I did a post a few months ago on Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, not really noticing the short dude next to her. Likely it is because that short guy, Will.I.Am, also from the Black Eyed Peas, is usually wearing a hat, as seen above. Will.I.Am seems to have the dual approach to hiding his hairline. First the hat. Second, the facial hair to detract attention from the top of the head. With him, this seems to work. But sooner or later, I find out the truth.

Gotta have it

Allan worked on a british client until midnight yesterday, so by the time we made it to the book launch party, it was closed, probably had been for a while.
It's the story of our lives, always missing out on the fun stuff because of work.
What can i say, Allan loves tattooing and we both love happy clients.
But the trip down to the gallery wasn't a complete waste, we had a nice walk and talk with Wookie and Louise, and look what we found when we got there!

A giant poster of the handsome Uncle Allan!
We didn't wanna steal this one, but we totally need to get our hands on one of those
Yes, we brought the dog along, he's still too sick to be home alone

I hope we'll get to see the book soon, we keep hearing good stuff about it from people who have seen it.
Peter has forward me this interesting story about a woman's tattoo experience.

"I have four Japanese symbols across my back, gleaned from a Japanese-English dictionary.


Yes, it would seem that in our haste, nobody took the semicolon from the dictionary entry out of the design and it now lives for eternity on my skin."


Peter and I are shaking our heads regarding:

She is apparently more upset that there's a semicolon attached to her tattoo than by the fact that the tattoo itself is terribly done.

According to the tattoo's owner, Naomi Dunford, "It was supposed to say 'Mother Daughter Sister Wife'. Then wife was a pain in the ass and it was supposed to say 'beauty.' Who the hell knows what it means at this point?"

Cute overload

Allan did this tattoo yesterday of Mathildas guinea pig.
I know it's up on his blog too, but i decided it was cute enough to post twice!

This is what the best guinea pig ever (or so we're told) really looks like
Oh, and i was sitting around googling squirrels (i had a reason, i don't just google random animals... ok, maybe i do that too...) when i came across these guys on Cute Overload!

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy!

Now I'm starting to see how Fall Out Boy got it's name. First Pete Wentz, and now singer Patrick Stump. Patrick is always wearing hats so I had suspected but didn't have the proof. Unfortunately for him, Patrick Stump was arrested on a two-year-old warrant for driving without a valid license. Which means, mugshot time!

Not a very rock star-like picture. I noticed the hair combed from the front to the back and the thinness up front and it clicked - the real reason he is always wearing hats. Check out this youtube video of outtakes from a Fall Out Boy music video for more evidence:

New Church in Music City, USA

The opening day in Nashville, more than 3,000 Scientologists and guests toured the new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre, just a mile from "Music Row".

Having traveled 20,000 miles since the opening of the Fort Harrison in mid March, Mr. Miscavige once again officiated the ribbon cutting of yet another new Church, this one in Nashville, Tennessee-Music City, USA.

The following weekend, hundreds gathered in the Nashville Chapel for Sunday Services.

The opening of the new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Nashville, just one mile from "Music Row," drew Scientologists from across the region. Also on hand were scores of local dignitaries, residents and Hollywood celebrities. Among those who addressed the gathering were Grammy-winning composer and musician Mark Isham and actresses Anne Archer and Jenna Elfman.

Then again, speaking to the broader significance of a Church of Scientology in the heart of Music City, Mr. Miscavige dedicated the new Church:

"The new Ideal Org and Celebrity Centre signals great things for tomorrow. And when you couple that with our ability to recover to individuals their inherent creativity, our ability to reawaken dreams and restore the power to achieve those dreams, yes, we can now make good on what L. Ron Hubbard tells us regarding the artist as creating the beauty and glory on which cultures depend.

"And that's both what this new Church represents and why we have come to Nashville. For while Nashville is known as the heart and soul of American music, let her now fulfill her destiny and write a song that will uplift every man."

With that, the ribbon was cut and the new Church in Music City, USA, opened to all to begin writing that new song.

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

More Jeremy Piven!

