own terms. It's not about how they transformed their former bebop style to a more melodic "new music rock" sound. It's not even a poetic comparison between them and that hugely popular hippie band, The Grateful Dead, who likewise would not bow to the powers that be, playing towns across America as the faithful followed closely behind.

Nah. Because of sticky sweet Mike, and roadblock Mark, and husky yellow-shirted guard guy this article is about fresh faced Jamie Gibbons, a likable 24-year old fan who's been addicted to Hanson since the tender age of 11.

Jamie rattled off names of songs like Where's the Love, Crazy Beautiful, Penny 'n Me, and This Time Around to exemplify Hanson's maturation. Too bad I have yet to indulge, but that's just because I'm old and decrepit.

"I liked them at first because they were cute, but now it's different," Jamie professed. "I'm insanely impressed with the dedication to their music. They push forward and because of that, they're one of my favorite bands."

When asked for the name of another favorite band, Jamie coyly identified boyfriend Brian, the bass player of Shane Hines and the Trance. Later, out of nowhere, Brian appeared exuding ultimate cool. We ended up exchanging pleasantries and information, along with my enthusiastic agreement to write about his band's unconfirmed D.C. concert should it ever come to pass. Sure, I'll monitor the band's myspace for updates. Maybe by then I can actually work my new job and not rely on the kindness of strangers for celebrity face time.

Brian also mentioned Hanson's free download which explains why the brothers dropped out of the mainstream. Many have no idea their band is still around. I'd say they need better publicity. The crowd is less than I would expect for such a big name, but Brian thought it was a pretty good showing considering they're appearing in Baltimore in the middle of the week.

The brothers are now older, married, and parents themselves which might explain the switch from bebop to a more serious genre. No way to know for certain, but that's the rumor I'm floating around.

Hey, all I asked for was 5 minutes backstage. You'd think someone would want to comply.

When Hanson hit the stage at a quarter past, the huddled masses went wild. Those at the very front nearly hopped up there with them, but no one seemed to mind, not even red-shirted guard guy. Okay, so my video is gawd awful, I came too late for a good spot.

What it lacks in sound quality, it makes up for in production.

Daphne Zuniga takes a toxic tour

Did you grow up learning about being a good environmentalist?

I grew up at a time in a town in which helping people was the norm. In Berkeley in the late 1960s we recycled, composted and shared with other families—it was all about community. Because of this upbringing, I know that we are ALL stronger if we help each other.

More recently, living in Los Angeles, I began working with several environmental justice organizations and have learned firsthand how little attention these crucially important, hardworking organizations receive. Specifically, I’ve become very involved with Southern California-based Communities for a Better Environment (CBE). CBE works to bring environmental health to these poorer, toxin-burdened neighborhoods, which in turn cleans the air quality in the whole Los Angeles area, and reduces the millions of tons of pollutants which contribute to Global Warming. These communities, mostly lower income areas with large Hispanic populations, are the places where power plants, oil refineries, manufacturing plants, incinerators, and waste treatment facilities are built. In many, it’s so bad that the EPA won’t even measure the air quality. Mainstream media doesn’t cover this issue, corporations continue releasing toxic fumes waste, and the people who live there are stuck in poisonous environments. And as a result, as many as 1 in 5 people living in these neighborhoods have respiratory illnesses like asthma. And the rest of us suffer these violations on our water, air and land.

The CBE took me on a Toxic Tour; I saw this and I knew I had to do something to try and help bring attention to the issue.

How did you get involved with the CBE and why did you want to?

One day, I called Bill Gallegos, the executive director of CBE. He was surprised to hear from me, but I asked to have lunch, and then he suggested I take the tour. There is no doubt — seeing really is believing. I was shocked and troubled by what I saw, and grateful not to be living in one of these areas. That’s when I knew that others needed to take this tour and see for themselves what the media and lawmakers were ignoring.

What stood out in your mind that you didn't know before you went on the tour?

I was shocked at how residential homes with children were located literally right next door to oil wells. I could never have imagined the proximity of homes to these industrial, environmentally hazardous areas. My first thought was, "Well why don’t they move?!" But then I learned that residents were living there BEFORE the Conoco oil refinery—which illegally flares off their oil build up and offers neighbors $200 so that they won’t make a fuss—was built. And even if these residents were to move, where would they go? Many can’t afford to live in other areas.

