Posh Reveals A Few Beauty Obsessions

Victoria Beckham, high maintanance? Never. Mrs. B tells The Sun she can't snooze without first slathering her hands and feet in lotion and sealing them in gloves and socks. She also admits that she's very into eyebrow shaping and has been encouraged by her personal trainer to check out Pilates. As if she needs it.

Snap of the Day

A smokin' hot Jennifer Lopez launched her new fragrance "Deseo for Men" today at Macys in New York City.


Scarlett and Ryan Get Hitched

Scarlett Johansson, 23, and Ryan Reynolds, 31, tied the knot this weekend in Vancouver, Canada. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Paul Newman: A Rare Breed of Hollywood Icon

Paul Newman came from my parents' generation of movie stars. Oh sure, there was The Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Verdict, and that hustler flick with Jackie Gleason -- movies that came out on my watch -- but by then Newman's matinee idol days were long gone. He had matured into icon.

And then he became "King of Salad Dressing."

Okay, he was more than just a master of mayonnaise and paprika. Paul Newman, who passed away from cancer at the age of 83, was legend. One of the great stars from Hollywood Heyday and in the league of Bogie and Brando, yet a tad too old to tilt my wheel.

"Oh but those dreamy blue eyes," my mother would argue in protest, "they make me melt inside. How can you not get all tingly thinking about him?"

Well, it's like this. Imagine me asking my teenage daughters whether they would swoon over someone like say, oh... Paul McCartney. Now there's a dreamboat to die for. Who cares if he's past 64, the cute Beatle still has a way with sexy. Of course my teenagers would glance at the turkey neck and say, "Yeah, right, Mom." Which is exactly how I felt whenever Mom sat transfixed by the television, another old Newman movie reeling her in. Meh.

Newman endeared himself to a new generation as the voice of Doc Hudson in the animated feature, Cars, but will always be remembered as heart stealer of a certain demographic, the same aging white women who form the current core of support for presidential hopeful John McCain. I'm not sure what the connection means, just felt obliged to mention it.

In his later years, Newman seemed to pass on the glitterati. His icy blue eyes still smoldered, but the aging fan base had to be getting to him. Besides, he could afford to leave the red carpet behind. Race car driving became his passion. He always seemed happy to lend his star power to NASCAR.

Now that I'm no longer repulsed by turkey neck, I can finally appreciate the idol worship of the big band generation. Paul Newman was that rare breed of Hollywood actor who didn't need clamoring masses to reaffirm his self-worth. For that, he stands head and shoulders above what generally passes today as megastar.

There aren't many people in Hollywood who can command universal respect and admiration, but Newman was one of them. Many will remember him as a talented actor, devoted husband, loving father, political activist, and philanthropist, but most of all, a man who lived life on his own terms.

And we are poorer for his loss.

Sophia Bush Loves Her Carbs

"It's weird: In our business, I'm a size 2 and considered curvy ... It's important to remind young women, 'Listen, even skinny girls have cellulite, even Halle Berry has cellulite, and what you see in photos isn't totally real' ... You can look up old episodes of my show and see when I was being far too friendly with the craft-services table ... I'm not a waify girl and never will be. I think it's healthy when fitness experts encourage fitness rather than getting a certain body shape. And I'm Italian - I love food. I'm not goign to cut out bread and pasta and wine to be thinner." - Sophia Bush in Health magazine.

Johnny Colt

Check out my article on Johnny Colt!



Rally on the River JFXtival Sure Beats Driving

A week ago, on a gorgeous Sunday, anywhere from three to five thousand men, women, children, dogs, and miscellaneous "amphibiai" traversed a section of Baltimore rarely seen on foot. A long stretch of highway forever dumping vehicles into the city, I-83, or as we Baltimoreans like to call it, the JFX.

The Jones Falls Expressway takes its name from the winding body of water lying underneath. Some call it a stream, others call it river, but whatever its moniker, the winding stretch of flora and fauna used to be pristine. Now, it's just a muddy slick of its former self. Tomorrow it could be a contender.

And that's exactly the point of the annual "Rally on the River." Last Sunday, people came from far and wide to soak up the sun, walk, bike, run, kayak, moon bounce, hula-hoop, skate board, scooter, play chess, eat, drink, laugh, dance, you name it, they came to have a good time.

And the JFX did not disappoint.