Thanks to reader Greg B. for this submission, which Greg entitled J Piven (the little sh*t). Haha, gotta love it! This is such a nice picture of his bald spot that even though we have enough proof that Jeremy Piven wears a toupee, I couldn't resist posting it!

And if that isn't enough, click here to view a slideshow from Huffington Post on Jeremy's many hairlines

Danish Tattooing by Jon Nordstrøm (with partial Uncle A nudity)

If you follow the other blog you may remember this post i did a while back about this tattoo book Allan was gonna be in.
So there's this book, Danish Tattooing, and Allan's in it.
Ok, seriously, here's what it's all about (official press release from the publisher):

"Danish Tattooing by Jon Nordstrøm

New book offers unique insight into a colourful tradition from 1895 onwards and portrays the strong, Danish characters behind body art.
”Danish Tattooing” traces the visual development from 1895 up to the present day, with the Golden Age of the 1960s particularly rich on fascinating tales from a rough scene. The book is full of anecdotes and historical photographs of larger-than-life characters and tattooing hotspots: the raw Nyhavn, where sailors and drunk Swedes got their tattoos, and the even rougher Istedgade, which developed into a new tattooing hub in the 1980s. Actually, Copenhagen was the heart and soul of tattooing in Scandinavia until the mid-seventies.
The book returns to the present by portraying 14 working tattoo artists, along with their distinctive artwork – from classic designs to the latest graffiti and hip-hop styles. This is the new generation that will trace the next chapters in the history of Danish tattooing.
The book is in both Danish and English and will be released by Nordstroms Forlag on August 29. In connection with the release, pictures from the book will be exhibited at the KPH-Volume gallery, 80-82 Enghavevej, Copenhagen SV. Open: Saturday, August 29 to Monday, August 31.
The book will be available in Danish bookstores, at most tattoo conventions or through Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash."

The sweet cover
The handsomest man in the whole land
It's full of awesome machine goodness...
... Danish tattoo history...
... and rare flash
Oh, and me and Lucifer are in it too (i look stupid, but Lucifer is a natural!)

If you're in Copenhagen you should go check out the exhibition this weekend.
If you're not from around here, you can still pick up the book at a convention or through the good people at Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash.
As the press release says, it's in both Danish and English, so in addition to looking at the pretty pictures you'll be able to read it too.

They're very wise, you know

Newest addition to our collection of crap: the business card owl!
And while we're on the subject of owls, Lewis did this the other day
Also in the news; our wounded mascot is back at work, but it'll be a while before he back to being his usual charming and mobile self

Chitchat With Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has hit it lead recent roles in major big-screen blockbusters like Wolverine and The Proposal. He’s also got a pretty sweet personal life to now that he’s married to actress Scarlett Johansson. In Adventureland, on DVD and Blu-ray Aug. 25, Reynolds plays Mike Connell, a technician at a theme park, who's having an affair with a much younger girl played by Kristen Stewart. Get the inside scoop from Reynolds on amusement parks, dead-end jobs, and more ...

Was it difficult to make such a roguish character so charming?
Why thank you very much. It wasn’t my goal to make him that likeable, so I failed you! Again. Yeah, it was fun. I liked that there is no real villains or heroes in this movie. I fthey eel like it’s a lot like life, you know, people have complexities and have their heroic moments and their villainous moments. I will say that with this cast I've never felt so old. It was a routine of humility. Obviously this guy is having a pretty inappropriate relationship with this very, very young girl, but the spirit on the set, it really felt like where I was eight or nine years ago. It was like a pretty cool place to be each day.

Have you ever had what seemed like a dead-end job?
Yeah, I worked at a restaurant in Vancouver. I shouldn’t even name it! It was a restaurant in Kitsilano and I was a busboy there, but no one ever really ate there. I think I was actually working for Peruvian drug lords. This was my thought. I had like this abusive boss who had a fuse that was absolutely minimal at best, and I worked there all day. And then at night, I would work at a grocery store the graveyard shift, you know, throwing fresh fruit at my co-workers.