How does being green helps to fix these problems?

The LESS we all consume and waste energy, the less of a burden it places on our fellow humans in the South Bay where the energy factories are located. It’s one thing to say we must act in a conscious manner, but bearing witness to how others live makes this much more important and real. We are all connected, and seeing these atrocities firsthand is different than just thinking about it or theorizing. Our neighbors are stuck breathing and drinking poisons.

What have you done in your own personal life to be green?

I’ve downsized tremendously by selling my house, which was too big for me—a single person with no kids—and now I have a smaller place that suits my needs beautifully. I drive a Prius, buy less over all, use organic cleaning liquids, wash clothes in cold water with biodegradable soap, use a natural dry cleaner, and buy local and organic produce. I’ve changed my lights (which I’m very good about turning out when I leave a room) to make them more energy efficient and I offset the CO2 produced in my everyday life through American Forests. I also give money to important environmental causes and work to help raise awareness.

When you’re trying to get the word out what obstacles are you coming up against and how do you overcome them?

I feel hesitant sometimes because it’s hard to make a Toxic Tour sound sexy. Asking people to take the tour is asking them to look at and deal with the ugly part of environmentalism—the dirty part of our lifestyle, which makes people uncomfortable. But people are actually very interested and want to go on it. While saving a baby seal, an owl, or a coral reef all seem the more appealing thing to do, we can’t shy away from the environmental risks affecting our own human race. At an Environmental Justice conference I attended, someone said, "Our children are the Snowy Owl; we need to save THEM."

What can we do?

I think the first and most important step is to look at your lifestyle with bare honesty. To look at and admit where you know you can be better, less wasteful, and look into a more impactful way you personally can correct the way we all have become used to living. People have the ability to help protect and improve the environment on all different levels. Whether small or large, any contribution to environmental causes makes a difference. You don’t need to be able to write a big check to fight for environmental justice. Taking a Toxic Tour, raising awareness about organizations like the CBE or other ones, and making choices that are better for the planet—which is obviously a better choice for the humans living on it, are the first steps!

Thanks Daphne!

Oh, and readers, check out my article on The Fixx's lead singer Cy Curnin right here!

I wrote that for the Bob Vila website.

Matthew Modine: Bicycle For a Day

I decided to add a new feature to this site -- celebrities who are actively doing work on environmental issues. My book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Building and Remodeling" (pre-order please!) will be out in January, 2009 and I'm excited about spreading the word about the benefits of becoming more environmentally conscious. To kick-start this new addition to the site is actor Matthew Modine, the founder of Bicycle for a Day, a great idea as a transportation alternative. It's a simple thing that everybody can do to help reduce carbon emissions. Matthew talks about his organization and the impact that race car driving has on the environment.

Everybody has a moment where they remember how they came up w/an idea or a desire to help someone. What was yours?

I was asked a simple question: if there was one thing I could do to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming, what would I do? The answer for me was simple and practical, ride a bike. If the 'greatest generation' could storm the shores of Normandy to help bring an end to the second world war, this generation could certainly get off their butts and ride a bike to reduce their carbon footprints. The group that asked the question thought this was a great idea and they asked how it could be done, so I made a film for them which was presented at the economic forum in Davos, Switzerland. The film had a tremendous reception and then I was asked how I was going to accomplish the goal of getting people to 'bicycle for a day' and two years later, Bicycle for a Day (BFAD) had its first event to raise awareness at New York City's South Street Seaport. Approximately 14,000 people learned about the project and the two charities BFAD supports: Waterkeeper Alliance and American Forests: Global Re-Leaf.

Bicycling in New York City has its own challenges. How do you teach people that it's an important thing to do?

NYC is a great place to bicycle. It's relatively flat and you generally can get what you want or where you need to be by riding less than three to five miles. And because of the automobile traffic, you can travel much faster than by car or subway. Also, because of the tremendous efforts of Mayor Bloomberg and organizations like Transportation Alternatives, bicycling is safer than it has ever been in New York City and it's only getting safer and more convenient.

Everybody is talking about greening -- do you think people are really listening? If not, what do you think needs to be done?

Yes, everybody is talking about being green. Well, almost. There are, remarkably, those people that think the world is 6000 years old and the Earth's resources and infinite and not finite. People that think there is no global warming and that the changing weather is all part of a 'higher powers' plan. And there are a lot of those people.