For a mere five bucks and the cost of a rental, one could leisurely bike down the usual site of rush hour purgatory. The Jones Falls Watershed Association closes its southbound lane for a fundraiser to help clean up and protect this secluded patch of nature and give people a reason to let loose.

The Rally was a blast. Lots of fun activities, things to see and do, stuff never shown in the local paper. For some odd reason, it usually depicts the event as a walk down a lonely highway. The Rally is anything but.

This was my first time playing next to traffic (the northbound lane remains open to vehicles) and I have to admit, it was an eye opener. "Rally on the River" must be the best kept secret in town. Look for it next September.

Heather Locklear Arrested

Heather Locklear was arrested on Saturday for suspicion of driving under the influence, according to reports.

The actress was pulled over while driving in Santa Barbara. She was held in Santa Barbara County Jail and released without having to post bail.

Locklear recently spent time in an Arizona facility where she was treated for anxiety and depression. She is currently in a custody battle with her ex-husband Richie Sambora who was arrested on a DUI charge in March 2008.


Cassandra Hepburn Stars In Surfer Dude! See Video Interview!

Actress Cassandra Hepburn stars in the new movie Surfer Dude with Matthew McConaughey!

Surfer Dude also stars Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson!

Being a surfer myself, I really want to see this movie.

Check out this new video interview of Cassandra below where she talks about working with Quentin Tarantino and Matthew McConaughey, and her charitable activities:

Cassandra Hepburn video interview.

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Remembering Paul Newman

This is a very sad day for entertainment. Paul Newman passed away surrounded by loved ones at his Connecticut Home. The actor, philanthropist, and legend was 83 years old.

Hollywood will remember his long, successful career which included roles in the films Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and the Color of Money. He was nominated for an Oscar ten times. Newman is also known for creating his own food empire, Newman's Own. His company has donated over $250 million dollars to charities personally selected by the actor.

Newman was the picture of class and honor. He was married to actress Joanne Woodward.


Kanye Has Something To Smile About

Looks like Kanye West will not face felony charges for the paparazzi scuffle involving him and his road manager, Don Crowley, at the LA airport earlier this month. Crowley has also been let off the hook for felony charges. Kanye blogged about the incident, saying, "We back in the lab!!! I'm cool with the paparazzi. This guy wasn't cool."

DJ AM Back Home in L.A.

After spending six days in the hospital following a devastating plane crash that killed four people, DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) has been released from care and returned back to his home in Los Angeles. His famous friend and co-survivor, Blink 182's former drummer Travis Barker, is expected to be released in a couple weeks. Both underwent treatment for burns after surviving the crash last Saturday in South Carolina.

Musicians Donate Art for War Child International Benefit

R.E.M., Modest Mouse, Spoon, Death Cab for Cutie, Jarvis Cocker, The Flaming Lips, The Decemberists, Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, and Fleet Foxes are just a few of the artists whose handmade signs featured in Under the Radar’s Protest Issue will be auctioned off beginning September 30th to benefit War Child International.

Earlier this summer, Under the Radar magazine published its Protest Issue, which featured an array of musicians sharing their thoughts on today’s political climate. Along with interviews, Under the Radar conducted photo shoots with those artists, each holding protest signs of their own making. Beginning September 30th, Under the Radar will host a 7-day eBay auction of the protest signs featured in the issue. All proceeds will go to benefit War Child International. (www.warchild.us), a nonprofit that helps children in areas of conflict across the globe. This auction provides individuals with an opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of art while also contributing to a worthwhile cause.

Musicians whose art will be featured in the auction include The Protest Issue’s cover stars R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock, Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla, The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy, and Spoon’s Britt Daniel, as well as Billy Bragg, British Sea Power, Built to Spill, Jarvis Cocker, Death Cab for Cutie, The Dresden Dolls, The Duke Spirit, Elbow, The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, Fleet Foxes, Foals, Michael Franti, Sharon Jones, Talib Kweli, Jamie Lidell, Metric, Moby, My Morning Jacket, Neon Neon, Noah and the Whale, OK Go, Peter Bjorn and John’s Peter Morén, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, Rilo Kiley, Rogue Wave, Shout Out Louds, Stars, St Vincent, Supergrass, and more.

To view all the signs up for auction, visit: www.undertheradarmag.com/protestauction.html

The Part of Chicken Little Will be Played by President Bush

We interrupt the nation's impending catastrophic doom for the story time minute. Today's tender tale is that favorite children's classic, Bush'n Little.

