Speaking Of Jen...

Have you seen Ms. Aniston's new ad for Smart Water?

One word - Gorgeous!

- Erin Dustin

New Couples Alert!

Jen and John?
Had some fun in the sun together recently!

Mariah and Nick?
Reportedly engaged with a recycled ring!
Oh no he didn't...

- Erin Dustin

Katie Holmes Catches Detour from Broadway Into Stepford Boot Camp

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes otherwise known as TomKat involved in controversy over Scientology Boot Camp and Holmes desire to act in Broadway play

The May 11th issue of Star Magazine soon hits newsstands with an oddly familiar cover story. Egomaniac husband unable to accept wife's desire to live life on her own terms vainly attempts to temper wife's independent spirit with subtle acts of domination, causing them to grow apart, eventually leading husband to squelch his growing anxiety over reduction of power in their relationship through the orchestration of a diabolical solution.

Ah, yes. The Stepford Wives. The original, although a cinematically primitive made-for TV movie, much better than the remake. Rent it, if you haven't already.

Meanwhile, can anyone confirm this blind item?

PEOPLE's Most Beautiful

PEOPLE has just named their 100 Most Beautiful people.

And who is the lovely lady topping the list and gracing the cover?

"I was a tomboy. I had three brothers. I was the girl with the dress on that always came back in the house filthy with scrapes and bruises. But I was always very girly. I had to be able to twirl so that my underwear showed." - Kate Hudson (Love her!)

A few others that made the mag's coveted cut:

Borat's leading lady Isla Fisher

Samantha Who's Christina Applegate

Country girl Carrie Underwood

High schooler Vanessa Hudgens

One of PEOPLE's Most Beautiful couples, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Tony says he likes his wife "best in jeans, a T-shirt and Hugs." Eva's translation, "He means Uggs." Ha, how cute!

The cast of Gossip Girl (duh)

- Erin Dustin

Ashton Kutcher Dishes Dumb at "What Happens in Vegas" World Premiere

Ashton Kutcher must have been a daredevil dolt in his youth. Carmen Diaz, still dealing with the unexpected death of her dad, couldn't make the London world premiere of their light-hearted romp, What Happens in Vegas, leaving Kutcher to wing the red carpet alone.

Kind of feel sorry for the poor sap, spilling intimate personal details of his boneheaded antics under the influence. Guess he was absent from movie star school on the day they taught how to skirt embarrassing questions by scratching one's head and smiling amiably into the camera. Feast your eyes on this interview.

I can't be the only one who thinks Kutcher had a death wish at some point in his life. Mommy Demi should have been in tow for an emergency elbow nudging, although who knows whether that would have stopped him from spouting like a schoolgirl. Must be off spreading pregnancy rumors again. Oh, those two crazy kids.

Maybe we’re all being punk'd. Passed out on a frozen river and survived? Wonder if frostbite nipped Kutcher's unmentionables. Now that might explain a thing or two about those pregnancy rumors.

Judging from tepid fan reaction in the video, Lake Bell's scarlet pom-pom sleeved number made a poor substitute for Diaz. Does anyone else regard Bell as the poor man’s Amanda Peet? They both have that strong sexy nose thing going on, wide mouths, flashing eyes, but Peet seems infinitely more reserved.
Lake Bell and Amanda Peet looking so alike maybe the two celebrities were separated at birth
Not reading between the lines on this one -- Kutcher and Peet had no chemistry whatsoever in their box office bomb, A Lot Like Love. Maybe Bell got the part in his Vegas film because he's drawn to dark sultry and was going for more wild with his nasty.

Although judging from the latest movie trailer, if Kutcher wants more wild, he should stick to drunken jumps from second story windows.

Disturbing "I Am Legend" Played Me Like A Violin

Will Smith stars in I Am LegendHate gory sadistic horror films and not exactly a fan of futuristic sci-fi either, but something about I am Legend and the critical reviews grabbed my attention.

Love the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, mega huge fan of Baltimore-bred-and-educated wife, Jade Pinkett Smith (not the hair; sorry, hon), adore the blatant nepotic casting of young family members in this and his last flick (hey, if you've got it, flaunt it). Like other armchair critics (spoiler alert), I had no idea what to expect. Figured I would roll the dice and rent the DVD.

Yah, so now that it's over and I'm shaking like a leaf, I'll sum up in one word the voyeuristic experience of living only four years into the future stalked by humanoid carriers of a genetically engineered virus wreaking havoc on the few remaining strands of humankind, transforming the city of New York into a desolate hell hole, and punctuating almost every scene with an eerie fatalism of cure or be eaten: Disturbed.