If we really want to make a step in the right 'green' direction, let's put an end to this incredible waste of gasoline. America is the world's largest consumer of energy. Race cars going around in endless circles is a perfect metaphor for the most spoiled generation in our country's history. Endlessly consuming and going around in circles. Is this the kind of American freedom that the country's founders imagined? Is this the land of the free that so many Americans have fought and died for? Is this gross consumption of fuel what our nation's young men and women are fighting for today? If you want to go around in circles and see how fast you can do it, let's make the cars electric, or better, make it a bicycle race for freedom and dependence from foreign oil.

Thank you Matthew!

Matthew had the right idea. Just as soon as I posted the article, Clean Air NY sent out an email with this information:

Starting in January 2009, people who use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation for their work commute will be eligible for a $20/month, tax-free reimbursement from their employers for bicycle-related expenses. In return, participating employers will be able to deduct the expense from their federal taxes.

The Bicycle Commuter Act amends the federal tax code, allowing employers to offer employees this benefit. If you bike to work, ask your employers if they can provide this benefit.

Isaac Hayes Stars In Two New Movies!

I'm really glad Isaac Hayes kept so busy making movies! Even though the legendary soul man himself is no longer with us, he has two new movies!

He stars in the just released Kill Switch with Steven Seagal, and the soon to be released Soul Men (in theaters November 7th) with Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac. They both look like pretty good flicks.

I love Steven Seagal movies, I've seen almost every one. I guess I just love to see him kick bad guy butt. So, I'm especially excited to see Isaac in that one!

Check out these trailers!:

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Sesame Street Meets Pennsylvania Avenue

Exposing bottom feeders of the Bush Administration uncovers unexpected juicy conjecture.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Raunchiest Celebrity in Washington Regurgitated

Caribou Barbie Sarah Palin embraces her inner mooseDon't understand how personal matters can derail coverage of local events, but once again the beast has reared its ugly kisser.

This beauty sat in my editing bin for over a month. Yowza! I really am behind keeping up with the times. But couldn't let the 15th Annual Funniest Celebrity in Washington roll without a nod. Thankfully, recent developments have enhanced its relevance.

Last year's fundraiser drew pointed appreciation for runners-up, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter and the lesser-known Ana. Continuing the "aw ya got robbed" tradition of underdog love, vlogger extraordinaire James Kotecki got his share of laps for a raunchy take on Election 2008.

Winner Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas and former presidential contender, must have bribed someone for the title 'cause let's face it, Kotecki wiped the floor with Huck's routine. He even scored extra brownie points for non-partisan telling it like it is. Note these deleted lyrics from Kotecki's act:

Palin is the Governor of Alaska/There's just one question I gotta ask her/ She's got a bang'n body that we all want to hit/Does that negate the fact that she don't know sh**?
Speaking of dope raps about Palin, last Saturday's SNL Weekend Update kicked Kotecki's initiative up a notch. A sketch likely to live in the annals of SNL folklore featuring ready-to-pop Amy Poehler, Alaskan themed dancers and co-anchor Seth Myers bopping with the real Sarah Palin bore more than just a passing resemblance to its raunchier predecessor.

If only Kotecki could have foreseen the comedic boost of hilariously funny backup, he might have walked off with this year's crown. Food for thought as local competitors gear up for next year.

Prince William Unrecognizable, Powell's Endorsement Undeniable, Lohan's Tan Unreliable and Mo' Gossip

Prince William cavorts with Christine Aguilera and Paris Hilton at a London night club
It was a night of douchebag debauchery for the future King of England. Not on William Wales' end, mind you, but the idiot bodyguards who supposedly kept him from fraternizing with Queen Xtina. At some point, His Highness was recognized and given court before setting out with Prince Harry on a week long South African motorbike race for charity. I don't know who snapped this romantic memento of the Prince's glitterati rendezvous sans hubby Jordan Bratman, but that's the most photogenic Christine Aguilera has looked in months.

Actor Alan Cumming recalls washing away his disappointment over 2004 election night result with handstands and trannies. Today, he fears possible revolution in the event of a similar outcome this November.

Respected GOP stalwart Colin Powell finally announced his endorsement for president and it's .... Democrat Barack Obama. Surprise! Meanwhile, the McCain Campaign somehow persuaded CNN to scrub its report of the Palin family's involvement in the Alaskan Independence Party. Media censorship knows no boundaries.