And this was when you were a struggling actor?
Yeah. I mean I was a struggling actor, as much as I could be in Vancouver. I mean you can only play so many ex-Falcon Crest stars’ sons in so many ‘movies of the week’ before you just you burn out! So yeah, I was kind of doing that to supplement my happiness, believe it or not.

What did you make of Twilight star Kristen Stewart, your co-star in Adventureland?
Kristen is great. She’s really great. Obviously life has changed for her in a pretty drastic way since then. So it was kind of cool to see her talking about this thing called Twilight she might do.

Adventureland is a very personal film for Greg Mottola and he’s based a lot of the characters on people that he knew. Did he say that you were based on a particular person?
I don’t think so. You know, that probably would have been a smart thing for me to ask him! But I don’t know. He and I had about four different meetings before I jumped in there, because I didn’t have a lot of trust — I didn’t really know Greg that well other than seeing SuperBad, and I just thought, ‘Is this guy going to just be your stereotypical douche or is he going to be a guy that’s actually got some depth to him or another side to him?

And then, when you hang out with Greg a little bit longer, you realize that all these specifics are in the script for a reason, because this is a guy that actually lived this life and that’s what I love about Adventureland. He’s really created a world you know, where there are such specific instances happening and specific characters that you think ‘Wow, there is no way that someone just made this up; this has actually happened’. It was a great experience. Greg has poured his heart and soul into it in every way.

What are the everyday dramas you deal with in dead-end, “unglamorous” jobs?
Oh yeah. I mean you know, you’d be hard pressed to find more drama in Days of Our Lives than you do in an average job each day. I mean co-workers can create a jocular sort of lifestyle that’s going on. Everybody is kind of trying to get ahead or kind of create this job and mould it to their own needs at the same time. My job in the restaurant sucked, but at the same time, the thing that kept me going to work each day and really kind of got me through it were my co-workers. The same people that you have fights with and disagreements with are the same people that you rely on and you count on to stay sane in these crazy jobs.

You mentioned the specifics in the script, what specifics about your character helped you the most?
For me it was just his unabashed fantasy life that my character was leading, this idea that he’s so much more than he actually is. He has this inability to accept where he is in his life, and that’s something that I feel really heartbreaking. I found it touching in a strange way, that this guy is so disappointed with how things turned out for himself that he’s chosen to really try to be the biggest fish in the smallest pond he could possibly find. And that’s what that represented for him. To me, that was reason enough to jump in there and do it.

Is it fun being on an amusement park to make a film, or was it annoying?
It’s annoying because there is all these sound issues. There are a lot of background artists, too. They're at an amusement park, but they're being told to be quiet and stay in one section. So I think that naturally it got a little antsy and some takes get ruined because people are yelling and screaming and talking and all sorts of stuff.

What are the different considerations that go into shooting an ensemble-supporting role, like in Adventureland versus a lead role?
I don’t know. I don’t usually think of it like that. I've always loved character work. When I was younger, I considered myself a character actor, but I didn’t get those parts a lot of the time. When they come along in a movie like Adventureland, I try to jump at them usually, if it’s a good film. That’s just it though, if it’s a good movie, I don’t really care if I’m a big role or a small role.

You were just a kid in the ’80s when this movie is set. Did you have any special like favorite movies or music from the ’80s?
For me, I loved Say Anything. That was a huge movie for me when I was a kid. I think for a lot of guys my age, it was. You always have that moment where you picture yourself with a ghetto blaster over your head and blasting it out for the one you love. In reality, you’d be arrested for doing that. But I love that movie. I was a huge fan of Being There, but I don’t know if that was an ’80s movie or not. It’s such an indelible decade — the ’90s was this vaguely forgettable decade, style wise. It’s more of a hodgepodge of the previous three decades. So the ’80s really had this je ne sais quois unto itself that is always fun to explore.

