Lynn, Týr, and the Fenris Wolf

I met Lynn in my neighborhood over the summer as she was headed to Green Spa & Wellness Center, where she works as a massage therapist. She has a ton of ink, and shared the piece that dominates her right arm:

Lynn explained that this piece depicts the Norse god Týr and the Fenris wolf.

She elaborated:
"Týr got his hand bitten off by the Fenris wolf to prevent chaos from entering the world ... I kind of identify with that because I do massage therapy. I help people ... I injured myself helping people -  I'm right-handed ... it's not quite the same thing, but [it's] the whole idea of self-sacrifice. You know, the greater good."

Lynn credits Willie Paredes, co-owner of Brooklyn Tattoo, with creating this piece.

Thanks to Lynn for sharing her tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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