Can't fault people (spoiler alert) for thinking this one is a masterpiece. This film has blockbuster (more spoiler) written all over it. Shooting locations unheard of in average run-of-the-mill fare. Recurrent themes of racism, beacons of light in the face of darkness, faith and ultimate redemption (bonus: the music of Bob Marley plays a pivotal twisted role in plot development). Butterflies and pathos. It's all there.

Yet, the sum of the movie's parts was frightening enough to make me cry, not from sheer horror, but from deaths of characters with whom I had briefly become attached. No, not the freaky mannequins, although Smith's performance in his second trip to the video store should have been nominated for an Oscar. Let's just say when the whole shebang climaxed, I felt drained like a played violin. I should have recognized standard movie ploys and kept my distance instead of allowing myself to connect with these incarnations of the human condition.

But don't go by me. I'm a marshmallow in the face of most horror and science fiction. Mind games I can handle. Cataclysmic destruction, not so much.

Baby Mama In Real Life

Amy Poehler's gonna be a baby mama!

Poehler and hubby Will Arnett announced that they are expecting!

The comedic couple are due in the fall.


- Erin Dustin

Annie's Side Of The Story

“I'm sorry that my portrait of Miley has been misinterpreted. Miley and I looked at fashion photographs together, and we discussed the picture in that context before we shot it. The photograph is a simple, classic portrait, shot with very little makeup, and I think it is very beautiful.” - Annie Leibovitz

- Erin Dustin

Miley Apologizes

Due to recent photos that have found its way across the web as well as her sudden embarrassment over her recent semi-topless photo shoot (Billy Ray and mom Tish were in attendance as well as other Miley family members/supporters) for famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, teen queen Miley Cyrus has issued this statement to PEOPLE:

"My goal in my music and my acting is always to make people happy. For Vanity Fair, I was so honored and thrilled to work with Annie [Leibovitz]. I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic' and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed."

I don't know, but if she was going to feel this much remorse over the whole situation, maybe she shouldn't have done it in the first place, but that's just me...Becoming a star has its price.

- Erin Dustin

Introducing Georgina Sparks

Who's "G?"

I think our whos, whats, wheres, and whys will (hopefully) be answered soon enough!

Gossip Girl tonight!


- Erin Dustin

Self-Parodying Journalist Slobber Features Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is anything but the idiot celebrity he plays in new movie, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
So, Neil Patrick Harris triumphs with a pithy turn in the stoner adventure, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. But how can anyone call his no-basis-in-reality debauched former child star portrayal an Oscar worthy self-parody?

"To the delight of fans and critics alike, he reprises his turn as Neil Patrick Harris, a doped-up, egomaniacal, prostitute-loving, unicorn-riding narcissist wielding his own personalized branding iron,"
heralds Donna Freydkin's puff piece in USAToday.

Ohhhhh....I get it....since he's gay in real life (not that there's anything wrong with that) and his partying days are behind him, his film alter-ego does curvaceous hookers and copious amounts of illegal substances. According to the article, Harris has nothing in common with his "overblown movie persona, aside from the...quick wit." Quick-witted doper. Now there's a study in contrasts.

Last time I looked, "self-parody" connoted imitation of one's own characteristics. Much as Harris wink-winks in this video, his turn in last weekend's number two film is no self-parody. I mean, as long as we're at it, let's call Kal Penn's Kumar character a self-parody too. In real life, the guy is educated, politically-minded, and well-spoken.

I can't stand fawning bj slants kissing up to the rich and famous. The slobber on this one has me scrambling for an umbrella. Just get a load of the way Harris makes nice with the Britney Spears guest spot on his precious sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

"We were so conscious when she arrived to treat her well, but not ridiculously special," Harris says. "We wanted her to feel like a guest on our show. We wanted her to feel comfortable so she could do the work. And she did."
This garbage makes my stomach turn. Harris already complained big time about the guest spot cheapening the show. That's the kind of tarty tidbit I want to read whenever he tries to skim over the brouhaha simmering beneath.

Instead, we get sanitized reporting tied up neat and tidy in a bow. For whose benefit? Readers? Or reporters who self-parody reporters of news?

Jim Meskimen Does it Again!

Jim Meskimen
Scientologist Jim Meskimen's vocal abilities are phenomenal. The guy can do impressions of just about anyone. He is a regular now on the video site "JibJab" and his latest video for them is a masterpiece. What We Call the News doesn't just lampoon the news but makes some scary social commentary about, well, what we call the news.

