Asian Font Gibberish 2

In November of 2005, I posted about a racist in Finland tattooed himself with “SANO EI LAKUPEKOILLE”, which is the English equivalent of “say no to niggers”. Instead of just using plain Finnish, the racist idiot got it done in “Asian font” and resulted in complete gibberish.

Today this untitled photo was posted in’s Kanji tattoo gallery. The similarities in both tattoos have led me to believe there are more idiots out there sharing “Asian font”.

"Half Angel Hell"

Reader Henning sent this photo to me.

I could only positively identify two of them, (fairy, immortal) and (earth, ground), out of the five characters.

If the tattoo was supposed to be , it could be loosely translated as “half angel hell”.

Perhaps the tattoo’s owner is a Constantine fan.

French Press Agency Reports how Scientology helped Lisa Marie Presley

According to an article from the AFP (French Press Agency) Scientology helped Lisa Marie Presley handle a drug problem: "She had a troubled adolescence and reportedly battled drug use, but kicked the habit after joining the Church of Scientology when she was still a teen."

Lisa Marie Presley weds

Mirrored Freedom

Elena has emailed me these two photos being displayed in a tattoo parlor in Spain. Obviously no one at the shop has realized the photos are shown mirrored.

Let’s hope these are just photograph errors and the actual tattoos were done correctly.


Tattoo Zi You

I don't know what is, but it could be someone's name.

Tattoo Qiao Wa Ni

Mr. Green Thumb

The best translation attempt I can come up with for is "earth knowledge talent power" or "soil expert". The third character in Chinese also means “ruta graveolens”, a type of herb used to keep insects away.

I am not sure if “Mr. Green Thumb” got the tattoo because his agricultural abilities or he thought they are the translation of “Jesus”.

FYI, “Jesus” in Chinese is 耶穌 and イエス in Japanese.

A Beginning Celebrity

Everyone has to start somewhere and often the beginning is the roughest time because discouragement early on is hard to fight. If you have no track record of success then an unkind word can be devastating. But here is a story of a young woman who ignored the negative opinions of an art teacher and has just had her first professional exhibition: Years of hanging tough culminate in art exhibit.

Band Camp Girl's Happiness

(thanks to Vince and Ari for the tip and photo)

During a recent interview with American Pie/Wedding Band Camp girl Alyson Hannigan by New York Times' Page Six, it was revealed that Hannigan was unsure about her Japanese “happiness” tattoo.

Q: What does the tattoo on your back say?
A: It's the Japanese symbol for happiness.

Q: Are you sure that's what it is?
A: No, I'm not. I did research it beforehand, and I saw it in two different books, but you never know. In fact, a Japanese woman today asked me if she could see it, and I was a little afraid. I'm like, "Hmmmm - no."

Q: So there's a chance it says something like, "I am a monkey."
A: Yes. "Look how full of sh*t it is that I have this tattoo on."

Luckily for Hannigan, her tattoo is actually written correctly. Although the calligraphy could use some touch-up and could also mean "luck(ily), favor, fortunately, wish".

This which reminded me a quote by Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers:

"Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye."

Interview with Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman has a new TV Series on CBS "Courting Alex" (also see the IMDB page: "Courting Alex"). In an interview with Patricia Sheridan she talks about her new show, romance and Scientology: Breakfast with Jenna Elfman.


(full size)

Reader Andre emailed this photo of a local tattoo shop's display case in Leipzig, Germany.

The tattoo suppose to be , which means "antelope", but somehow the first character has then split into two partials.

Tom Cruise was right about Psychiatric Drugs

Last year Tom Cruise caused quite a stir amongst psychiatrists and drug companies when he said that psychiatric drugs, such as those prescribed for millions of children in America, were dangerous. At the time psychiatrists and other drug company mouthpieces tried to pretend it wasn't true but since Tom said his piece there has been a steady stream of announcements from the FDA about the dangerous side-effects of these drugs. The latest revelation comes from an FDA Advisory Panel which has recommended a "black box" warning be put on the labels of "ADHD" drugs such as Ritalin, Concerta, Methylin, Metadate, Adderall and Adderall XR.

And I think this quote from the article says it all: "When asked why he and his fellow advisers approved ... a recommendation they hadn't been asked to consider, Gross said: "No. 1, because of the seriousness of the side effects — the sudden deaths. No. 2, there is a sense maybe the diagnosis of ADHD is being applied where it shouldn't be applied." Just what Tom Cruise said last year!

Feds Recommend Warnings on ADHD Drugs

Open Letter to Cosmopolitan Magazine

Feb 2006 Cosmo Asian Character Tattoo

Dear Cosmopolitan,

We need to talk.

Over the years, I really appreciated how your magazine and team of experts have taught millions of women how to properly perform fellatio and enjoy the soothing sensation of anal intercourse.

I am surprised to find in your latest issue, you claimed that if a man has an “Asian character tattoo”:

This stud craves mystery in his life, so expect surprises, whether it's a last-minute getaway or an out-of-the-box erotic move. “Since few will know the translation of his chosen character, he relishes the opportunity to explain the hidden meaning behind it," says Green. "He uses the symbol to give people insight into his personality and what he's all about."

Are you f*cking kidding me?

Obviously you have been cooped up inside your office for too long, over-dosing on the complementary chocolates from Godiva, but please do take a look of my site and perhaps read through some of the “Asian character tattoo” owners’ stories…

By the way, there are over a dozen countries in the Asia continent. Most of them have their own writing scripts. What you would call “Asian characters” is actually “Chinese characters”.

Perhaps you could add this tip into your next issue, so we men would not stereotype majority of your female readers as sex objects but human beings with some intelligence.

ps. Will "donut hole" be featured in your next issue?



Brokeback Alpha Dog

I was first informed in November of 2004 about Justin Timberlake’s new movie “Alpha Dog” (opens on Feb. 24, 2006).

Timberlake plays a character named “Frankie Ballenbacher” and the movie is based on the real life of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer who became one of the youngest men ever to be on the FBI's most wanted list.

Why would a hardcore criminal get a tattoo that says “ice skating” on his arm?

Perhaps he is a “brokeback” alpha dog.

Update: Reader Theresa says:

Here's a link to Tinsley Transfers, a company that apparently provides most of Hollywood with its temporary tattoos. It should interest you to see that characters are not only listed as Chinese/Japanese "symbols", but that they are listed under the TRIBAL section of the webpage. Funny, I don't see one that says "Hakka."

Related: Brokeback Hour, Brokeback Heat, Brokeback to the Future, Broke Mac Mountain

Small Harvest

“Jeff” emailed me asking about this tattoo he got when he was younger. At first he thought it meant “Strength”, he was into Karate at the time. Several recent events have led to him to believe that his tattoo does not mean “strength”.

Both characters are correct.

The character on the left means “small”, “tiny” or “insignificant”, and the other means “livestock” or “domestic animals”.

Although in the classic Chinese literature 易經 (I Ching), there is a mentioning about 小畜:

Hexagram 9 is named 小畜 , "Small Accumulating". Other variations include "the taming power of the small" and "small harvest".

Just what exactly the “small harvest” is about, only “Jeff” would know.