Sexy mother pucker!


are you a sexy mother pucker? well i sure feel like one 
i've been rocking this gloss for the last few posts it's called Half naked it's a lip plumping lip gloss in a browny coral colour.
its hailed as a lip plumper but as my lips are already pretty full i didn't notice much enhancment, it did however  go on extremely well it tingles a little (think that's the plumping!) and i feel the colour really pops!

non stickyness: 10/10
colour: 9/10
plumping: 5/10

overall 8/10

whistles friendship braclet £25

get the look

mac minerlize foundation
sleek blush in coral
lipgloss soap and glory in half naked

no shadow or mascara this look is a fresh glowly look. 

win sexy mother pucker in yummy plum
all you need to do is send a picture of your sexy pout!! so pile on the gloss ladies (and gents) and show us what your made of! 
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