Dustin Diamond (2008 Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp Appearance - Episode VI)

Episode VI - April 13, 2008The sixth episode of Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp began with all of the contestants riding on a bus to the boot camp. The contestants were not looking forward to the day's activities, as the weather was cold and rainy. After arriving at the boot camp, the contestants lined up, as usual. Drill instructor Harvey Walden decided to mix things up by shaking up the teams.

New Template for the Site

I just switched to the new style Blogger templates. You probably won't notice a lot of difference in colors but I hope you notice the big list of Scientology Celebrities I've added to the side-bar.

The list is by no means complete so if you know of anyone else who should be added then please tell me by leaving a comment here.

Maybe BarneyCam Should Do Upskirts and Nipple Slips

Celebrity upskirts and nipple slips are all the rage. Everywhere I turn, another blog article or video is out there exploiting famous embarrassment. With so many cameras trained on their every move, you'd think wary celebs would be more careful not to expose their naughty bits.

Nipslips and upskirts must be the inspiration behind Beavercam. I laughed myself silly at the intrepid buck-toothed rodent strapping a webcam to his furry head while trolling Hollywood Boulevard. Having just viewed the riotous DVD of Alvin and the Chipmunks, I see a real future for The Beav.

And then I got to thinking, which came first, BeaverCam or BarneyCam?

Barney, that lovable lolling canine of Dubya and Laura Bush, is the ostensible star of holiday themed webisodes created on behalf of our Executive Branch. I first learned about Barney's star power when White House insider David Almacy spoke at the morning plenary of GW University's 2008 Politics Online Conference.

Let's just say I've been waiting for the right opportunity to set the record straight about these webisodes and though this may not be it, I'm taking my shot.

According to David, BarneyCam was born by strapping a camcorder onto the President's pet and allowing him to romp around the White House grounds. Staffers wanted to provide information about the Executive Branch and limited access to the President on Whitehouse.gov and saw the videos as a way to attract the public. The pilot episode received over 8 million hits.

After reading my article about the Conference, David got the impression that President Bush was dying to be part of BarneyCam, sort of muscling his way in on Barney's success. He wanted me to know that wasn't the case. According to David, the President is and always has been the focus of these episodes.

The first time President Bush joined the cast, he made a joke about the number of viewers, something about whether his episode would get as many hits as the pilot. As I stated in my article, the President's webisode had low viewing stats, not because he was unpopular, but because the White House allowed other sites to embed the video.

Here's the feedback I received from David:

You are correct about the first [Barneycam focusing only on Barney] - I was referring to every one since. There wasn't a specific episode just focusing on the President and the shift occurred starting in 2005 as the Internet grew. The conversation I had with him about the 8 million [viewers] was not a separate meeting but rather just before we taped his part for that year's BarneyCam.

Phew! I am so glad to get that weighty matter off my chest, especially in an article about upskirts, nipple slips, and links to the President's daughter.

Suri Cruise - A Supermodel at 2 years old

Suri Cruise
Just kidding, sort of. Though, in a way it is true. Check this out: On their website, In Style magazine has an entire gallery devoted to Suri Cruise! Suri's Stylish.

Hey, getting an entire photo gallery on the In Style website certainly puts you on a par with supermodels. Not bad for a little girl who just turned two years old.

- Suri's Extended Family Celebrates Her 2nd Birthday
- Suri Cruise Turns 2 Years Old

Connor Cruise gets his start in movies

Connor Cruise
Tom Cruise's adopted son, Connor, will be making his debut in movies, playing one of the main characters as a boy. It's a non-speaking part, but it's a start!

Connor was not given any special preference because of who his parents are, he had to audition just like anyone else. I would guess that growing up around movie sets and the paraphenalia of Hollywood would make this a very familiar area for him.

So now his career in movies is off to a great start: he's not just in a Will Smith movie, but he's also playing Smith as a boy.

You can read more here: Connor Cruise Is Making His Big Screen Debut

After Pennsylvania, Superdelegates Should Examine Crossover Republicans

Thought I got bored with the presidential election? Tuned out? Not exactly. The real answer, if you look and listen closely, can be found in this debate of talking heads.

On the day of the all deciding, all knowing, all confetti breaking loose Pennsylvania Primary, I have a lot on my mind. Sorry, but no links. You'll just have to trust that I know what I'm talking about.