All around Bush'n Little there was nothing but ruin and collapse. One day, wayward debris plopped down on his feathered brain.

"Laura! Dick! Come quickly. The sky is falling!" he chirped.

"Better do something at once, Bush'n Little," chimed in Brother Dick. "Go agitate those big guns down in Congress or play in traffic. Leave us alone for a change."

And so, Bush'n Little picked himself up out of Pennsylvania Avenue and trundled down the road. He met Fallson Paulson and McCan't McCain along the way. The three of them happened upon Dosie Pelosi, a beguiling creature with her own agenda.

"Oh please, Dosie Pelosi, the sky is falling. Can't you see?," pleaded Bush'n Little. "We need huge wads of cash for my buddies back at the hen house so that they can build a bridge up to the sky. That'll keep it from falling down, for sure."

"I see nothing of the sort, Bush'n Little," snarled Dosie, "And even if I did, you chickens have made such a mess of things, what good would it do?"

Fallson Paulson dropped to one knee. "Fair and gentle soul, Dosie Pelosi, have pity on feathered friends flocking together," he pleaded. "We need your help to stop the sky from crashing over all of us. You must get on board behind our cash grab or the entire sky will collapse."

"Fallson Paulson! How you do make me laugh," Dosie replied. "The Kingship is now up for grabs and I would be a fool to enhance the stature of your contestant over my own." At that point, the wily fox keened her eyes on McCan't. "Pray tell, what are you doing here, McCan't? Shouldn't you be out campaigning?"

"I put that on hold along with today's scary debate to follow in the path of Bush'n Little," replied McCan't with more than just a hint of pride. "He flaps about in noble acts of selflessness, screaming and warning like a bat out of hell, yet proposes nothing worthwhile. Nada. Zip. I can learn much from his chicken ways."

"Speak up, McCan't," urged Dosie, "I must determine whether I should kiss up to you."

"Uh, nope, sorry," said McCan't. "No can do. I cannot speak up. Too political. Besides, Bush'n Little is the one in charge. What he says goes."

And with that, Dosie Pelosi turned her back on the motley crew to seek out her own source of sustenance. The sky and everything in it could rain down on the world, she didn't care. She had everything she owned tied up in off-shore bank accounts, private foreign investments, and a slew of other hedges against catastrophe. She would be just fine in her own little padded lair.

But Bush'n Little and company? Somebody's lunch. She'd make completely certain of it.

Lebanese Tattoo by Moe Barjawi

Alan spotted this photo of what appears to be Kanji tattoo by Moe Barjawi in BMEzine's gallery:


Alan emailed me this after seeing it:

Let me see if I got this right. Some tattooist named “Moe” tattoos himself with his name in the “Gibberish Font” and, thinking this will be good advertising for his tattoo shop named “Lebanese Tattoo,” posts a picture of it on BMEzine.com… They never learn, do they?

What is even more astonishing is that someone has evidently tried to “improve” the original horrible calligraphy (especially on the partial 辶). Did they really think that bad calligraphy was the only problem? The mind boggles.

What is even more entertaining is definition for the term "Lebanese tattoo" in UrbanDictionary.com is the following:

A badly drawn tattoo, done at a 'professional' tattoo studio. The term first surfaced on the facebook group 'Actually, I think your tattoo is hideous'.

When In Rome

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are spending a little quality time together in the Italian city. Gracing the Roman streets, the lovebirds have been sightseeing (note the very "touristy" accessory) snapping pics of each other and the sights, and keeping their oh-so-cute romance alive on their most recent vacay.

- Erin Dustin

Quote of the Day

"I was glad to hear it... I thought it was really sweet. That really brought a big smile to my face." - Heidi Montag, referring to Lauren's comments about missing her former bff on a recent Hills episode.

- Erin Dustin

Because We'll Never Get Enough of Johnny as Capt. Jack

No, not even if the fourth Pirates film he's recently signed on for is a sinking ship. In addition to the pleasant news we'll be receiving a couple more hours of Johnny as Jack, it's finally been confirmed that he has indeed taken the role of the Mad Hatter for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland project. We'll definitely raise a teacup to that. The questionable role also announced? Johnny as Tonto in Jerry Bruckheimer's film adaptation of The Lone Ranger. Away?

