my hairstory

i've been refelcting on alot of things of late life love yada yada yada, i get alot of emails and comments about my hair journey, new naturals wanting advice ect. as you all know i don't see my self as a guru i'm just like you ambling thru my journey just like you. but some of your questions make me reflect on my hair. 
for those who are new to the blog here is my hairstory

surrounded by blondes! go figure!

1990-2000age 7-18 relaxer, curly perm, braids damage breakage the whole shabang
drunk on the creamy crack goodness~!!

2000-2004 age 18-21 before i even knew what a big chop was i shaved my hair clean off, have three years of growth grew a gorgeous afro

 me in 2003 yes i was a Goth! this is around 10 mouths before a relaxed again! it got to shoulder length

2004-2007 21-25 relaxed my hair because i wanted a fringe!! can you believe it!!!

2008 age 25-27 second big chop i decided to go natural for good!

then in 2010 

i got sick of my hair thankfully i had no inclination to relax my hair i just cut it all off and it was the best thing i ever did, i figured that my hair does not define me i define my hair. now i'm growing my hair out because i feel like it! perhaps tommorow i'll cut it off again.  who knows!?

(just washed hair still wet)

this time round i'm loving my twa stage, i'm embracing making my hair healthy instead of long!! i think i was obsessed with getting back my 21 year olds self hair it was thick and the longest it has ever been. but that was a different time i had adifferent lifestyle! this is me now my 27 year old hair is sometimes stressed and tired but it is what it is.
now my goals are more realistic 

my goal lenght

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love belle