Contrary to talking head opinions, Pennsylvania and Clinton's momentum in it (or lack thereof) will not decide the election. How many times do I have to hear "New York, California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania..." (sometimes they even throw in Florida, as if that could somehow make a difference), and what follows it, to paraphrase, "If Obama can't win in the big states with big prizes of delegates, how can he expect to win in November?"

Idiotic profundity, as far as I'm concerned. That's the real reason I haven't been weighing in.

Obama leads in delegates. No matter what Clinton does or which states she wins from today on, Pennsylvania included, she cannot win the number of delegates needed to cinch the nomination. Prove me wrong, go ahead, the comments section is open.

That means the Democratic nominee will be decided by superdelegates, many of whom, at this stage of the election, will not commit to a candidate. We all know Democratic Party elders have leaned on them to commit. Whether they will actually do so when all states have held their primaries is any one's guess. But assuming they will, how should superdelegates decide?

Many say by looking to the popular vote, i.e. tallying up all primary votes to determine which candidate received the majority. I strenuously disagree.

Florida and Michigan were disenfranchised and though these states went to Clinton, who knows how many of their citizens didn't bother to vote? The other Democratic contenders, Obama included, didn't wage campaigns there. This on instructions of the Democratic Party. This on instructions which practically all Democratic contenders heeded except Hillary Clinton. This, in itself, shows how much Clinton is in this race for herself. But more on this point later.

Superdelegates can neither count nor discount votes in Michigan or Florida because these votes were not obtained in a fair manner. Hold primaries there again? Out of the question. Nobody will foot the bill. Not to mention the havoc it would play with the candidates' schedules. Not to mention the black eye to a Party already deciding not to seat those delegates. Not to mention whatever else I've been too busy to read as to why voters in those states will not get a second bite of the apple.

At this stage of the election, the popular vote is no longer fair game. What would have been fair back at the time of the Potomac Primaries is no longer relevant. Because of Florida and Michigan, we Democrats can never truly know which candidate won the popular vote. Now that Clinton has turned the process into an ugly mud fight for the benefit of the Republicans, all bets are off and the popular vote should go out the window with it.

I don't know about other Democrats, but at this stage of the election, I'm sticking by my party. And what I see are two candidates, Clinton and Obama, who are virtually identical on the issues. The only thing separating them, as pointed out by the talking heads video, is character and ability to lead.

Sorry if you disagree with me, but I don't think there's any question which candidate is superior in these two areas.

Clinton is not be trusted. Bosnia isn't the only lie in this woman's past. Clinton is Machiavellian when it comes to politics. Just look at the way she and Carville lashed out at Bill Richardson. Contrary to her New Hampshire crocodile tears, it's obvious to almost everyone I speak that Clinton is in this race for herself. She will do more damage to the country with policies she and Obama share than Obama ever could.

Obama, despite what talking heads want to say about his lack of patriotism, his questionable associations, and his supposed lack of experience (a subject for a later article), possesses basic goodness and decency. Obama has something Clinton will never have, couldn't have for all the spin in the news cycle.

Conviction of principles.

Make no mistake about this, my fellow Democrats, the Republicans are having a field day over Clinton's dirty politics and the piggybacking antics of John McCain. Obama has been taken through the wringer about his personal associations and out of context comments regarding bitter voters. Not that questions about such matters are off limits -- they are not -- but these questions and Obama's responses to them are muddying the waters at a time when John McCain is literally getting a free pass. Normally, these types of accusations are traded between candidates when each Party's nominee has been decided.

The only ones trading blows here are the Democrats!

At this stage of the election, anyone who is not truly affiliated with the Democrats has no right to weigh in on the Democratic nominee. I wish conservative talk radio hosts would get back to the issues. Fed up? You bet I am. These people are laughing themselves silly over Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos." When they bash Obama, and Clinton and her supporters jump on the bandwagon, it hurts the Democrats.

I know this is so obvious it sounds stupid, but the Republicans have an agenda. They bash Obama because they want to run their weak candidate, McCain, against the weaker of the Democratic candidates, Clinton. Whether Democrats are too divisive within their own party to realize this is happening, I'm not certain. All I know is that it is indeed happening. And Clinton will ride this wave of Obama criticism without regret or a second thought for the Party as far as it will take her, all the way down Pennsylvania Avenue until superdelegates put down their collective feet, stand their ground and say, "Enough!"

We all know Clinton will change with the wind, has already proven she will flop with public opinion, will alter course on any plan of action to appease criticism, will fire campaign staff at will and stomp on loyalty if it means ratcheting up her voter favoritism a notch. First woman president fantasies be damned, this is not a person the majority of Americans will vote to occupy the White House come November.