Road to White House Runs Through David Letterman

David Letterman fills a guest spot void with Keith Olbermann after John McCain cancels appearance at the last minute

"The economy is about to crater."

"Now that I'd like to see."

"Crater? I barely know her."

Bada bum.

But don't blame Letterman for what passed as witty repartee on last night's Late Night With David Letterman. After scheduled guest John McCain cancelled at the last minute, Dave struggled mightily to go on with the show.

I can only imagine the campaign's sorry cancellation call.

"Mr. Letterman? Uh, the Maverick has decided to suspend his presidential campaign to save our economy and he can't grace your show with his presence either. Make do with anything you can scrounge up around the studio (recently demoted MSNBC pundit Keith Olbermann was only too happy to oblige). Or suck it up, we don't care, there's work to be done inside the beltway." Click.

Yeah, buddy, well nobody puts Davey in the corner! Not even a powerful Senator of the U.S. Congress. We taxpayers don't care if we're about to take it up the wazoo for a gazillion dollar bailout or that Dubya's idea of saving the economy is to steal from the rich and give to the richer, we want our late night entertainment and we want it now!!

Clearly a bit of tension filled the studio as Dave's camera crew caught the GOP Nominee in a sit down with Katie Couric. You could have cut Dave's pride with a knife. Does McCain have any idea who he's tangling with?

At one point, Dave suggested McCain's surprise suspension of his run for the presidency was a ruse to counter sliding poll numbers, not a noble sacrifice to save the economy. He may have been joking, but the bite was unmistakable.

More so as he questioned McCain's failure to substitute "sexy babe" running mate Sarah Palin on the campaign trail. Gotta wonder what those two have been hiding. Heaven forbid the press should make mincemeat out of her before the election.

So, yeah, all the late night commotion got me thinking whether I want this sort of shoot from the hip style running the White House.

And here I thought Dave was a McCain supporter.

(video is over 9 minutes long but worth it. May disappear in foreseeable future)


The Olsens Dig Their Heels Into Steve Madden

Looks like Ashley and Mary-Kate are spreading their design wings even more, this time collaborating on a line of footwear with mainstream mall staple, Steve Madden. The line will carry the name of one of their current projects, Elizabeth+James. So any thoughts? Will you be tottering around in some Olsen twin chaussures?
Last week, in my own hometown, an abandoned, starved dog was found in one of those depositories for donated clothes. Left in the bin without food and water for almost a week during a 90 degree hot spell, "Sally" named after the Salvation Army bin she was found in, is a survivor. Check out the dog and the story at this blog. She licked the faces of her rescuers. I wish stuff like this didn't happen and Rachael Ray is trying to help at-risk dogs like Sally.

Rachael Ray Helps At-Risk Animals
How Cool Is That?

Looking for healthy food to feed your dog that also helps at-risk animals? Daytime host, best-selling author and pet lover Rachael Ray launches a new line of super premium dog food and treats called Rachael Ray Nutrish. Ray's proceeds from each sale will be donated to support Rachael's Rescue which is dedicated to helping at-risk animals through adoption, medical care and educational programs, along with training and outreach initiatives.

Rachael Ray Nutrish includes two varieties of all-natural dog food featuring real meat at the first ingredient - Real Chicken and Veggies and Real Beat and Brown Rice. There are no by-products, fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives; and each recipe contains
  • antioxidant nutrients like vitamin E and selenium to support a healthy immune system
  • a healthy fiber blend including oatmeal for easy digestion
  • Omega Fatty Acids, with a dash of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to support healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • high-quality proteins to support healthy organs and lean muscle mass
  • calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth

"I love my dog Isaboo and as a member of my family I need to make sure that she eats as well as the rest of us," says Ray. "With the launch of Nutrish, I now have the opportunity to share with other pet lovers some of her favorite meals, flavors, and special treats."

Check it out!

Swag Bag Goodies

There's a great giveaway going on at GlamScene. All you have to do is leave on comment on this GlamScene post and you'll automatically be entered to win great goodies (valued at over $2,000) from the official VMA swag bag. We're talking Fendi shades, Fekkai hair products, Tarte makeup ... Fun fun fun!

Go to GlamScene or click HERE for more details and to enter! (Competition ends at 12 AM EST on Oct. 1st.)

Note: Commenting on this blog will not make you eligible to win. You must go to GlamScene to enter.

