naturalbelle of the month: teen edition

"Hi, I'm Dinesha Johnson I am 16 years old  and love your blog. I have a blog called I post poetry, fashion, and other articles I find interesting. I'd love to be featured as natural belle of the month I'm a writer, I write stories and poetry that track my every day life issues and even part of my hair journey that was initially just about growing my hair and as I researched this I made the realization that I had been indeed brainwashed. I can't stand being considered a stereotype, and sadly realized I had became one, I had a constant hatred of my natural hair ever since I was little. I found myself in tears once while having a struggle getting my hair done with such unbelievable frustration I had with it, as my hair broke off from relaxing and extreme heat training I had to make a clear view of myself and recognize I am not my hair, yet this hair of mine is apart of me, and all my hair in it's natural state is just a fabulous accessory to the package that is me. Don't call me a natural Nazi though, I believe as long as you're happy it doesn't matter what you do to your hair as long as your are healthy and comfortable. As I travel through this journey you can share in it and watch my trials and tribulations as a young natural."

keep up the great work and thank you for your lovely email