Whether she wrests the nomination from the hands of Obama in a knock down drag out fight to the end, Clinton cannot win the general election. The only thing Hillary Clinton will ever achieve from this point on is bringing the Democratic Party down in flames. That's what Republicans are hoping for, praying for, folks. Four more fat years under John McCain. They'll worry about 2012 later.

How do I know? Let's just say I talk to people. All kinds of people. Republicans included. What do they grumble about under their breath? They don't like McCain. In fact, they may crossover to the Democrat in this election, that's how much they don't like their annoited nominee.

Will they vote for Clinton? No. But they might cast a vote for Obama. Maybe. Perhaps. It depends upon a lot of different factors. However, unlike when these Republicans discuss Clinton, they haven't ruled out the possibility of a vote for Obama. Therein lies the real difference between the last two Democrats standing. The superdelegates would be wise to take notice.

In Clinton's zeal to win the nomination at all costs, she has forgotten the simple tenet of Party loyalty. She has forgotten how her personal actions could result in victory for the Republicans. This late in the process, with McCain their lock nominee and her "take no prisoners" battle cry, Clinton is rapidly scraping the shine off the Democrats one true chance to win back the White House.

When Pennsylvania primary results come trickling in tonight, if Clinton should emerge victorious, I just hope the superdelegates will have the guts and courage of conviction to look past the short term. A handful of wins in large states does not, will not assure a Clinton victory in the general election. When push comes to shove, when this battle finally does reach its culmination, the war will be won on the backs of crossover Republicans.

Could it be any more clear which of the two Democrats has the best chance of meeting them on the other side?


Gossip Girl tonight!

Little J queen bee?
Part 2 of the Nate-Blair-Chuck triangle?
Dan and Serena's perfect love story continued?

Can't wait!

Oh and p.s...due to the perfect Spring NYC weather, I sat on the steps of The Met this past weekend Gossip Girl style, (while sporting a Blair Waldorf-inspired headband mind you) waiting to catch a glimpse of one of my fav. Upper East Siders, and nothing! So disappointed!

- Erin Dustin

Michelle Stafford

Michelle Stafford
Emmy Award winning actress Michelle Stafford is a star on the daytime drama "The Young and the Restless." Not only has the show now exceeded 1,000 consecutive episodes, but it is also celebrating its 35th year on the air! Michelle has appeared in more than 520 of those episodes. (Here is an article about the show: 35 years of ‘Y&R’.

Michelle is a busy girl, not only is she staring in Y&T but she has a movie coming out in May called 3 Days Gone.

I've met Michelle a few times through a mutual friend and I was on course with her a couple of years ago. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people I have ever met.

You can read Michelle's Scientology Success Story here.

Guess Who

Look at that bling!

Who's the lucky wearer of the oh so fabulous rock, hmmmm, I wonder...



Pete did good!

- Erin Dustin

Happy Birthday!

Happy Bday yesterday To Victoria Beckham!
She either turned 34 or 39...Some reports say the younger, some say the older, I wonder which one it is, interesting.

And a little bday shout out to cute little Suri Cruise who turns 2 today!
What sort of extravagant event will be held in her honor this year...

- Erin Dustin

Catch A Peek!

TV is back!

Grey's next week!

Finally, I'm in need of some Mer-Der drama pronto...

And even better, check out a sneak peek of next week's action-packed first episode back after FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR! (Seriously, I'm not exaggerating)

- Erin Dustin

Dave Matthews, Bob Weir Among Artists Appearing in Powerful Documentary


A Call To Action, a documentary that captures the story of how a motivated group of musicians and fans created HeadCount, a grassroots non-partisan, not-for-profit voter registration organization, was released today on iClips.net . A trailer can be viewed on YouTube. The film depicts how HeadCount sprang out of the live music community to become a force in a nationwide movement to mobilize young voters. It features appearances by a dozen musicians and longtime supporters, including superstar Dave Matthews, Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, Trey Anastasio of Phish and Grammy-winner Bela Fleck.

Produced by the philanthropic event and media creator Concerts4Charity, Inc., A Call to Action mixes music, interviews and concert footage to tell an inspirational story about culture and political organizing. It shows how unique lessons learned in the grassroots music community were applied in launching HeadCount, a volunteer-run organization that would register nearly 50,000 voters in 2004, its very first year of existence. “For the young folks today, these elections will largely determine what happens for the rest of their lives,” said Bob Weir, a member of HeadCount’s Board of Directors, in A Call to Action. The documentary includes footage of Weir and several other artists making an appeal from stage for their fans to register and vote. It also profiles other nonprofit organizations and charitable activity by artists such as Warren Haynes (of Gov’t Mule and the Allman Brothers Band).