Are you still auditioning or are people hiring you based on the fact that they want Ryan Reynolds in their film?
Truthfully, I haven't auditioned in a long, long time, but it’s never outside the realm of possibility. I mean if you want a film and they don’t want you, sometimes you have to go fight for it. Sometimes that ends up just being a meeting really, just sitting down with them and just saying here is my vision for it and here is why I really love it. But for the most part, I think filmmakers gravitate towards people that are excited – as excited as they are about the film and as passionate about it. So sometimes going after it isn't so much a function of auditioning as it is just sitting down with the filmmaker.

Do you ever make choices based on wanting to avoid being be typecast?
Not usually, no. I've never had a movie that I was the star of that made a billion dollars at the box office. Maybe things change for people when that happens. Maybe suddenly you're sort of pushed in that direction a lot more, but in a way, I've been lucky because of that. I can do a bunch of different stuff.

Having worked with Sandra Bullock now in The Proposal after knowing for so long, did you learn anything new about her?
She has an ability to compress an enormous amount of emotion and information in a single look. I think that’s the magic of her. I used to think it was because she was the girl next door or she’s America’s sweetheart or any of that crap – but no, it’s the fact that she’s got some sort of weird, bizarre supernatural gift that I’m deeply envious of and would love to have some day. We've been friends for a long time, but we haven't been up in each other’s grill for 15 hours a day for three months. So thankfully, that all worked out well and she didn’t stick her three-legged dogs on me.

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>>> Postcard from the Atlantic !

Michael Keaton!

The original film Batman, Michael Keaton used to have some nice locks:

Then again now that I look back on it, this picture does have early signs of balding. Look on the sides of his head. Recently he has resurfaced in Post Grad, which I checked out this weekend. He does look like he is balding in Post Grad, but not as bad as in real life. So my guess is he had a piece, at least to cover that bald spot in the back of his head. The best proof of his bald spot came from reader Blue Gold, who sent this clip of Michael Keaton from 2008:

Temporary Tattoo

Temporary TattooPermanent tattoos (which also called traditional tattoo) originated from thousand years ago and had been extremely popular in centuries. Many people are crazy about it. Honestly, we must admit that after finished, the tattoo will really be attractive. But the processing is full of pain which is the biggest problem putting many people who want to get one off. So are there anything can be as attractive as permanent tattoo but without pain? The answer is temporary tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoos appear as many tribal cultures for long history but it has been popular in recent years among people especially young girls and kids. The procedure is easy and everyone can be a tattooist. Generally, all ranging in how realistic they appear, how temporary they are, how simple they are to apply and how much they cost, temporary tattoos conclude decal tattoos, airbrush tattoos and henna tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo

Why Choose Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

Why Choose Sanskrit Tattoo DesignsOthers, for example, the dreamcatcher tattoo designs are harder to make because of the intricacies of the script however the The Om or Omkar and the trishula are easy to make because you only need broad lines to shape it. After this, you can finish the curves of the Sanskrit characters and complete the whole script. The Devanagari system of writing is highly structured with a horizontal line on top of the area where the Sanskrit characters would be tattooed.

Sanskrit Tattoo DesignsEasy To Get Beautiful Results Sanskrit tattoo designs whilst looking complicated and intricate are easy to make. All of these can be found in Hindu texts. For example, the Om symbol, the lotus flower or blossom image, the trishula and meditation and chant scripts. Sanskrit tattoo designs are created from scripts, words or symbols that are based on the Hindu religion.

That is why most of the Sanskrit tattoo designs use images and scripts of religious importance. Because of being the standard language used for Hindu and other old religions, it also became associated with its beliefs and spirituality. Its reputation earned it recognition alongside the Latin language and Greek language of Europe. It is the oldest among the ancient languages. The Sanskrit language has been dated as origionating around 1500 BC.

a Sanskrit Script tattoo's are a spiritual link to the past. This is the reason why they are also called permanent bracelets or armbands. The Devanagari Sanskrit is perfect for emulating bracelets and anklets because of the etched style of writing. There are other writing systems such as Bengali, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam but Devanagari is the one which is widely accepted.