Like "cuddling up to a piece of gristle," claimed Guy Ritchie in describing love-making with soon to be ex-wife Madonna. Ritchie blamed the material girl's obsession with exercise and Kabbalah for sex life interruptus, some draughts lasting as long as 18 months.

Foo Fighters front man David Grohl too chicken to dedicate song Everlong to Sarah Palin? That's the rumor being floated after the band protested the McCain Campaign's use of song My Hero. Grohl appeared at a private video gamer event where he almost segued from a Palin reference to a dedication, then quickly substituted "... the Republicans" as recipients of his affection.

Fake tan malfunction alert. Calling all hosers. Can't explain why this non-news item made today's cut. Must be the lure of Lindsay Lohan's naked two-toned legs, although from the looks of strategically placed stocking holes, the cover-up doesn't seem nearly as garish.

Echoing Alec Baldwin's empty threat to leave the U.S. in the event of a George Bush presidency, Tina Fey claims she'll leave the planet if the McCain-Palin ticket wins the election. Exactly how the 30 Rock star plans to handle the unthinkable is between her and doppelganger Palin.

Obama Buck Supporters Drink Racist Kool-Aid to Survive

Racist Obama bucks depict Senator Barack Obama with stereotypical black food
"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Finally, the Chaffey Community Republican Women's newsletter published by apparent racist Diane Fedele confirms what Obama supporters have known all along.

Inherently bigoted Americans don't support Barack Obama not because they consider him one of the most liberal representatives in the U.S. Senate, not because they harbor political views diametrically opposed to his, not because his associates are of questionable character, not because of unsubstantiated accusations of alleged improprieties, not because of his supposed lack of experience, and not even because they incorrectly believe him to be a Muslim.

No, Diane Fedele and her ilk don't want Senator Obama to become president because of the color of his skin. Pure and simple, they don't want darkies running the White House, especially not that scary wife of his, Michelle. No angry black women at our State dinners, eh Ms. Fedele?

And don't try pulling the wool over anybody's eyes with some lame excuse about random food items. Your fellow GOP-minded Americans have already condemned your pathetic illustrations, depictions that are nothing more than negative racial stereotyping, the kind decent men and women have been fighting to eradicate for decades.

Despite Fedele's reported apology, vocal Obama supporters have loosely organized an outrage campaign. Last time I looked, they were calling for bombardment of Fedele's email and any other means of communication. I'm not an avid supporter of censorship, but this is one time I'd like to see the haters go down.

We may be in the midst of the most important election in our collective lifetimes and these nimrods want to use race as their guide? Shame on Diane Fedele, the Chaffey Community Republican Women's group, and all other haters who base important decisions on such nonsense.

You people are the warts on the bottom feeders sucking pond scum to survive.

Hairdo Horriblus Giving Fashion a Bad Name

Women wearing curlers as hairdo fashion must be out of their minds

Runways can't get enough of them and now celebrities are rapidly joining their ranks. Continuing the Amy Winehouse trend of hairdo horriblus, follicle follies are taking root across the pond and beyond.

Okay, my puns need work. But so do unpalatable updos, hair accessories with no business being seen in public, and styles that haven't seen the light of day since 1969.

Consider Victoria Beckham's latest roadkill pixie. The look is positively revolting and I don't mean that in a good way. No idealistic counter-movements here. More like get back to the drawing board and splurge on hair extensions. Halle Berry Posh is not.

Just thinking about the endless possibilities of more monkey see monkey do made my heart go pitter-pat. Imagine these hilarious reverberations.

Victoria Beckham with roadkill pixie do makes me want to gag
Victoria Beckham

Posh pixie do meets Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Posh pixie do meets Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller

Posh pixie do meets Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg

Posh pixie do meets Madonna

Posh pixie do meets Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Incredibly silly, right? No more than the real thing. These are not -- I repeat NOT -- the latest looks for Halloween.

Maddening hairstyles of the rich and famous
Amy Winehouse

Maddening hairstyles of the rich and famous
Alan Cumming

Maddening hairstyles of the rich and famous
Abbey Clancy

Maddening hairstyles of the rich and famous

Maddening hairstyles of the rich and famous
Yvonne Hoelzel

On second thought, that last one would make a fabu Marie Antoinette.