“Telling this story through the words and images of artists really hammers home how universal this is,” said Marc Brownstein, bass player for the popular electronic rock band The Disco Biscuits, and one of HeadCount’s co-chairs and founders. Brownstein also appears in the film.

HeadCount has set out to register another 100,000 voters in this election cycle through a campaign that will include registration drives held at more than 1,000 concerts. It has ties to about 75 different recording artists and a network of nearly 2,000 volunteers. Targeting young voters in particular, HeadCount largely works with artists who have a strong emotional bond with their fans.

The majority of A Call to Action was filmed on location at the March 2007 Langerado Music Festival in the political hotbed of Broward County, Florida. It also includes appearances by jazz pianist John Medeski, members of the underground college phenomenon O.A.R., political rocker Michael Franti and moe. guitarist Al Schnier, also a member of HeadCount’s Board of Directors.

“Our mission is to use arts and sports to encourage philanthropic activity among young people,” said Kaleem Clarkson, Executive Director of Concerts4Charity. “We felt that profiling HeadCount and having the artists tell the story was a great way to do that.”

iClips.net, an interactive streaming video network, is hosting A Call to Action along with other original content such as live concerts. It recently streamed this year’s Langerado festival, where A Call to Action was shown on giant video screen in front of 15,000 people.

Since its inception in 2004, HeadCount has registered over 60,000 voters – a rewarding challenge for a core group of volunteers, which has in turn provided a voice for many. 2008 will mark the first full election cycle since the organization was launched. For scores of volunteers, this undertaking has truly been…A Call to Action.

Maybe It's the Combover: A Night at the Roxbury Reduced to Commercial

Ever wonder how a great idea gets reduced to a 2008 Super Bowl commercial? I did last night as I watched the truncated version of Pepsi's "Wake Up People" campaign. All that seems to be left of this major motion picture production is the combover guy nodding off at a diner.

The original "Roxbury Guys" would have found a way to exploit that flying wisp of hair. Heck, they'd probably offer to make combover guy an honorable Butabi.

Not familiar with the classic Saturday Night Live "Roxbury Guys" sketch created by cast members Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan? The running gag of shiny suited brothers, Steve and Doug Butabi out on the town, bobbing their heads in syncopated rhythm to Haddaway's Don't Hurt Me? At clubs, high school dances, etc., the boys stand together, a sea of dancers splitting, revealing two bobbleheads at the bar. Always mistakenly exchanging dance requests with prospective partners, it wasn't unusual for one of them to suddenly grab some unsuspecting female. The punchline, if you will, has the poor woman bouncing back and forth between both men. The bopping of heads and ravaging of dance partners made the skit an instant hilarious classic which, I suppose, is the reason Pepsi decided to tweak the idea into a commercial for soft drinks.

In 1998, Ferrell and Kattan earnestly attempted to stretch this ten minute gag into an hour and twenty minute movie. A Night at the Roxbury is the reference point for most people making a connection between the Pepsi commercial and the Butabis. The film wasn't well received, but then again, Ferrell and Kattan have always resonated more with their fans than the critics.

If these are the best out takes from the movie, this is one time I'm on the side of the critics. But I disagree with people who suggest the sketch was too flimsy for a feature film. "Roxbury Guys" had all the right elements for a feature film if it had stuck with the original punchline. Even in this short movie compilation, the essential elements of the gag -- losers who knock around women wanting nothing to do with them -- are nowhere to be found.

For some reason, mostly all that remains of the Roxbury sketches on the Internet are videos featuring SNL guest host Jim Carrey as Mark Butabi, third brother of Doug and Steve.

The episode aired in Season 21 on May 18, 1996, catapulting "Roxbury Guys" into a stratosphere reserved for SNL legends, much like Gilda Radner's Lisa Lubener, Eddie Murphy's Mr. Robinson, and Billy Crystal's Ricardo Montalban. Perhaps Carrey's edge was the impetus needed to propel the skit into a movie, but it was not the first, nor the last time "Roxbury Guys" had staked a claim at SNL.

The brothers Butabi appear to have made their debut in Season 21 on March 23, 1996. Phil Hartman, a former cast member later murdered by or with his wife, guest hosted. The boys bopped their heads to the beat of Haddaway, hanging out in a bar to harass fellow cast member Cheri Oteri. Obscure cast member David Koechner may have played the bartender. Ferrell says the characters were based upon an actual club guy in Santa Monica. No known video footage of the original sketch could be found at the time of this article.