Why Choose Sanskrit Tattoo DesignsThe defacto writing system for Sanskrit is Devanagari. Because of this the scripts look very sleek and have a defined edge so make perfect armband tattoos. Sanskrit words or scripts look very organized because of the horizontal line joining each character. They Make Great Armband Tattoos Despite the popularity of other more tribal tattoo designs, armband tattoos are very striking if made with Sanskrit script. But why choose Sanskrit tattoo designs?. There is literally an endless supply of tattoo designs to choose from.

Kanji Tattoo Designs

Kanji Tattoo DesignsMost people would like to translate their names into Because of its stylish characters they are usually put on the arms, nape or at the back. Kanji tattoo designs are so unique in their own way that it is becoming a fad with a lot of people who would like to try tattoo for the first time. Each character depicted a story that if we are able to read these characters we will be so amaze on how creative they are. It is true that their alphabet characters are written in this kind of artwork.

Kanji Tattoo DesignsKanji Tattoo DesignsWe are so impress about the characters of the Chinese and the Japanese. Instead of the usual figures, images or certain drawings, these are plain letters of the Japanese alphabet. But with the Kanji tattoos it has this cool style. Kanji designs, in some respect are very similar to elvish designs, because they are both into characters. If you would like some English words being translated in Japanese then this is what the Kanji tattoo design is all about- translating words in Japanese. Kanji tattoo designs are mainly characters of the Japanese alphabet. If you want to have Japanese kind of tattoo then this guide will help you to decide which one to go for.

Arabic Tattoo Designs

Arabic Tattoo DesignsArabic Tattoo Designs

Arabic Tattoo DesignsArabic Tattoo Design

Arabic Tattoo DesignsArabic Tattoos Designs

One of the quickest and most popular trends brewing right now are word or literary tattoo designs. Be it one word to a whole poem word tattoos are hot. In order for people to yet again differentiate themselves from others many people are choosing to have the tattoo word written in a foreign language. For a long time Kanji tattoo were very popular. To get a saying writing in Japanese Kanji was super cool. These trend is kind of dying out these days and now people are getting designs in Italian, Sanskrit and even Arabic. One has to admit there is a certain beauty and mystery in a foreign script. Just think of the moment when Frodo holds up the One Ring in the movie "The Lord Of The Rings" after the ring has been in the fire. Frodo holds up the ring and looks at the beautiful glowing elvish script inscribed into the ring. One can not deny the mystery and beauty of the foreign elvish script. Thus is the same beauty and mystery that leads people to get word tattoos in a different language.

Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay is a stand-up comedian and actor best known for his raunchy stand-up comedy routine during the late-1980s. Clay was very successful for several years until the public quickly tired of his highly profane shtick.Clay's birth name is Andrew Clay Silverstein and he was born on September 29, 1958 in Brooklyn, New York. Clay began his stand-up career in the late 1970s, at age 20.

Al Pacino Revisted!

When I first posted on Al Pacino, I received a few emails saying shame on me for posting. But I call 'em like I see 'em, and he is definitely a wig/toupee wearer. Reader Michael B. just sent me these shots that show his bald patches:

Thanks Michael B. for the submission!

Look at him go!

Lewis worked at the shop today.
His first tattoo here was on your friend Christel whose sole purpose in life seems to be to get tattoos that'll make me jealous.
Well, mission accomplished.

The Rockblomst shreds!
Looking at this guy makes me happy

More guest artist awesomeness tomorrow!

Tom Delay!

I totally forgot about this guy, and so did the world, but leave it up to Dancing with the Stars to bring him back into the public light! It was recently announced that he will be one of the contestants on the upcoming season. This former Congressman from Sugarland, Texas was one of the Congressmen who accepted "gifts" from Jack Abramoff. Here's his mug shot:

The money laundering and violations of campaign finance laws are nothing compared to the crime that is his hair piece. Let's take a look shall we: Here's a picture of the bald spot on the back of his head. This is from a book signing in March 2007:

Clearly, he is balding, yet he always seems to have a great head of hair. Too bad it's not his. See how the hair piece does not have a part and just sits atop his head?

The next picture is by far my favorite. Don't you love how Chris Matthews' hair is blowing wild in the wind yet Tom Delay's "hair" is stuck to his head?