P.S. If you missed the VMAs, you can still watch 'em online at MTV.com

*Photo via MTV

David Pomeranz CD goes 10 times Platinum

February, 2008 - David Pomeranz receiving the Key To The City of Manila from The city's Honorable Mayor, Eduardo Lim. David Pomeranz' CD "Born for You" has not only gone 10 times Platinum in South-East Asia, but is the biggest selling pop album ever in the Philippines.

Here you can see David being presented with the key to the city of Manila by the mayor.

Not bad for a kid from Long Island.

Well done to David!

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Lindsay and Sam Confirm Relationship

It may have long since been an enormous duh, but Lindsay Lohan finally confirmed that she and DJ Samantha Ronson are a couple on Loveline Sunday night. Does this mean we don't have to cringe at the term "gal pal" every time they're mentioned?

In Stores Today!

Sex and the City: The Movie DVD hits stores today! So, so exciting! And in an extended cut version, even better!

Check out Glam's coverage of the pink carpet at the DVD launch.

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

- Erin Dustin

Beck- On The Cover Of Spin Magazine

Alternative superstar Beck appears on the cover of the September issue of SPIN Magazine!

Beck is currently on a world tour. Click here to read more from spin.com.

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Top Ten Revealing Fashion Trends

Gitmo orange patch bottom - Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

(WARNING: Photos used in this article may be too revealing for children under 13-years old. Parental guidance suggested)

Gack! It's passing for fashion.... or worse ....political statement.

Starting with Kylie Minogue's Q Magazine cover, a fashion trend emphasizing previously unmentionable body parts is beginning to attract media attention and engulf runways. For now, cooler heads can breathe a sigh of relief. The trend doesn't appear to be spreading... yet.

Daring and shocking perhaps, yet unlikely to go mainstream. Which means most people have enough sense to gawk and LTAO before forwarding these pictures to friends. Then again, what do I know? Never thought pajama pants would become trendy and now the lady across the street wears them outside.

So, if you're someone who wants to be caught dead in any of these outfits, by all means, go to town. Just please snap a picture of yourself first. With any luck, someone will forward it to The Spewker.

We could use a good laugh now and then.

Tassle Boob Sweatshirt is a fashion don't - Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

Luella Fall 2008 Collection - Photo courtesy Style.com

Alice McCall Spring Collection Football Boob Dress - Photo courtesy of Trenddelacreme.com

House of Holland Spring Collection Boob Patch Soccer Dress - Photo courtesy HollywoodRag.com

Boob Cover Fashion at London Fashion Week - Photo courtesy of LondonFashionWeek.com

Japenese See Through Skirt is Just A Design - Photo courtesy Snopes

Gay pride body suit fashion - Photo courtesy StrangePolitics

Kate Moss poses in ripped jean fashion trend - Photo courtesy Fashionising.com

Francesco Scognamiglio Spring Ready to Wear Collection - Photo courtesy of Style.com

Body parts knit fashion - Photo courtesy of StrangeCelebrities.com

Emmy Looks

From the glamorous gals to one dapper hunk after another, last night's Emmy red carpet was a sight to see.

From America Ferrera and Sandra Oh to Jeremy Piven and Christian Siriano, here are a few favorites:

For more looks of the night, Glam has their Best Dressed, Best Tressed and Best Dressed Men of the evening.

- Erin Dustin

Emmy Buzz

Lindsay and Samantha get cozy with TV Guide.

Tina Fey wins big (3 awards), but loses her purse.

Host Heidi Klum changed 9 different times throughout the show!

Josh Groban should have won an award for best "marathon" performance with his medley of classic theme songs. My favorite - His rendition of The Fresh Prince of Belair!

And how may you ask was he able to pull this off? "A lot of rehearsal and a lot of coffee."

Christina Applegate made a smashing red carpet appearance.

Which housewife looked the best?

Lauren Conrad wore one of her own. (and looked good doing it!)

- Erin Dustin

Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin opens up about his diabetes and how he's using his fame to help others.

Elliott Yamin was a third-place finalist on season five of American Idol. Soon after his audition, viewers learned that Yamin, who hailed from Richmond, Virginia, came into the competition without any vocal training. More impressively, this rhythm and blues performer was practically deaf in his right ear due to his battle with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, a condition he was diagnosed with when he was 16. He was considered the underdog in the competition and the media didn’t hold back -- viciously criticizing his imperfect teeth (a result of his diabetes). Yamin outlasted much of the competition, finishing third and releasing a very successful first single.