On September 18, 1996, celebrated actor Tom Hanks hosted the show, joining the "Roxbury Guys" for another skewer of Cheri Oteri and a taste of their own medicine.

Tom Hanks with Roxbury Guys. sélectionné dans N.C.

Why Kattan stayed behind bars with those gang bangers when the cell door remained open is a mystery of live sketch comedy. When Don Pardo announces, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night" for each show, he really means "live."

On December 7, 1996, former cast member Martin Short guest hosted episode 414. Some of that footage is mixed in with the Helen Hunt episode below. Short played a foreign relative of the Butabis out for a night on the town and a peep show. If memory serves me correctly, the gag involved a somewhat naked woman with pasties shaking her stuff as the door to the peep opened and closed at the sexiest moment. Each time it reopened, the girl was gone or someone unexpected had taken her place. Short stood there with a glazed look in his eyes grabbing for the girl, but the episode was largely forgettable. I think it ended with him being revived with heart paddles on the operating table, but, baby, don't quote me (no more).

Martin Short, Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell visit strip club in another Night at the Roxbury, the Roxbury Guys sketch from Saturday Night Live

On February 22, 1997, Season 22, episode 420 aired with Alec Baldwin as guest host. Baldwin's Butabi looked like a younger version of himself in outtakes and photos. Unfortunately, I can't find anything online other than what's mingled with Helen Hunt. Gold chains, big hair, and shiny suit. Judging from the out takes, Baldwin is the lucky friend who nabs the girls in the sketch described as "Doug and Steve get flustered."

Alec Baldwin, Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell visit strip club in another Night at the Roxbury, the Roxbury Guys sketch from Saturday Night Live

Tina Turner performed Proud Mary live as the evening's musical guest. Now that was something spectacular. Baldwin hosted the show so many times with so many other memorable performances, it's difficult to recall exactly how he held up as a bobblehead. As with the premiere sketch, at the time of this article, other than what may be mixed into the Helen Hunt video below, no known footage of his appearance exists online.

Episode 424, Season 22, aired on April 19, 1997. Pamela Anderson had a series of mad encounters with the boys throughout the night that ended, as usual, with the Butabis leaving the scene empty handed.

Pamela Anderson with Roxbury guys. sélectionné dans N.C.

Sylvester Stallone guest hosted the show, playing "Roxbury Rocky" in Season 23. The sketch aired on September 27, 1997.

Roxbury guys with Sylvester Stallone sélectionné dans N.C.

I never sat through all the Rocky sequels, but I assume the kids running around Sly have something to do with a plot line from one of them. Yawn.

On December 13, 1997, in episode 435, Helen Hunt guest hosted, appearing as a psychoanalyst for the Guys after her Best Actress Oscar win for As Good As It Gets. Co-star Jack Nicholson made a riveting cameo appearance that nearly brought down the house. Unfortunately, this compilation video is the best I could find. Apparently, many of the "Roxbury Guy" videos have been removed from YouTube for copyright violations. Somehow, they missed this one. Let's hope they don't find and unembed it before you finish this article.

What may be the final Roxbury sketch first aired on September 26, 1998. Cameron Diaz guest hosted, appearing as the mysterious woman who finally lets the Guys take her home.

When the episode aired again on Comedy Central around 9/11, I remember the country, for the most part, still being in a state of shock, workers tearing up Ground Zero digging for survivors, and later for recovery of human remains, at least what hadn't been completely incinerated. It's almost seven years later, yet I haven't quite fully recovered.

Yes, it served as an awful reminder of a horrendous American tragedy. Fellow Americans need your help. Donate. Give blood. The mood of the country? Fairly morose would be an understatement.

And then, Dan Ackroyd and Steve Martin made it all disappear. For a moment, I know I was -- perhaps anybody watching the episode who had been a fan since SNL's inception was -- transported back to a kinder, gentler, happier time. Not that the late 70's weren't turbulent. They were. And like today, gas prices were bringing down the economy.

But back then, watching the Not Ready for Prime Time Players, I could always count on a lift in my spirit. So many classic sketches and characters. The Fenstruk Brothers -- plaid clad clashing barfly foreign imbeciles, never got the girl, always acted inappropriately -- made me burst out laughing each time they gyrated their hips and pointed those fingers. "We are two wild and crazy guys," uttered in the foreign accent of people barely able to speak English was a catch phrase back then. Kind of in the nature of "You bet your sweet bippy," or "Mom always liked you best."

