Pink fluffy jumper

my new love, this pink fluffy jumper from Primark

jumper: £15
desert boots: donated

on another note i have been asked what my dress size is i'm a healthy size 12-14 (10-12 USA)
i can probably fit a size 10 on the top  but my bottom half is bootylicious! i photograph slimmer than i actually am, i'm quite curvy with big thighs and a food filled tummy!
i have to say i find it hard to find  trousers and dresses that fit me properly, if i find a dress that fits the top the bottom rarely fits! i'm also a fan of the paper bag and peg leg trouser look however i just can't find any that fit. 
but i'm happy with my shape and would actually like to put on more weight to even out my proportions i love being a curvy girl!