Thankfully, Yamin recognized the power in his celebrity and shared his battle with diabetes with the world in hopes of raising more money for research. He partnered with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to bring awareness to the disease. He and I had the chance to talk some time ago for another project and I wanted to share this interview with you.

I realized I could be a positive voice once I got to Hollywood, but I didn’t realize the true magnitude of the show and the exposure I was going to get from it right way.

When he was younger, Yamin admits he wasn’t always the positive, easy-going persona he grew into later, the personality that America fell in love with.

I struggled really hard in the early stages of my diagnosis and I’ve seen some hard times, all self-inflicted of course.

Elliott admits to not taking care of his health when he was younger. He was 16 and he was working part-time at a scale company, often feeling lethargic, but the teen blamed it on what most teens need at that stage in their life, ‘more sleep.’ His health deteriorated and he found himself urinating almost every half-hour. Finally concerned enough to tell his mother, Claudette Goldberg, who was a Type 2 diabetic for years, Claudette broke out her glucometer (a blood sugar measuring device) and uncovered the truth about her son – Elliott’s sugar level was extremely high and she needed to get him to the hospital immediately. He stayed there for three days. Diagnosed with diabetes at an age when most teenage boys are focused on jobs, school and girls, Yamin found his diagnosis hard to handle.

That’s a tough age to begin with anyway, just to be 16. Most of my friends were getting their driving licenses and I was learning how to give myself insulin shots with a syringe.

The teenager fought through his mixed emotions – the discontent, the denial, the anger.

I didn’t want to believe that I had it. I just didn’t understand how I could just go from feeling okay one day and then the next day just having a life-long disease. It was a tough pill to swallow for me at first because I just didn’t want to believe that I really had to take care of this the rest of my life.

The denial led into rebellion and, when he was 17 years old, he stopped taking his life-saving insulin for a week, leading to yet another hospitalization. Yamin had also suffered from numerous diabetic seizures as a result of low blood sugar and reactions to his insulin.

Today, thanks to medical research and inventions, Yamin no longer needs to give himself daily insulin shots. Instead, for the last seven years, he wears an insulin pump, a device for delivering the medication directly into his system. The pump is worn outside the body, usually attached to a belt or waistband. Insulin is pumped from a reservoir through a catheter inserted under the skin of the abdominal wall. Handling his diabetes while tour was difficult, affecting both his sleeping and eating schedules. The pump is more conducive to that lifestyle, he says, and he hasn’t had a seizure since in years. Today, Yamin advocates for research funds.

There’s never enough until there’s a cure. I think we could always be doing more and we could use the money that’s raised a little more wisely.

I want to find out exactly how research is being conducted and how we’re spending the money and why we’re not getting any closer to a cure.

His fans reacted positively to his efforts by donating to the JDRF in his name.

My fans are interested, and they aren’t even diabetics, but everyone knows a diabetic it seems. It’s become more prevalent over the past 10 years obviously, so they got really behind me.

He suggests fans learn about the disease through the JDRF website (www.jdrf.org).

Just like people learn how to save people when they’re choking, there are things you can definitely learn to help a diabetic out when their blood sugar gets low and they can’t help themselves, so just learn about the symptoms and you know,” he advises.

Today he advises other teens going through what he went through to treat their diagnosis as a new challenge.

Life is always full of challenges; some have more obstacles than others. You have to really just set your mind to it and make sure you stay on top of it. I didn’t do that. I was more rebellious and I just didn’t want to believe I had it. And that’s the thing I wished I could’ve changed. I wasn’t that headstrong at that age either, so that played an important, that played a role in it too. But I would just say just to face it head on and learn as much as you can about it and just pay attention to the details because it’s a very meticulous disease. But as long as you do that, you can live a long, healthy life and do whatever it is you set your heart to do, you know.

There are things greater and bigger than the music business. I’m always going to be a grounded person and I’m always going to remember where I come from and how it all started and to me, I just feel a certain responsibility. I can’t help it. I have to do positive things with these opportunities that I’m given. To me, it’s very fulfilling to me. It’s almost as if I’m supposed to be doing this. You know, this is what I’m on this earth to do, is to bring joy to people via music. And there’s so many important things that that allows me to do as well.

Photo: Elliott sings "Promise to Remember Me," at the Children's Congress in June 2007 in Washington, D.C.