SNL has evolved a lot since then and still makes me chuckle, just not like the guffaw days of the late 1970's. The moment the Fenstruks revealed themselves at the bar, a cloud lifted. I felt happy again. And life slowly moved on.

Like the Haddaway song that started the saga, "Roxbury Guys" will live on.

Benji's In!

"He's the perfect example of 'don't judge a book by its cover.' He's polite, well-mannered - even calls me sir! We love him like family already. Benji doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and is a healthy vegan!" - Rick Hilton

"He's changed her life - and I really think she's genuinely in love for the first time. He's so good to her and for her. We couldn't be happier for them. This has honestly become the real thing." - Kathy Hilton

- Erin Dustin

John's New Ink

Have you seen John Mayer's new tattoo, or should I say tattoos?

Well if not, let me paint the picture for you. It's a whole sleeve!

Left Arm = Covered In Ink


I'm not quite sure about it. He just doesn't seem like the same "My Body is a Wonderland" crooner anymore. He's so edgy now.

Although the sweatshirt is hiding his new arm art, you can kinda sorta catch a sneak preview near his wrist.

- Erin Dustin

Building a Greater Los Angeles -- Idol Gives Back

250 Homes in 3 years...of course it's Habitat for Humanity and the wonderful work they are doing. Here's one person's take on how they were at Idol Gives Back, standing next to Maria Shriver. Check it out -- it's interesting and the part about Simon Cowell is a giggle.

Habitat for Humanity is a great cause. Have any of you participated in building a home?

Florida Teens Violent Video Explained

Florida Teen Beating video case prompted arrests after teen victim emerged battered and bloodied
Just in case skanks don't get the message.

...And Gonna Have A Baby, Maybe?

It's yet to be confirmed, but it seems that newly-engaged couple Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz may have a bun in the oven.

According to US Weekly, a source close to the couple has verified that the two are expecting their first child.

She does seem to be covering her stomach area with the black clutch...hmmmm

This has been an exciting week for the two of them!

- Erin Dustin

April Showers Bring May Flowers: A Weekend In Review

Cate Blanchett welcomed her third son, Ignatius Martin, born Sunday.

Britney Spears was involved in a minor fender bender Saturday night on a L.A. freeway. No one was hurt. 

Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) gave birth to a little girl, Zoie, Saturday. 

Lindsay Lohan is still partying, seen throughout the weekend at hot spots around L.A. with good friend DJ Samantha Ronson. 

Heidi Montag launches Heidiwood down the runway Friday. Spencer even presented her with two dozen pink roses! And they're still not living together. 

Nina Garcia is no longer with Elle magazine, which may mean she's out at Project Runway. Oh no!

Still no wedding confirmation from newlyweds Beyonce and Jay-Z, hiding her ring finger from the public at a Houston Rockets game Friday night. 

- Erin Dustin

Kosuke "It's Gonna Happen" Fukudome

At a recent baseball game between Chicago Cubs & Milwaukee Brewers, fans of Cub's Kosuke Fukudome (福留 孝介) decided to make some signs to show their support for the Japanese player.


However the phrase they wanted was mistranslated by machine translator seen here.

The resulting 偶然だぞ is not flattering at all and is actually rather insulting, implying that Fukudome’s successes were merely a result of pure chance and not talent at all.

Related: Cubs pull racist fukudome t-shirt

Struck - the Movie

Taron Lexton
Yesterday in researching what to write about the beautiful Jennifer Aspen I came across a movie she just starred in called "Struck". I went to the web site and found this hilarious video: Struck - Behind The Scenes. It's a hoot, with the stars of the show camping it up to the max. If you've seen any "Making Of" movies about digital effects and those little green balls they stick onto the actors, then you'll really appreciate the bit about the tennis balls with the smiley faces.

The movie Struck was directed by Taron Lexton, whose films have won more than a dozen awards and who, in June last year, was presented with the "United Nations Award of Excellence" for his work in the field of human rights. In winning the award, he joins such luminaries as Mikhail Gorbachev, Arthur Miller and Stephen Hawking. Taron is the youngest person ever to receive this award. You can read more about it here: United Nations Honors TXL Films.

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. - Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Spalding's World Class Karate

I saw this ad in my junk mail yesterday for Spalding's World Class Karate.

Upon closer look, there is something not quite right with the logo:

According to its website,

Sensei [Daniel Spalding] was inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the "2007 Male Martial Arts Leader Of The Year" and the "American Karate Man Of The Year."

However in United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame website for 2007 inductees, Spalding is not there.